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Nutrition Promotion Laura York, MS Diane Sylvia, MAT, SNS.

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1 Nutrition Promotion Laura York, MS Diane Sylvia, MAT, SNS

2 Nutrition Promotion

3 With 95% of all children and adolescents enrolled in school, it is the most natural place to teach and promote the skills needed to develop positive lifelong nutrition and wellness behaviors.

4 Communications Strategy Components Communications Objective Communications Goal Key Message Support Points

5 Target Audience –Research Tone/Feel Communications Strategy Components

6 –Advertising Printed Materials TV, Website, Social Media –Direct Marketing Letters, Texts, Emails –Promotional Items –Events/Displays –Public Relations –Personal Selling Communications Vehicles

7 Evaluation –Process Evaluation –Outcome Evaluation Communications Strategy Components

8 Our Focus Idea into initiative How to utilize the entire school environment Communicating a successful message Where to find resources Where to find support Where to find funding

9 Idea to Initiative Brainstorming session Invite everyone Anyone can initiate an idea/promotion Ask different people/groups to volunteer

10 School Environment Cafeteria/Classroom Connection –All students have access everyday –Physical environment is adaptable –Classroom curriculum can easily be connected –Healthy food is being served

11 Promotional Strategies Nutrition Education –Whole school experience –Annual school wide theme Incorporate into existing curriculum –Classroom (all curriculum areas) –Cafeteria/Auditorium/Gym –Morning Announcements –School Newspaper –Field Trips –After School Program –Clubs, Teams and Organizations

12 School Year Nutrition Promotions Examples –Healthy Snack Initiative –Eating Our Way Through the Alphabet –Culinary Road Trip Across America –Eating Our Way Through American History –International Culinary Adventure –Sustainable Cuisine –Planet Health – Eat Well

13 Year Long Connection Culinary Road Trip Across America –Fourth grade collaboration –Visited five states monthly –Promoted fruits, vegetable and whole grains –Fun state facts on morning announcements –Students made U.S. shaped pizzas –Bulletin board tracked adventure –Cookbook developed – ASP –Family dinner/state reports display

14 Healthy Snack Initiative Healthy snacking faculty meeting Healthy snacking PTO presentation Implement daily nutrition break Heart smart classroom parties Family resources Teacher follow-up activities Still Snacking Smart program

15 Special Promotions January is National Soup Month –Collaboration with third grade –Free samples of soup –Students surveyed entire school –Calculated and graphed results –Bulletin board with the charts –Article in the school newspaper –Recipes sent home

16 Theme Months & Special Events Crazy Cranberry Week Fruit or Vegetable of the Month National Popcorn Day National School Lunch Week Pancake Topping Day Peach Power Week National Sweet Potato Month Alien Day Healthy Harvest Week World Smile Day

17 Special Promotions National Food Day – October 24, 2012 –National Initiative - CSPI –Adopt a Food Day priority –Promote healthy eating at school and home –Real food menu –Food Day curriculum –Launch an initiative –Register your event –More information to come

18 Middle and High School Food Day Events CNOP Breakfast Video Contest Fuel Up to Play 60 Posters, bulletin boards and school newspaper Planet Health Curriculum – Middle school Healthy Vending – A List

19 Nutrition Resources The Internet National Organizations State and Federal Programs National Companies Local Businesses Parent Community

20 Administration School Committee Members School Nutrition Department Faculty and Staff Student Volunteers Parents Community Members Initiative Support

21 Funding Support Massachusetts ESE MA Action for Healthy Kids New England Dairy Council Child Nutrition Outreach Program at Project Bread PTO/PTA organizations School Administration School Nutrition Association of Massachusetts

22 Team Activity Write a communications strategy for one nutrition promotion

23 USDA Team Nutrition Action for Healthy Kids John C. Stalker Institute at Framingham State UniversityJohn C. Stalker Institute at Framingham State University Mass in Motion Resource Support

24 Students Taking Charge Planet Health & Eat Well Keep Moving CurriculumPlanet Health & Eat Well Keep Moving Curriculum Scholastics Crunch the Numbers Curriculum Resource Support

25 New England Dairy Council CNOP at Project Bread Project Refresh Toolkit Dole

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