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WELCOME TO OUR INFO SESSION. Introduction to HKUSTSU Introduction to each position What have we done? What can you get from being an Ex-co? How to join.

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2 Introduction to HKUSTSU Introduction to each position What have we done? What can you get from being an Ex-co? How to join us? Q&A AGENDA


4 Structure of the Students Union: 4 Main Bodies in Students Union -Executive Committee -Council -Editorial Board -Court INTRODUCTION TO HKUSTSU

5 Objects of the Students Union: (a) To promote social, culture, sporting and academic activities amongst members; (b) To promote civic consciousness amongst members; (c) To promote the welfare of members; (d) To represent members in matters affecting their interest; and (e) To facilitate the development of the University.


7 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) be the head of executive of the Union; (ii) be responsible for administration of the Union; and (iii) represent the Union externally; PRESIDENT

8 Duties and Responsibilities: Shall assist the President in carrying out the his/her own duties and in addition, is responsible for all internal coordination of the Union VICE PRESIDENT (INTERNAL)

9 Affiliated societies SAO School authority VICE PRESIDENT (INTERNAL) ALWAYS DEAL WITH….

10 Orientation Affairs Committee (OAC) Registration Days Orientation Camp Orientation Week Promotion Period Society Meeting Meeting with SAO Daily Affairs VICE PRESIDENT (INTERNAL) THINGS TO DO

11 Councilor Member of Affiliated Societies Committee Member of Committee of Student Affairs (CSA) VICE PRESIDENT (INTERNAL) CORESPONDING POSTS

12 Full of Responsibility Hand in homework on time Sociable Strong belief VICE PRESIDENT (INTERNAL) CRITERIA

13 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) represent HKUSTSU in HKFS meetings and activities (ii) raise students awareness and interests in society and work towards its improvement (iii) participate in SU activities as stated in the Constitution VICE PRESIDENT (EXTERNAL)

14 Qualities: - Concern about social issues - Strong political sense - Efficient - Responsible VICE PRESIDENT (EXTERNAL)

15 Duties and Responsibilities: Assist the Vice-President (Internal) in carrying out his/her duties and in addition, be responsible for maintaining all minutes and documents of the Union Backup council secretary Requirement: Good writing skills Hand in homework on time INTERNAL SECRETARY

16 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Assist the Vice President (External) in carrying out his/her duties (ii) Responsible for maintaining all external correspondence of the Union (iii) Assist in the Drafting or Translation of External Declarations EXTERNAL SECRETARY

17 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Prepare Master Budget (ii) Attend Council Meeting (iii) Attend FC Meeting (iv) Sign cheque FINANCIAL SECRETARY

18 Detail- minded Responsible Presentation skills Critical thinking Devoted Are you suitable?

19 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) shall be responsible for all matters concerning general affairs of the Union (ii) Take minutes in GM, help booking venue, etc… Who are eligible for the post? People who are organized, circumspect… GENERAL SECRETARY

20 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Be responsible (jointly with the External Secretary) for all matters concerning current affairs of the Union; (ii) Establish positive image of HKUST students as well as HKUSTSU in social aspect. 1) Pay attention to Social issues 2) Participate in Social Affairs 3) Organize activities to arouse HKUST Students interest on current affairs 4) Attend HKFS meeting CURRENT AFFAIRS SECRETARY

21 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Assist IT stuffs (ii) Updating the Students Union Website (iii) Organize Notebook Ownership Program (iv) Maintain the IT Corner of HKUST Coop Shop (v) Organize IT related program for members INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SECRETARY

22 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Responsible for all administrative matters of the Union (ii) Typically responsible for all email- related matters (enquiries, complaints, suggestions) (iii) Typically responsible for unexpected events because most other Ex-cos are responsible for a certain duty already ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY

23 Who are suitable for this post? (i) Suitable for someone who has a good command of English, time management skills and leadership qualities. (ii) Should be briefly informed at all times about the works of the other Ex-cos (so that email enquiries can be processed promptly) ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY

