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KLH Wellness Center Marketing Plan Prepared by: Carol A. Mejia Multi-Sol Inc. May 2008

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1 KLH Wellness Center Marketing Plan Prepared by: Carol A. Mejia Multi-Sol Inc. May 2008

2 Overview The KLH Wellness Center is the lifelong dream of Kimberly Hensarling a Reiki Master & Certified Aromatherapist. The center offers a unique and customized way of healing by utilizing the many treatment modalities that the Center has available. With four full and part-time practitioners the center is now ready to grow it's client base and actively promote it's products and services.


4 Brief Make the KLH Wellness Center a household name Increase the client base Promote all products and services to new and existing clients Promote the KLH Aromatic products and services Carol Mejia of Multi-Sol met with Kimberly Hensarling of the KLH Wellness Center at the end of April 2008. Kimberly requested the following: In order to fulfill the clients brief, Multi-Sol considered various media options and recommend a wide range of products in order to deliver the message to the largest number of the selected target audience.

5 Branding KHL Wellness Center Services Practitioner/Teacher Certification Workshops Seminars KLH Aromatics Products Services The following products and services will require both individual and joint branding. Due to the current estimated budget, it is suggested at this time that the paid for campaign concentrates on promoting the KLH Aromatics through the KLH Wellness Center.

6 Current Marketing Currently the KLH Wellness Center relies heavily on word of mouth promoting. This is slowly bringing in new business but not quickly enough to keep every practitioner busy or to allow the center to grow. They are also running a full page ad in Skirt Magazine. This appears to be working although advertising in only one medium limits both the number of people who see the ad and also the number of times each ad is seen. The ad in Skirt is also, although large, full of so much information it is felt that most readers will not take the time to read it.

7 Competition There are various companies and individuals offering similar services in the local area. Budding Buddha, Maureen Donohue, LMT Charleston Therapeutic Massage Healing Hands, Rachel Hazelwood, LMT The Pink Dolphin, Dianne Thomas

8 Target Audience Current Demographic Women Late Twenties to Early Thirties High Profile High Income Proposed Demographic Women Mid Twenties to Early Fifties High Income Home Owners

9 Goals KLH Wellness Center 10 – 15 regular clients per practitioner Regular, well attended workshops and seminars. KLH Aromatics 3 – 6 months: Products sold in between 5 – 10 local outlets. 6 – 12 months: Products sold in between 2 – 4 national outlets.

10 Media Considerations Conventional advertising TV Radio Cinema Press Billboards Direct Mail Below The Line Promotions Press Releases Leaflets/brochures Interviews/talk show appearances Event Sponsorship Internet Marketing Email Newsletter MySpace and Face Book Membership Discounts Continuity Program Join Local, National and International Organizations

11 Proposed Media Paid for Advertising Press Direct Mail Internet Marketing Email Newsletter PR Press Releases Register With Search engines Interview/Talk Show Appearance Event Sponsorship MySpace/Face Book Page/Blog Membership Discounts Join Relevant Organizations (some of these could incur a charge) Strategically Placed Leaflets and Brochures (Design and printing would be a charge) Continuity Program

12 Recommendations – Paid For Press Skirt Magazine Post & Courier Charleston Magazine RSVP Fresh Fields Almanac Direct Mail Utilize the existing address list Purchase more name and addresses Internet Marketing Using Traffic Blazer and key word improve the ranking of the website Email Newsletter Using Express Email Marketing

13 Mechanics SkirtPost & Courier Charleston Magazine RSVP Postcards Fresh Fields Almanac Circulation/ Readership 30,000/ 90,000 97,929/ 222,900 47,700/ 166,950 80,000/10,000/ 25,000 Cost per ad $600$859$1,350$2,950$550 Cost per thousand $6.66$3.85$8.08TBA$22 Profile 80% women 21.9% Inc. $100+ 18% Aged 35-44 52% women 40% Inc.$100k+ 40% Age 35-54 60.2% women 20.3% Inc. $100k+ 19.2% Age 35-44 80% women 75% Inc. $100k+ 65% Age 35-54 Homes on Kiawah, Seabrook & some Johns Island. Distributed at Fresh Fields & down town hotels Publication Date 1 st of monthFriday1 st of monthSeptember 12 th 1 st of month Deadline Ad 16 th of previous month, copy 18 th. One weekMay 26 th for July issue August 1 st June 1st

14 Promotional Themes 2008 MonthThemeMessage June Simplify – this is also Vision Research Month See your life more clearly. Less is more, de-stress your life, decide what is really important to you. July Fill Every Second – this is also Anti Boredom Month Instead of feeling stressed that every second of your day is filled up with something to do, fill every second of your day with something worth doing. August Appreciate – the third week is also National Friendship week Take time to appreciate the things that you have in your life. September Balance – the third week is also Balance Awareness week Bring balance into your life. Balance between family and work etc. October Beauty on the Inside – this is also National Breast Cancer Awareness month. Feel good about who you are and project that into your everyday life. November Spiritual Health Feed your inner spirit and grow within yourself. December Sharing – this is also National Stress Free Family Month Enrich other peoples lives by sharing your good fortune with them. 2009 January The Future Look to the future with a positive mind, calm inner peace and a clear vision. February Love – This is also National Weddings month Learn how to express your feelings in a kind and compassionate way. March Peace – this is also American Red Cross month Live in harmony with the earth and its treasures and your neighbors. April Spring into Action – the last week is also National Volunteer week Step-up and do something good for yourself and others. May Physical Health – also National Physical Fitness and Sports month Take the time to take care of yourself physically. Have regular check ups.

