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Marketing, Promotion and Research Program Performance Update.

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1 Marketing, Promotion and Research Program Performance Update

2 About NPSA A non-profit trade association committed to educating culinary and health professionals, food technologists and the general public about the nutritional benefits, variety of uses and all around great taste of pecans..

3 Donations Since 1998.

4 2013/2014 Program Highlights Tufts/INC Research I Love Pecans Perfect Performance

5 Research

6 Research

7 Tufts University Study Research will focus on subjects 50+, who are healthy but have an increased risk for heart disease or diabetes due to family history for example but will also dive into the effects of antioxidant activity on heart health. Half of the participants will receive a controlled diet while the other half will receive a pecan-rich diet Expected Outcome- a handful of pecans a day can keep adults healthy, and may prevent both heart disease and diabetes.

8 International Nut Council Every year, NPSA contributes funds to the International Nut Council Research & Education Foundation in a effort to support further nutritional research on tree nuts. November 2013- Study published linking nut consumption to lower death mortality. Of the men and women who consumed nuts seven or more times a week, there was a 20% increase in signs of promoted health and longevity.

9 I Love Pecans!

10 Serving as a low-cost/efficient way of communicating to the consumer market Promoting pecan nutrition and uses of pecans by posting daily recipes, tips, and fun uses of pecans.

11 I Love Pecans Facebook Launched on Nov. 1, 2012 with 33 fans Today we have over 58,000 fans with over 2,500 fans visiting the page regularly each month.

12 I Love Pecans Pinterest Launched with 2 followers on Dec. 1, 2012 Currently over 300 followers Monthly integrated Facebook promotion Twitter - @ilovepecans Launched on Feb. 1,2013 Currently over 195 followers 55 likes

13 Why have we been so successful? 35 likes Successful Facebook ad strategy/implementation Great content We listen to our fans

14 Media Outreach 35 likes

15 Blogger Outreach 35 likes Quarterly outreach to bloggers demonstrating various ways to use pecans while providing nutritional information about pecans for content. Offer samples which are supplied by members

16 I Love Pecans Website Features: Stronger Brand Image New Navigation Enhanced Search Engine Optimization An enhanced resource for information for consumers, health professionals and commercial buyers of pecans

17 Perfect Performance

18 Serve as a guide to using pecans in processed foods New publication designed to help market pecans globally and domestically Features Pecan Size/Color Chart Top Industry Uses Antioxidant Chart Nutritional Info 30 cents per print copy Perfect for sales meetings, trade shows, shipment inserts, etc. Contact

19 Crisis Communications Planning This year, we are expanding on our crisis communications planning initiative as a service to the entire industry. Form a crisis communications team Assign roles and responsibilities; identify spokesperson(s) Identify stakeholders Consider scenarios Develop template placeholder messaging Determine emergency communications systems

20 Additional Key Initiatives Research Chefs Association Culinology Expo. -March 11-14, 2014 in Portland, OR American Culinary Federation National Convention -July 25-29, 2014 in Kansas City, MO

21 Additional Key Initiatives American Heart Association Heart Healthy Checkmark Program We have renewed our AHA certification and will continue to maintain the Heart Check mark as a third party endorsement of the healthy food benefits of Pecans. We will continue to educate and encourage members to take advantage of this program. 3 Members are currently certified 2 Members application is in progress 6 Members have inquired and received information about the Application Process

22 Benefits For Participating Members New company set-up fee waived. $7,500 Savings. Discounted program licensing fee from regular tiered pricing. Maximum $1,000 per SKU per year versus maximum $5,000 per SKU per year. Licensing rights to use the heart-check logo on packaging and in promotions for one year, with optional annual renewal. Halo from in-store merchandising and advertising placed by the American Heart Association. For Information Contact: April Whitfield, Manager Business Relations and Account Services Or Go To: Email: Phone: 214-706-1879

23 Additional Key Initiatives For Information Contact: April Whitfield, Manager Business Relations and Account Services Or Go To: Email: Phone: 214-706-1879

24 Why we need your support NPSA has been the cornerstone for nutritional research in the pecan industry. Without your investment in our program, we would not be able to make these efforts to promote pecans to the food production industry, dietitians, nutritionists and consumers alike.

25 Thank You for your support!

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