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Traditional, Self Published, Ebooks, and More. Timeline.

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1 Traditional, Self Published, Ebooks, and More

2 Timeline

3 Make Preliminary Promotional Materials Before Publication Business Cards Bookmarks or Postcards Sell Sheets Author Website or Blog Media Kit

4 Author Site or Blog The top page should be attractive and easy to navigate Keywords are also importantI write a paragraph that describes the site and put it on the page. I also choose my sites title and description with care. At minimum, every writer should have a page on each book containing a hook, synopsis, cover art, links to purchase, and links to reviews, articles, and interviews. You also need an About the Author page with a contact form or email link. Other logical things to put on your site: Media Kit Links to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media page Guestbook Blog or link to Blog Articles on related subjects to attract visitors Bibliography of all youve published, with buying links. FAQ Recommended reading list of books in your subject area List of upcoming conferences or author appearances Photos, videos, or audio of you at events Reading guide and discussion questions Freebees related to your subjectI put links to Harry Potter games, fonts, sites, and more. Anything to attract your target audience

5 Media Kit Left pocket of folder: List of publications or Curriculum Vitae Contact sheet Bio Page Sell Sheet Press Release Right pocket of folder: Interviews, Reviews, Endorsements, Awards, and Articles about the book

6 Online Media Kit High Resolution Book Image High Resolution Author Photo Author Bio Endorsements Sell Sheet Reviews Awards Press Release News Articles Interview FAQ Synopsis Sample Chapters Table of Contents Flyer Contact Information

7 Getting Reviewed Recommended Magazines Social Media Groups Goodreads groups post your request for reviewers in self promotion groups or author and reviewer groups Shelfari and Librarything groups Facebook groups, like Lists of Review Magazines

8 Other Places to Get Reviewed Book Review Blogs Trade reviews with fellow authors Send messages to Amazon top reviewers

9 Other Places to Get Reviewed Places where anyone (including your mom or your best friend) can post a book review Book Mooch EzineArticles Face Book Visual Bookshelf Face Book Visual Bookshelf (children/teen/ya only) (children/teen/ya only) IJustFinishedReading. IJustFinishedReading. Living Social Books Swap Tree Take 2 Reviewers Blog or Social Media

10 Promoting in Person Parties Craft and Holiday Fairs Conferences and Events Regional groups like California Writers Club Genre groups like The Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators or Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Minority groups like The Womens National Book Association Bookstores and Libraries

11 Promoting Online: Amazon Amazon to do List: Make sure all the books details are correct. Make an Amazon Author Page at Author Central. Set up Search Inside the Book Tag the page with the best tags in your opinion Check the ebooks page and tag it as well Gather reviews and tags Create Amazon Listmania, So Youd Like to… Try Amazon Kindle Select Program Amazon Author Central Set up a profile if you havent at Add all your books. Post the best snippets in Editorial reviews as you get them Post an author bio, photo, book trailers, and author events. Link the page to your twitter, website, and blog.

12 Promoting Online: Goodreads (also Shelfari and LibraryThing) Make your profile Add some friends off Facebook, email, or other social media Add all your books with covers, tags, and detailed info Add your book to appropriate lists like, in my case, What to read after The Hunger Games. Ask reviewers to post their reviews on Goodreadsmany do anyway. Link Goodreads to your Facebook page and like the book there. Post the ebook and make the first 20% free to read Add your video trailer to your profile page Search for and join self promotion groups or author like on Amazon Tag on Amazon. and reviewer groups and post your announcement, request for reviewers, and any giveaways or events. Make sure to follow the directions. Search for and join target audience groups like YA readers or horror novel fans. Post your announcement or join in discussions. Post a few chapters in the Writing section Link your blog to the page so it shows up on Goodreads Do a giveaway and post it to social media Post a signing or other public event Make a quiz on your topic

13 Promoting Online: More to Try Blog and Guest Blog Post on Forums and Chatrooms Many book sites will let you post a link, chapters, trailer, and so forth, or add tags and ratings to your book. Send free press releases Sell copies on Ebay (keywords are everything!) Twitter, Facebook, etc: Basically you should post book releases, giveaways, contests, awards, promotions, happy moments, and everything else in appropriate groups/hashtags and on your page.

14 For these tips and more, try my free ebook, Free Guide to Self-Publishing and Book Promotion: Inside Secrets from an Author Whose Self-Published Books Sold in Thousands by Valerie Estelle Frankel at or

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