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Keeping it fun These things work Michael Mason-DCroz Spanish Lincoln Northeast High School, Lincoln, NE.

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1 Keeping it fun These things work Michael Mason-DCroz Spanish Lincoln Northeast High School, Lincoln, NE

2 Vocabulary Race

3 Vocabulary in context By presenting the vocabulary in context – and in a student-centered manner – the students in class will grab hold of the information in a easier manner. Ejemplo:

4 Vocabulary activity Have the students read the text while working on comprehension. While reading, have the students write down a type of word (in the ejemplo, adjectives) on their paper (or notes sheets) Have each pair write all the particular words on their sheets. After you have all the words from the reading on the sheets, have them group with another pair – or two – to form a team.

5 Now on to the fun … At this point, give each team a different color marker (that is their team name and color) and prove a space on the board for them to write – numbering the area for them.

6 Now on to the fun … Explain the rules: Students will come to the board one team member at a time and write one of the vocab words – that hasnt been written already – the English meaning and a small drawing to represent that idea. Have the students look at the board to see what has already been written, then have their turn to move up and place information on the board. Every round a different student comes to the board … and people cant go up again until everyone has tried.

7 Conjugation Game

8 Conjugation game Break students up into two teams – a fun one is to go with boys vs. girls. Have one representative come to the board for each team. The student is expected to then conjugate the verb correctly, and if done so their team will receive a point. As the student returns to their seat, they choose the next member to come up … which cannot be refused.

9 Now the game play! On the board you should have the numbers 1-6 written vertically. On one side, place six verbs and on the other six forms of conjugation. Tocar 1 Yo Soñar 2 Tú Hablar 3 Él / Ella / Usted Pasear 4 Nosotros Contar 5 Ellos / Ellas / Ustedes Regatear 6 Wild Card

10 Board Race

11 Rules (Reglas) I will project the necessary information to form a sentence on this PowerPoint slide and ask each team to create the sentence on their board. The first team to bring their board up to me with the correct sentence will get two points, and the second team will get one point. Some will be translating from English into Spanish.

12 Ejemplo Translate: What do you all do together during the summer? ¿Qué hacen ustedes juntos duranted el verano?

13 #1 Translate: I visit my cousins. Visito a mis primos.

14 #2 Translate: Salgo con mis amigos todos los viernes. I go out with with my friends every Friday.

15 #3 Answer: What are the present tense yo forms for the words hacer, salir, and tener? Hago, Salgo, Tengo

16 #4 Put these pieces together (and translate where needed): Use the present tense Tú / cenar / con / your parents Cenas con tus padres.

17 Board Game

18 Reglas Each side will be a team. Each turn you will roll the dice to see how many spaces you can move. On the space you must answer the question – either what the word means, conjugate the verb in the preterite tense or correctly translate the sentence into Spanish. The last three questions must each be answered by your team in order to win. ¡! = an action your team must do. A wrong answer sends your team back to the start.

19 Empezar Open-air market Take photos Yo – Hablar Nos – Cantar He visited the museum Tú – Pensar Él – Pasar I took photos of the horse ¡Pierda dos espacios! Ellos – Levantar Credit card We walked to the beach yesterday Yo – Armar. ¡Mueve dos espacios adelante! Hotel Room ¡Al empezar! Tarjetas de juego estarían aquí … pero ¡no las necesitamos hoy! Ellos – Pasear

20 The key We sent some postcards ¡Pierda dos espacios! ¡Mueve dos espacios adelante! Ellos – Bajar Go on a hike ¡Al empezar! They practiced sports ¡Pierda dos espacios! Elevator You sang with the choir They watched the TV Julio rode a horse last week. We took photos of the museum She sent an email to my teacher ¡Al empezar! I watched the soccer game with Paco. End They played the guitar for Two hours. You hung out with friends on Friday You must answer all of this row to win. I talked to my mom yesterday

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