24 Duties and Responsibilities: Create and produce promotional materials for different occasions Posters Easy Pulls Banner Leaflets Videos Tee Shirts PROMOTION SECRETARY

25 PROMOTION SECRETARY REQUIRED SKILLS Image editing software (e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator) Video editing software (e.g. iMovie)

26 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Bridge between facilities department in school and HKUSTSU (ii) Attend meeting of school (iii) Collect opinion from students (iv) Giving idea how to make the environment in school better UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS OFFICER

27 Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for all matters concerning academic affairs of the Union - Chairmen of Academic Affairs Committee - Members of multiple committees that discuss academic affairs with school authority in representation of students member ACADEMIC AFFAIRS OFFICER

28 Senate Committee of Undergraduate Programs (CUP) Committee of Undergraduate Studies (CUS) Student Disciplinary Committee Student Affairs Committee Teaching and Learning Quality Committee Undergraduate Core Education Committee Business School and Management School Board meeting Engineering School Board/Committee etc. ACADEMIC AFFAIRS OFFICER

29 Qualities: Responsible Time management Proper meeting manner Critical Thinking Communication Skills ACADEMIC AFFAIRS OFFICER

30 Duties and Responsibilities: (i) Maintain the reputation of the Students Union (ii) Manage the flow of information from the Students Union PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER

31 Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for all matters concerning the welfare of members of the Union (i) Organize Mega Sales (ii) Design and Distribute Welfare Products (iii) Manage Co-op Shop (iv) Manage Print Shop WELFARE OFFICER

32 Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for all publication activities of the Union To publish 1) X-Posts 2) X-Express 3) O-Book 4) Inauguration Booklet To assist and make the schedule book PUBLICATION OFFICER

33 Duties and Responsibilities: Responsible for all social activities of the Union The Social Committee (i) Social Affairs Officer, who shall act as the Chairperson of the Social Committee. The Social Committee shall assist the Social Affairs Officer on all social activities of the Union. SOCIAL AFFAIRS OFFICER

34 Organize and hold the o-camp. SOCIAL AFFAIRS OFFICER

35 Duties and responsibilities: The Marketing Secretary, who shall be responsible for all marketing activities of the Union. 1. Assist Welfare Officer 2. Mark sponsor - Inauguration - O camp - SU Talent Show MARKETING SECRETARY


37 Chairpersons of Standing Committees OAC (Orientation Affairs Committee) Members of Council (President, IVP, EVP and Financial Secretary) Finance Committee (Financial Secretary) Society election campaign Issue Declarations WHAT HAVE WE DONE? INTERNAL AFFAIRS

38 Attend HKFS ( ) General Meetings JCSF(Joint Committee on Student Finance) Anti-Outsourcing in UST June Forth Demonstration 1 st July Demonstration Anti National Education Curriculum Demonstration Celebrity Forum WHAT HAVE WE DONE? EXTERNAL AFFAIRS

39 South Gate Shuttle Bus Hair Salon Hall issues Transportation issues Vending Machine Catering WHAT HAVE WE DONE? UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS

40 Inauguration (7/5) Campus tour for visiting students: (1) 6/6 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) (2) 19/10 Chiang Mai University (3) 6/12 Hubei University Info Day (13/10) WHAT HAVE WE DONE? PUBLIC RELATIONS


42 HKJUWU ( ) Formed by ten local Universities, including: City University if Hong Kong Hong Kong Baptist University Lingnan University Hong Kong Institute of education Hong Kong University of Science and Technology The Open University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Shue Yan University The Chinese University of Hong Kong, New Asia College Chu Hai College of Higher Education The Hong Kong Polytechnic University >57,500 members WHAT HAVE WE DONE? WELFARE AFFAIRS








50 Submit Nomination formPromotion PeriodPolling PeriodAGM


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