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Ran Annim Moria Shomour Chuuk NCD Coordinator

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1 Ran Annim Moria Shomour Chuuk NCD Coordinator

2 The Chuuk Declaration

3 What has happened after the Chuuk declaration?
We have identified that food insecurity was another problem contributing to ncds Chuuk director request assistance from WHO thru FSM Health & Social Affairs to conduct a food summit. October 2012, Food Security and NCD Stakeholders Meeting conducted by Richard Hoes

4 Food Security & NCD Stakeholders Consultation Meeting
Chuuk is facing a double burden of malnutrition with the co-existence of under-nutrition and obesity within the state as well as within households and communities. the urgent need to map out actions and mobilise resources to address the growing burden of NCDs and to look at measures in place in Chuuk to control and manage NCD risk factors Unhealthy diets and food insecurity has been identified as one of the main risk factors to NCDs With the FSM National Food Security Policy and NCD Strategy it is an opportunity to plan on implementation of the two issues at state level

5 Chuuk NCD Strategic Action Plan

6 Chuuk NCD Plan of Action
I Advocacy and Coordination of NCD Government and public sectors Hospital and Dept of Health II Food Security (Nutrition and Physical Activity) Salt Reduction, Fruits and vegetables promotion, Physical Activity Policy & Legislation Strengthening Community Action School, Workplace, Church & Villages III Tobacco & Alcohol Control) Policy, legislation, taxation Cessation initiatives IV Primary Health Care and NCD Strengthening Primary and secondary health services Community Mobilization V Monitoring, evaluation & surveillance NCD STEPS and Mini-STEPS Vital Registration

7 Tobacco, Alcohol & Betel Nut Free Hospital
Gov. Johnson declared hospital tobacco, alcohol & betel nut free environment On the premises, including hospital vehicles (on and off the premises)

8 Governor Elimo With Director Marar Opened New Chuuk Wellness Center (Supported by Chuuk Health Sector Grant FY2011)

9 Inside the Wellness Center

10 Services offer at the Wellness Center
NCD Screening NCD Counseling/education Exercise

11 Healthy Workforce Program Launched Within the Department Of Health

12 Basic NCD Registry is in place

13 Monthly walkathon

14 Health Promoting Schools

15 School Outreach School garden NCD Education

16 “Apach” meeting Adopt a Community Project Climate Change Meeting


18 Promote fruits & vegetables at department functions.

19 Promote Gardening Home Garden Hospital Garden Home Garden

20 NCD Multidisciplinary Committee
Provide evidence based medical care for NCD patients (core mission) Develop an evidence based best care process for diabetes type II (Done!) Support in everyway possible the development of an information system for clinical care and data analysis Identify specific goals based on evidence based guidelines that can be monitored by available data. Partner with government and civic groups to work on prevention and screening NCD programs Forum to resolve on-going operational issues between organizations

21 Diabetes Guideline for HAs

22 Diabetes Care Process

23 NCD Policies????? Bill introduce within the house of senate to ban tobacco products still pending Clean indoor Act passed by house of representative and now at house of senate Working our ways to win the support from our policy makers

24 Environmental Protection Agency Rotary Agriculture
NCD Team National State govt Chuuk Women's Council Land grant DOE Environmental Protection Agency Rotary Agriculture Chuuk Medical Association Legislators Chuuk Nurse's Association Chuuk Conservation Society/ Climate Change YOUTH Religious groups Recreation HOOPS n Other NGOs

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