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ACT Client Relationship Management System Implementation for the Armenian Development Agency Rick Shaddock, Computer Instructors Corportation And MIGA.

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1 ACT Client Relationship Management System Implementation for the Armenian Development Agency Rick Shaddock, Computer Instructors Corportation And MIGA – Investment Marketing Services

2 Introduction The Learning and Innovation Loan (LIL) of the World Bank seeks to build the capacity of the ADA to stimulate Armenias exports and foreign direct investment levels In particular, it seeks to make the ADA effective both in terms of reacting to investor enquiries and in terms of proactively seeking out new potential investors and export opportunities for Armenia As a consequence, it is anticipated that the volume of business contacts will increase dramatically. Hence, the ADA needs to be equipped with the right information and tracking systems to respond to the challenge of servicing potential investors and assisting exporters – in short a Contact Management System.

3 Definition of Client Relationship Management System (CRM) = a tool to provide a comprehensive approach to integrating every area of business that touches the customer - namely marketing, sales, customer service and field support. Alternative term: Contact Management Systems (CRM) The best CRMs are designed to integrate people, process and technology, taking advantage of the Internet. Source: DCI's Customer Relationship Management Conference and Exposition. For more information, see

4 Objectives of the Contact Management System Implementation To improve marketing and coordination efforts in the ADA To improve teamwork and knowledge sharing in the ADA To retain and track important investment data valuable for future reference and analysis To create standardization To analyze FDI trends, economic changes, investment climate and other statistical information derived from the system

5 Functionality in ACT!6.0 Schedules and keeps detailed records of calls, appointments, company visits, email, mail correspondence, and all other contact with clients Generates reports for internal and external use Does statistical and graphical analysis and evaluation of marketing activities undertaken in the organization Maintains an unlimited number of new inquiries and tracks their progression through the stages of Inquiry, Lead, Committed, and Investor Tracks post-implementation data and captures reasons for waning of client interest in the project, country or sector Records and analyzes the total impact of an investment in the country

6 But….. Even the most sophisticated contact management system is only as good as the data entered. And it wont lead to productivity gain, unless it is accompanied by organizational change Learning organizations – organizations that are constantly improving processes and in which a can-do mentality thrives – fair better in responding to the challenges of todays fast changing business world Integrative organizations do better in implementing IT projects

7 Working together to make the ADA a first class economic development agency E-Promotion Traditional Investment Promotion Traditional organization Technological organization

8 Implementation Process Decision: ACT Needs assessmentINFRASTRUCTURE InstallationData MigrationTraining CRM Launch Operation [Monitoring, identification of additional training needs, Reporting ] Customization

9 Training Schedule CRM Training Schedule Session Time Monday March 24 Tuesday March 25 Wednesday March 26 Thursday March 27 Friday March 28 Morning 10:00-13:00 Conference Room Everyone EP room 14 Export Promotion IP room 9 Investor Promotion IS room 1 Investor Servicing EP room 14 Export Promotion Lunch Afternoon 14:00-17:00 IP room 9 Investor Promotion IS room 1 Investor Servicing EP room 14 Export Promotion IP room 9 Investor Promotion IS room 1 Investor Servicing

10 Questions & Answers

11 To give you a flavor of what you can expect, here are some screenshots of the software …..

12 Main field areas: Record classification fields Company & person information Physical address fields Mail address fields Personal fields Company classification fields

13 Customizable field entry order Field entry order Movement through fields can be done with tab or enter key Establishes the optimum sequence for data entry Only most used fields are in the order sequence Fully customizable

14 Relationship field: defines your relationship with the contact Client – person receiving services from the IPA (information, research, site visit, servicing, etc.) Contact Network – the network of personal and professional contacts that you have or could deal with in the future Unqualified lead – a contact from a database, business card, etc. of undetermined potential Qualified Lead – a contact that has been researched and is determined to be of promotional interest Service Provider – Providers of goods and services to the IPA or to its individuals

15 Line of Business Field: used extensively for determining group membership and for future searches of contacts Important to decide on the major categories for use. Changes to field should be disabled Not to be used to determine the relationship with you (for this we use the relationship field). Defines the contacts main area of expertise, business or interest that may be of interest to you

16 Scheduling activity series: Lead referral Promotion campaign Site visit Registration process Fairs and shows

17 Using activity series: Programming of sequential activities Example: main items of a promotion campaign Activity series can originate from a start date or work back from a target completion date

18 Using activity series: Example: Investor facilitation – the site visit All the planning, preparation, implementation and follow-up steps required Permits tracking and monitoring the entire process Avoids things from falling through the cracks

19 Multiple email addresses may be used

20 Tracking the pipeline of investment projects Used to manage the investment promotion process For promotion follow-up For reporting to Management Preparation of reports to the Board of Directors, donors and stakeholders Monitoring effectiveness and cost benefit –Entire program –Regions –Foreign offices –Individual promoters –Promotion teams

21 The Sales Pipeline Funnel Results Benefits Contacts (Potential Investors) Identification & Positioning 10,000 contacts Country Visits Facilitation 100 visits Approvals Services 15 approvals Investments Closing 10 investments Presentations Proactive Marketing 1,000 presentations Follow-up visits Follow-up 50 follow- up visits

22 All promotional milestones should be put into sales opportunities Each opportunity is input only once As the client is moved through the different sales stages the probability is ajusted and the sales stage is updated Jobs Investment Per Job Invest- ment Sector Type of investment Prob ability Sales stage

23 Pipeline report by sales stages Reports global pipeline, pipeline of an individual promoter, for a specific lookup (region or groups of promoters), different time periods (month, semester, year, etc.)

24 Organizes pipeline by sales stages: –Identification of lead –Cold call –Presentation –Site visit –Etc. Reports closed/won sales

25 Sales organized under the contact person Used if several projects are being considered by one organization

26 Organizes pipeline by % of probability

27 Organizes pipeline of projects or investments by the responsible record manager

28 Pipeline report by investment and months

29 Pipeline report by jobs and months

30 Line graph of Pipeline report by jobs and months

31 Manipulating databases

32 Lookups by selected SIC codes

33 Creating groups from lookups (lead qualification) A selected group is tagged during a lookup The lookup is used to creat a group This group can be used for mass mailing lists, cold calling, mass emails, etc.

34 Groups help us track relationships of all types This major group organizes all the stakeholders in the country Subgroups organize and illustrate key relationships with different institutions or promotional partners

35 The Groups function can be used to map almost any type of relationship and its activities

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