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Briefing session on Business Promotion Council (BPC)

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1 Briefing session on Business Promotion Council (BPC)

2 Background 2 important events led creation of BPCs (1)Major policy shift from export promotion strategy to export development for a more competitive and sustainable export sector. This requires special attention to capacity building initiatives leading to productivity enhancement, improvement of quality & standards of products and addressing other issues related to environment & compliance; and (2)November 2000: Silicon Bangla IT (SBIT) 2000 Seminar was held in San Jose, California, USA - jointly organized by NRBs in North America and Bangladesh Mission in Washington, DC, USA. 2 important recommendations were to (a) open a shared office in San Jose, and (b) a back up office in Dhaka to work as a link between the industry and the US office. Accordingly, ICT Business Promotion Council (IBPC) was established in Dec 2002 and Bangladesh ICT Business Centre (BIBC) office in San Jose was created in March 2003 with financial support of BDEXDP. BDEXDP assistance was available till June 2004. BIBC office was closed from January 2006 as it failed to accomplish its desired objectives. Establishment of sector/product based BPCs was first set out as an export development strategy in the Export Policy 2003-06. As a strategy to diversify exports, BPC is also recognized in the Export Policy 2006-09 (Chapter 2). Councils are non-profit companies formed under Section 28 the Companies Act 1994 as unique partnership platforms created jointly by the private and public sector under the auspices of MOC. Members represent respective ministries, trade bodies, chambers, industry leaders, banks, etc.

3 Number of Sector based Councils No.Name of CouncilsYear of incorporation 01ICT Business Promotion Council (IBPC)December 2002 02Leather Sector Business Promotion Council (LSBPC) February 2004 03Light Engineering Products Business Promotion Council (LEPBPC) March 2004 04Medicinal Plants & Herbal Products Business Promotion Council (MPHPBPC) April 2006 05Fishery Products Business Promotion Council (FPBPC) March 2008

4 Members IBPC: Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) Bangladesh Association of Software & Information Services (BASIS) Internet Service Provider Association of Bangladesh (ISPAB) LSBPC: Bangladesh Finished Leather, Leather goods and Footwear Exporters Association (BFLLFEA) Bangladesh Tanners Association (BTA) Leather goods and Footwear Manufacturers & Exporters Association of Bangladesh (LFMEAB) LEPBPC: Bangladesh Engineering Industry Owners Association (BEIOA) Bangladesh Electrical Merchandise Manufacturers Association (BEMMA) Bangladesh Automobile Assemblers and Manufacturers Association (BAAMA) Bangladesh Bi-Cycle & Parts Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BBPMEA) National Association of Small and Cottage Industries of Bangladesh (NASCIB) MPHPBPC: Bangladesh Herbal Products Manufacturers Association (BHPMA) Bangladesh Herbal Food and Cosmetics Association (BHFCA) Bangladesh Ayurvedic Aushadh Shilpa Samity (BAASS) Bangladesh Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturers Association (BHMMA) FPBPC: Bangladesh Frozen Food Exporters Association (BFFEA) National Shrimp Farmers Association (NSFA) Shrimp Hatchery Association of Bangladesh (SHAB) Bangladesh Salted &Dehydrated Marine Foods Exporters Association (BSDMFEA)

5 ORGANOGRAM EC (IBPC) EC (LSBPC) EC (LEPBPC) EC (FPBPC) Council Coordination Committee IBPC 1 x EO 1x AEO 1 x OA LSBPC 1 x EO 2 x AEO 1 x OA LEPBPC 1 x EO 1x AEO 1 x OA MPHPBPC 1 x EO 1 x OA BPC Admin 1 x AO 1x AA 1x OA 1 x PA 1 x Driver 3 x P cum M 1 x Cleaner Deputy Coordinator Council Coordinato r EC (MPHPBPC ) Chairperson FPBPC 1 x EO 1 x OA

6 Work flow Yes No Decisio n Executive Committee Implementation Approval of Chairperson Rejected / sent for review Proposals from industry Signing of contract (if needed) Examination at working group level Working Group: Convener (Coordinator) Second VC of Council EPB Representative Presidents of association EO- Member Secretary Reporting & feedback

7 Source of Fund Government through EPBs Market Development Scheme Subscriptions from members Bank interests on deposits and Projects taken with development partners on cost sharing basis.

8 Activity implemented till March 2008 ProgramActivityIBPCLSBPCLEPBPCMPHPBPCFPBPCTotal Sector Study Competency Assessment 1 -1--2 Desk Study 11 ---2 Value chain assessment -1 ---1 Census study -1 ---1 Promotional materials Sales Kit 111--3 Poster, leaflet - -- 123 HRD (Training) Productivity improvement 847- -19 Total quality mgt/CMMi 244- -10 Technology Mgt. 1 3- -4 Nationwide awareness Program Awareness Seminar 3331212 Awareness campaignNewspaper ads - 4 ---4 Video Documentary -2 1--3 Workshop/ SeminarNational 2231-8 International 11 --2 Trade / Technology Mission Delegation abroad 5 -21-8 International Trade Fair Exhibition 53 -2-10 AdvocacyHeading a Core group 111 -3 TOTAL 3128266495

9 Planned activity: April- June 2008 ProgramActivityStatusIBPCLSBPCLEPBPCMPHPBPCFPBPCTotal Sector StudySituation Analysis Planned1---12 Implemented1---On going1 HRD (Training) ProductivityPlanned4452-11 Implemented323--8 Marketing Mgt.Planned1--1-2 Implemented--1--1 TQMPlanned1111-4 Implemented111--3 Nation wide Awareness Program Awareness Seminar Planned524233 Implemented312 1 2 2 Workshop/ Seminar NationalPlanned3232-10 Implemented3221-8 InternationalPlanned11--2 Implemented1--1 Trade Fare Local Exhibition Planned21317 Implemented21216 InternationalPlanned235 Implemented112

10 Partnership with development agencies LSBPC-ITC partnership for the tannery sector under Asia Trust Fund of EC in 2004 (completed) Bangladesh Leather Service Centre project of LSBPC-ITC (Italian govt. funded) since March 2006 (on going) LSBPC-GTZ project on leather bags design and development in 2007-08 (partially completed), now taken over by BLSC LSBPC-GTZ study on value chain assessment of the leather sector (completed) Baseline Survey jointly initiated by LSBPC-AMF (Abdul Monem Foundation) on micro, small and artisan enterprises of leather goods and footwear (on going) Desk study to assess the competency of ICT sector funded by Katalyst (completed) Study on the Bangladesh Leather Sector funded by GTZ (completed) 3o months partnership MoU signed by BPC with Katalyst (on going) Partnership with SEDF on imparting capacity building activities, and market promotion for the light engineering sector (on going) Partnership with EU and US-AID: negotiations in progress Cooperation with the Bangladesh Trade Support Program of MOC: negotiations in progress Further cooperation with ITC in the herbal sector: negotiations in progress Study on the status of compliance in the Shrimp processing sector with the assistance from Katalyst (in progress).

11 Thank You

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