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LifeSouth Community Blood Centers Advisory Council.

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1 LifeSouth Community Blood Centers Advisory Council

2 The mission of the council is to grow LifeSouth Community Blood Centers blood collections in the local community.

3 Call to Order Council Chairman Role Call Secretary Approval of Minutes Secretary Opening Remarks Council Chairman

4 Local Management Report

5 Regional Collection Totals for First Quarter GoalCollected Whole Blood:71097554= 106% Apheresis :10801221= 113% Total Donors:81898775= 107%




9 Area Blood Supply

10 Current Blood Supply Level Inventory Levels Remain Stable Red Cells O pos = 7 Days O neg = 4 Days A pos = 10 Days A neg = 11 Days B pos = 9 Days B neg = 14 Days Platelet Inventory Ideal = projections reflect stable 3 day inventory Plasma Ideal = All types

11 Operations Report

12 Medical Update Donor Safety No adverse donor reactions during the quarter Hospital Updates LifeSouth is working with area hospitals to determine forecasted utilization of leuko- reduced blood products – Changes to transfusion protocol of Shands at UF – Working to increase production of Acrodose Continued efforts to streamline deliveries have proven to be effective in keeping delivery costs down

13 Current Corporate Initiatives LifeSouth is working to standardize practices – Evaluating our service to blood drive coordinators Chairperson surveys – Standard blood drive recruitment planning LifeSouth is working to improve phlebotomy success rate – Significant effect on product inventories – Improved training and tracking of new hires LifeSouth is working to improve high school blood drives – Increased concern by school administration Disruption Safety Time away from class

14 Regional Promotions and Events

15 Local Promotions What Colors Do You Bleed? Blood Drive –September 11 th thru September 17 th –Goal: 1,800 (Sun to Sat) –Actual: 1,805

16 Greek Blood Drive – Nov 7 th thru Nov 18 th – Goal 1200 over 10 days – Including ALL Greeks Social, Professional, Service University of Florida Promotion

17 Media Lifeline – Dec 19 th thru Dec 31st – Remotes and PSAs To record a PSA to be used on all stations Center Promotion

18 Bleed for Your Team in progress now

19 Movie Ticket Promo – December 3 rd and 4 th Center Promotion Select mobile locations Movie Madness

20 Operation Santa Delivery – December 17 th, 2011 – Get Ready!!! – Need volunteers Community Involvement

21 Christmas Celebration Event – December 23 rd, 2011 – Holiday Pledge Cards – CIVI & NEWBE Holiday Shortages

22 iPad2 Giveaway Winter Plan – iPad2 – Drawing Dates December 24 th January 31 st February 29 th Weekly mailings to drives and center All donors eligible to win

23 University of Florida Promotion What Colors Do You Bleed? Blood Drive –January 23 rd to January 27 th –Goal: FLN - 1,500 (Sun to Sat) Challenge: UF vs. Kentucky

24 Church Recruitment Follow-up to Advisory recommendations

25 Church Recruitment LifeSouths Church Revival – Goal: To increase participation and efficiencies at church blood drives – Implemented Advisory Suggestions

26 Handbook Created Recruitment strategies – Identifying drives as mission – Created a leadership project for youth – Partnering congregations – On-site recruitment Greeting at the entrance Handbook Created Best practices – Establishing a committee – PR materials Electronic slides Bookmarks – Speaking to the congregation – Making the ask

27 Coming soon…

28 Galloneer Picnic – May 20 th, 2012 – Get Ready!!! – Attendance goal 2000 Donor Appreciation

29 Advisory Council Support Promote blood drives with school board – Prevent cancellation of drives Keep us up to date on community events – Any holiday blood drives? Suggestions on improving our center promotion activities

30 Targeted Companies for Blood Drives Insert company name

31 Penetrating Centers of Influence (Community Leadership) Insert group or persons name

32 Five Points of Life Report Classroom presentations completed: –Insert name of school and attendees Classroom presentation planned: –Insert name of school and planned attendees School blood drives acquired and planned: –Insert name of school and projected donors Kids Marathon update: –Date, time and place –Number of kids currently registered –Schools participating Assistance needed:

33 Unfinished BusinessCouncil Chairman –List topics New BusinessCouncil Chairman AnnouncementsCouncil Chairman Next MeetingCouncil Chairman – AdjournCouncil Chairman

34 Thank you! We appreciate your time and service to LifeSouth Community Blood Centers.

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