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Found in the belly of a cod-fish Promoting Special Collections On-line.

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1 Found in the belly of a cod-fish Promoting Special Collections On-line

2 Not about fish guts Unlikely things in unlikely places Lots of small collections in Cambridge, in smaller libraries without huge amounts of resources Ideas for publicizing special collections on-line Getting information on special collections on-line Not being intimidated by Web-stuff - part of an overall promotional strategy

3 Why bother? Uniqueness of special collections Raising your profile, internally & externally Materials for fund-raising & promotion Conservation More you put in the more you get out in terms of help & support

4 Why bother? 2

5 What to do? 1 General introduction & highlights 1, 2 12 Featured book 3, 4 34 Exhibitions 5, 6 56 Collections 7 7

6 What to do? 2 Subjects 8 8 Timeline 9, 10, 11 91011 Educational Resources 12, 13 1213 Galleries, Indexes & Databases 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 1415161718

7 What you need? Interest in your collection Some sort of survey 1 1 Some way of obtaining & processing pictures Some way of getting things on to the Web

8 Think about your audience –Promotion & Awareness? –Education? –Research Tool? What are you doing with you web-pages?

9 Selecting things Historical importance of material Photogenic qualities Uniqueness – copy- specific features rather 1 than content 1 Relevance to organization Topicality

10 Getting hold of images Buy a camera Borrow someone elses camera Use pre-existing pictures Get other people to take pictures for you Photo-editing software – Adobe Photoshop

11 Getting it up Computing support Doing it yourself 1. CMS 1, 2 12 Doing it yourself 2. HTML Web 2.0

12 HTML Manuscripts The Library's special collections … Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223 339393). Medieval Manuscripts M. R. James's Descriptive Catalogue of … during the Library's opening hours. Post-Medieval Manuscripts … In completing his catalogue … on this website. The College is greatly indebted to Mr N. J. R. James and Cambridge University Press for their permission to publish James's work in this new form. Oriental Manuscripts and Papyrus Fragments The Library's collections include … and Holger Kockelmann.

13 Issues Archiving Metadata Conservation Security Copyright 1, 2 12

14 Fin Stewart Tiley, Academic Services Librarian, St Johns College, Cambridge. Tel. 01223 338662

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