15 Paid For Advertising Schedule 2008 Advertising Campaign MediaSpace CostComments JanFebMarAprMayJuneJulyAugSeptOctNovDec Total Skirt Magazine1/4 page color $600 1st $2,400 Post & Courier2 col x 4" b&w $859Style Section 4th1st 5th $3,436 Charleston Magazine1/4 page color $1,350 1st $5,400 RSVPPostcard $2,950 12th 2,950 Fresh Fields Almanac2/3 page$5501st 1,100 Direct MailPostcard$75 100 mailings XX X X $300 $15,586 Due to budget limitations it is recommended, at this time, to promote the Aromatherapy side of the business through the KLH Wellness Center. As more marketing money becomes available Aromatherapy will be promoted separately.

16 Ad Copy Ads need to be simple, concise and to the point Too much information is distracting and causes the reader to become bored Graphics should be bold There should be a consistency throughout the campaign The reader should be drawn in by the ad They should have a clear message and call to action

17 Sample Ads July 2008Aug 2008

18 Sample Ads Sept 2008Oct 2008

19 Conversion Rate Although advertising, marketing and PR is never an exact science the proposed campaign will thoroughly reach the target market, giving them ample time to repeatedly see the ads and various messages. If each practitioner receives ten new regular clients who contract for six sessions at $75 each that would bring an extra $22,500 into the KLH Wellness Center. Each client could also be up-sold to other products, services, workshops and seminars. They would also be added to the mailing list and email marketing campaign.

20 Recommendations – PR Press Releases Send out monthly press releases to the core list of publications Send out random press releases as necessary Register With Search Engines Local, yahoo, Google etc. Interview/Talk Show Appearances Local TV, Radio, National TV etc. Event Sponsorship To be decided MySpace/Face Book A page on both of these would allow you to network and spread the word about what you offer Membership Discounts Produce a membership allowing members to receive products and services at a reduced price Joint Relevant Organizations Charleston Chamber of Commerce, American Holistic Health Association etc. Strategically Placed Leaflets and Brochures Place promotional material in local complementary businesses. Continuity Program Have all visitors to the center complete a short survey to collect relevant information

21 Responsibilities Kimberly Continue to be the driving force Plan the monthly calendar of classes, seminars, workshops etc. based on the monthly theme Provide necessary content for monthly press releases Provide necessary content for monthly/weekly ads Susannah Maintain the website Improve the website ranking with Traffic Blazer and specific key words Send out monthly and periodic emails through Express Email Marketing Continue with existing office, bookkeeping, clerical responsibilities Join all relevant local, national and international organizations Multi-Sol Control all advertising, marketing and PR Design ads Write and distribute monthly and periodic press releases Register The KLH Wellness Center and KLH Aromatics with all search engines Procure TV and radio appearances Coordinate and manage event sponsorship Design and maintain a MySpace and Face Book page Write a blog on MySpace and Face Book based on press release material Produce a membership discount card Design leaflets and brochures Distribute leaflets and brochures to local complimentary businesses Design form for the Continuity Program Contact clients/prospective clients with special offers, discounts, birthday gift certificates etc. Design library roster book We can also take care of office, administration and bookkeeping if this is necessary

22 Monthly Time-Line DeadlineTo-DoDeadlineTo-Do 1 st Post and Courier ad deadlineSend out monthly email newsletter17 th 2 nd Post & Courier ad deadline18 th Skirt copy deadline 3 rd 19 th 4 th 20 th Place Charleston Mag ad 5 th 21 st 6 th 22 nd 7 th 23 rd Charleston Mag ad deadline 8 th Send out month press releases24 th 9 th 25 th Send copy to Chas Mag 10 th 26 th 11 th 27 th Charleston Mag copy deadline 12 th 28 th Write monthly newsletter 13 th 29 th Place Post & Courier ads 14 th Place Skirt ad30 th Design monthly newsletter 15 th 31 st 16 th Skirt ad deadlineSend copy to Skirt

23 Other Considerations and Recommendations The home page/landing page of the website should always reflect the monthly theme. The layout of the website needs some tweaking. The email newsletter needs some tweaking. The calendar should be planned ahead of time and not changed. A logo should be created and used on all publicity material. There needs to be a sign outside the building. The infrastructure within the company needs to be solid and in place ready to accept new business. Events/seminars etc. should be planned well ahead of time.

24 Produced by: Multi-Sol Inc. (843) 814-1211 Copyright 2008

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