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Protecting, Promotion, and Support of Optimal IYCF.

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1 Protecting, Promotion, and Support of Optimal IYCF

2 Constraints Pre emergency preparedness absence Lack of emergency preparedness (Action Plan Lack of policy covering infant feeding in emergency Lack of coordination mechanism Negative media messages Staff turnover (health/NGOs/Media) ~ non institutionalisation of IYCF Lack of policy awareness

3 Propose Solution Normal PPS basis ~ institutionalisation of IYCF Government/Agencies allign policies reflecting emergency needs –Awareness and internalisation –Implementation strategy must include all PPS concurrent PPS –Control BMS distribution –Strengthening education & formulate key messages relevant to emergency challenges –Coordination Plan (cluster) –Strengthen support services (clean and safe water, and nutrition for women, spaces/support on BF)

4 Key Messages Formula is dangerous You can breastfeed with support Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months Locally appropriate messages about complimentary feeding Appropriate/sensitive ~ mechanism is very important ~ message about relactation You can increase your milk supply Relevant elaborations ~ continued breastfeeding for 24 months and complementary feeding

5 Protection Means: –Control of BMS distribution –Advocacy to Government, Donors, Health workers, and disaster response team

6 Promotion Means: –Education to community, media on IYCF

7 Support Means: –Peer counsellors –Community support group –Private place for breastfeeding –Adequate to eat and feeding

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