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Principles of health promotion

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1 Principles of health promotion
Dr. Wasantha Gunathunga Community Stream

2 Objectives of this lecture
Discuss theoretical basis of the principles of HP To discuss how to apply principles of promoting health – practical aspect Gaining sound understanding of principles of HP and it application.

3 What is health promotion –definition
Process of enabling people to increase control over their health and its determinants and thereby improving their health. Ottawa charter

4 Health is a resource for every day life and not the objective of living !
What do you live for ?

5 What ever the aim is .. One needs good health to achieve it. Health is a foundation on which other achievements of a person is made



8 Pre-requisites for health- the OTTAWA charter
Peace shelter Education Food Income Stable eco-system Sustainable resources Social justice and equity

9 Are all these needed for health?
May not be! Why

10 Health is influenced by mind
Ultimate health is in the mind! What do you think about this statement?

11 You can have all the following yet not satisfied
Peace shelter Education Food Income Stable eco-system Sustainable resources Social justice and equity What is the missing factor?

12 As much as material things are needed for maintaining health there is another critical factor
Satisfaction/contentment How do you achieve this?

13 Health promotion? Health education Health improvement
Health protection Disease prevention

14 Health promotion? Apparently healthy people
Aimed at reaching a better status Needs special effort No felt urgent need Important responsibility

15 What areas can be improved?
Physical Mental Social Spiritual Combined

16 Physical Stamina Strength Speed, agility

17 Mental health promotion
To be content

18 Mental health promotion
Managing stress

19 Train mind

20 Mindfulness: what matters most
What is it? Gaps of memory Internal noise

21 Mental health Teaching to relax

22 Good conduct

23 Mental Physical health
Better Performance In School Workplace Better Concentration Good conduct Better Understanding (wisdom)

24 Promote social interactions
Belonging to society Love others

25 Spiritual health Purpose of life?
only enjoying sense pleasure? And going for it? Or is there a better purpose of ones life?

26 Where? as a doctor In Clinic Ward In the field In the Theater

27 Effective way Create awareness Motivate
Create a mechanism to start action Ensure sustenance Monitor progress Evaluate and modify

28 Rethinking health in Sri Lanka
Absence of disease Rehabilitative Curative preventive Disease

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