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1-21 Promotional Techniques & Marketing Strategies Which technique will you use for your Group Project?

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1 1-21 Promotional Techniques & Marketing Strategies Which technique will you use for your Group Project?

2 2-21 A few things to know... What are the top reasons people watch and remember promotional techniques? Superbowl 2010 wl+commercials+2010&qpvt=superbowl+comme rcials+2010&FORM=VDRE# wl+commercials+2010&qpvt=superbowl+comme rcials+2010&FORM=VDRE#

3 3-21 Techniques & Strategies Outline Raising awareness Lifestyle Marketing Event Marketing & Sponsorship Guerrilla Marketing Influencing behavior Incentives and Loyal Marketing Cause Marketing Social Marketing

4 4-21 Lifestyle Marketing Directed towards the potential clientele with a lifestyle message Aiming at individual differences in how people live, work and play E.g., narrowly focused magazines, bridal registry, the cool market, Drinks E-trade commercial (30 sec)

5 5-21 Event Marketing Creating and supporting events to access participants E.g., art exhibits, zoos, concerts, golf tournament

6 6-21Sponsorship Exclusive rights of products and services in specific venues E.g., VISA card at the Olympics Municipal marketing Links products/services to desirable locations E.g., Speedo on the beaches of L.A.,

7 7-21 Guerrilla Marketing To seize the attention of the marketplace with a shocking strategy E.g., Benettons and Calvin Kleins ads, using look- alike priority mail, Santa Claus doing aerobics Doritos (30 sec)

8 8-21Incentives To influence consumer purchasing behavior Giveaways, coupons, price discounts E.g., early bird dinner discounts, complimentary T-shirts for the first 100 people registering Justin Timberlake (1.2 min) http://www.retro- superbowl-pepsi-commercial-magnetic http://www.retro- superbowl-pepsi-commercial-magnetic

9 9-21 Loyalty Marketing To influence consumer purchasing behavior 5 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain a current one E.g., frequent customer cards, AAdvantage frequent-flier program T-mobile (1min 30 sec)

10 10-21 Loyal Marketing II Lifetime revenue The amount a loyal customer will spend on a product/service in his/her lifetime E.g., a pizza chain calculated $8000 Share of customer The percentage of business received from a particular customer E.g., business traveler takes 10 flights a year, 3 flights with AA = 30% AAs share of customer

11 11-21 Cause Marketing To influence consumer purchasing behavior Strategic philanthropy E.g., a hair-care products company donated money to save rain forests based on percentage of purchases Audi Green Police - (1.1min) _jvM _jvM

12 12-21 Social Marketing To change peoples behavior related to a social issue (e.g., smoking, drinking, physical activity) To improve individual and social welfare E.g., Active Living Healthy Lifestyles Drug ad

13 13-21 Techniques & Strategies Outline Creating Relationships Information Marketing Affiliation or Associative Marketing Interactive Marketing Making the Most of Resources Ambush Marketing Real Marketing 3Cs Marketing

14 14-21 Information Marketing Concept maintains that value is created when information creates special meaning for the customers and enhances the purchase. Ex. Infomercials and Personalized news letters

15 15-21 Affiliation or Associative Marketing Belonging, part of something bigger or more important than him/herself. Affiliation plays on individuals need to feel as if they belong Associative addresses similar need enabling people to associate themselves with something or someone of importance to them. EX: MTSUs I am one campaign! Minnesota Vikings (38 sec)

16 16-21 Interactive Marketing Integrating technology options with overall marketing plans. Ex: home shopping, infomercials, cds, internet, virtual reality.

17 17-21 Ambush Marketing Ambush marketing-getting your message across w/o spending a lot of $$ (Nike, Starbucks) High-profile marketing efforts can result in substantial financial outlays for large corporations.

18 18-21 Real-time Marketing About time, place and the individual participant. Is what works for the consumer. Ex: ATM, 24 hr stores, pay-per-view, DVR, personalize greeting cards DVR (32 sec)

19 19-21 3Cs Marketing Include techniques of co-marketing, cross promotion and combination marketing. Co-marketing – a partnership relationship that is a definite win-win for all parties involved whether there are 2 or 20. Cherios and pampers (30 sec)

20 20-21 Cross promotional efforts - can sharing the costs associated with marketing and promotion. Combination marketing – takes one or more marketing strategies and combines them to create an effort that gets attention, influences behavior, or creates a relationship. A true making the most strategy.

21 21-21 Learning into action: What Technique/Strategy? Name: product/service (if relevant), target market, promotion strategy, and venue 1. 2. e=related e=related

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