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3 We are here: Aras 9, 11 & 12, 26 Boulevard, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 3, Putrajaya

4 The Board is a statutory body established under an Act of Parliament (Act 651). The Act was gazetted on 29 June 2006 and enforced by the Minister of Health on 1 st April 2007.

5 According to … Malaysian Health Promotion Board Act (651), 2006: Health Promotion refer to any action or activity which: a) Strengthens the skills and capabilities of individuals, groups and communities as well as; b) Enhance social and environmental conditions ….. So as to improve their health status.

6 HEALTH PROMOTION Health promotion is the process of enabling people to exert control over the determinants of health and thereby improve their health Ottawa Charter, 1986

7 Key strategies of health promotion advocated in the Ottawa Charter: Building a healthy public policy. Creating a supportive environment. Developing personal skills. Strengthening community action. Reorientation of health services.

8 Improved health status means: a) Decreased morbidity and mortality b) Increased in life-expectancy c) Functional independence d) Quality of life …… We also refer to this as health outcome.

9 o Prevention and control of tobacco o Promotion of healthy lifestyles, including promotion of exercise /physical activity and healthy eating o Environmental health o Mental health o Cancer prevention

10 o Diabetes prevention o Cardiovascular disease prevention o Prevention of obesity o Sexual health(including HIV/AIDS) o Research in health promotion o Promoting health through sport, cultural and arts activities


12 o Definitely we need o NGO, Media and Professional Bodies play major roles in health promotion o Civil society (NGOs and community organizations) play different roles from government and private sectors

13 o Refers to the arena of uncoerced collective actions around shared interests, purposes and values

14 o To succeed, programs and activities must be according to MySihat agenda and MOH policy o Working together will …. i. increase synergy ii. Avoid duplication of programs/activities iii. Avoid negative competition iv. Avoid resources wastage

15 o Based on trust o Based on the strength of each organization o Clear definition of roles and responsibilities o Implemented programs and activities must be agreed by all parties

16 A. Specific health NGOs Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia NASAM Yayasan Jantung Negara Persatuan Epilepsy Malaysia Persatuan SLE Nutrition Society of Malaysia Malaysia Mental Health Association Focus on one specific health area

17 B. Health-related NGOs Consultative Council of Religious FFPAM St. Johns Ambulance Red Crescent Society PUSPANITA Areas of interest are more general but willing to take up health issues

18 C. Umbrella organizations Malaysia AIDS Council MAKNA Malaysian Mental Health Council Focus on health issues

19 o Create awareness o Pressure groups o Monitoring and evaluation o Capacity building o Advocacy o Do projects in community

20 o NGOs are the front-liners in their community o Identify public health issues o Increase community awareness o Delivery of information o Propose solutions o Lobby for change

21 Malaysia needs strong voice of civil society Effectiveness depends on

22 PLEASE REMEMBER: QUALIFIED APPLICANTS …… 1.Non-profit organization 2.Registered with ROY/ROS 3.Sports organization registered with Suruhanjaya Sukan Malaysia

23 QUALIFIED APPLICANTS …. 4.Companies limited by guarantee (non-profit) registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia 5.Foundations (yayasan) 6.IPTA/IPTS registered student clubs 7. Sports clubs in any departments

24 To develop the capacity of organizations including health related and community based organizations for health promotion

25 Text in here To plan and implement health promotion programs and activities for the benefit of the community, with a particular focus on youth

26 To develop and support programs to improve population health by preventing, reducing or stopping the use of tobacco products

27 To fund and support sporting, recreational and cultural organizations to promote healthy lifestyles and healthy environments



30 All successful applicants must adhere to adopt healthy public policy prepared by the Board in their projects and activities

31 Grant recipients must acknowledge and recognize MHPB through the use of oral or/and non-verbal communication materials in all health promotion events or activities funded by the Board

32 Smart partnership between and NGOs may be developed through forum, seminar and dialogue. Issues pertaining to health are discussed and resolved in this platform. No. of NGOs attended our briefings: X X X

33 1. Organizing public awareness campaigns and conducting health promotion on specific health issues. 1.Talks, public forum, exhibitions, walks, runs, etc.

34 2. Organizing and celebration of health events at the community level. World TB Day by MAPTB World Heart Day by Yayasan Jantung Negara No Smoking Day by ASH, MMA World Breast Feeding Week by Malaysian Breastfeeding Advisory Association World Mental Health Day by Malaysian Mental Health Council World Diabetes Day by Malaysian Diabetes Association World AIDS Day by Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC)

35 3. Supporting and complementing the health campaigns/programs of the Government. Healthy Lifestyle Programs Organ Donation Campaign Reduce Sugar Consumption Campaign Senam Seni Sihat NCD Community Intervention Programs

36 Smoke free initiatives: Smoke free Melaka

37 4. Supporting the Health Camps/Medical Camps by the Ministry of Health in the community. Medical examination, medical screening, talks.

38 STRENGTHS NGOs are run by dedicated personnel/ volunteers who are committed and knowledgeable about the health issue they are advocating. They have good networking with health professionals, the community and the private sector.

39 STRENGTHS They are not constrained by government policies and regulations. They are more flexible and independent. They are acceptable to the community because they are usually members on the community. They can reach out to certain sensitive target groups who are not accessible to the health (e.g. drug addicts, sex workers).

40 WEAKNESSES They lack personnel who can work full- time. They are dependent on volunteers who usually have a full time job and other commitments. They often and always lack funds and materials resources.

41 WEAKNESSES They are limited by geography - they are often concentrated in the bigger towns, especially in the Klang Valley. Their way of doing things may not fit well with government regulations and procedures (clash of culture).

42 Health education materials. Access to the mass media. Technical expertise. Financial support. Networking within and without the MOH system. Capacity building and Training.

43 Advocacy & development of healthy public policy. Provision of supportive service e.g. Health screening, counseling, etc. Skills development. Mobilizing community action. Development and pre-testing and distribution of educational materials. Conducting research and evaluating health campaign.


45 And of course : you



48 Its Question Time


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