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USPHS Commissioned Corps electronic Officer Personnel Folder (eOPF)

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1 USPHS Commissioned Corps electronic Officer Personnel Folder (eOPF)
Career Planning and Preparation LCDR Camille P. Hawkins CDR Cheryl A. Wiseman

2 What is the eOPF? The electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) includes documents such as your Commissioned Officer’s Effectiveness Reports (COERS), Promotion Report (PIR), Curriculum Vitae (CV), licensure validation, and educational information.

3 What is the eOPF?... Secure access to PHS officer file 24/7
Log in required May grant temporary privileges to mentor and others Each PHS officer has one!

4 Why keep it up to date? Reviewed by board for competitive promotion
Reviewed by board for non-competitive promotion Reviewed for Assimilation Reviewed for Awards A properly maintained CV provides documentation of your performance and career development

5 Components of the eOPF Blue Section – OCCO Letter of Reprimand
Rebuttals COERS ROS (check that it is there) OS (officer faxes) OCCO adds documents to this section. Officers should do a COER each year. If there is a problem with completing the COER – may enlist assist of the CC liaison. This section is used during the promotion boards.

6 Components of the eOPF Green Section – Officer Responsibility
Realtime PIR CV Licensure/Credentials Awards (PHS/NonPHS) Continuing Ed (CME, Advanced Degrees, Medical courses (BLS/ACLS), Some leadership courses, other training (CMBC)) Special Skills Outside Activities PHS Support The officer updates most of this section of the eOPF. The boards see and use this section for promotion. Some areas are updated by OCCO (lic and awards and sometimes letters of thanks are added by others) CV should be updated when up for promotion/assimilation and at duty station changes. Otherwise good rule of thumb is annually. Licensure/certifications must be sent to the license fax line Once cleared they will be sent to eOPF. PHS awards are added by awards coordinator. Send letters of thanks, appreciation, appointment to activities (assoc recruiter). Outside activities include but are not limited to church activities, little league, volunteer work at shelters, scouts, karate, guitar…I have seen people put almost anything. However, I recommend keeping it to value added activities or community enrichment.

7 Components of the eOPF Yellow Section – OCCO
Privacy Act/Release paperwork ID Cards (1172) Insurance Forms Statement of Service Misc. Documents OCCO/Compensation Branch submits documents to this area. This is the officer personal section and Boards do not see it. 1172, marriage cert, birth cert. SOS – interservice transfers and other miscellaneous documents are stored here (leave balance cert, Leave card, VEAP/MGI bill).

8 Components of the eOPF Pink Section – OCCO Orders
Assimilation Documents T & E data/Base pay computation Requests for Personnel Actions Appt Notice Oath of Office Security/Sensitivity Clearance Papers Application Documents OCCO adds to this section – boards sees. All orders, requests for orders, assimilation application and related documents from OCCO, certificates of clearance and pending clearances. Transcripts, letters of reference and appt board recom.

9 Components of the eOPF Beige Section – OCCO Promotion Scores Sheets
Assimilation Score Sheets PIR (snapshot) OCCO adds documents to this section; boards do not see, these are considered personal documents. All competitive promotion and assimilation board sheets. A snapshot of the PIR is taken at the time of boards. This can not be changed or updated like the realtime PIR.

10 Promotion Information Report (PIR)
The PIR is an internal document from OCCO, which reflects specific ‘real-time’ information. Information includes general dates, current billet title and equivalent grade, creditable service towards retirement, PHS/military awards authorized for wear on the uniform, COER rating for the last 5 years, and PHS Assignment history.

11 What to Update Ensure all COERS are in your OPF.
For problems, first contact your CC Agency Liaison; if unavailable, contact the OCCO COER Coordinator at # Fax Officer Statement (OS) prior to Dec 31, if up for promotion. Ensure Basic Readiness. Check status at

12 What to Update… Submit current CV and CV cover page (as one document). This will replace the previous one. Use HSO Curriculum Vitae (CV) Preparation Guidelines: Curriculum Vitae

13 What to Update… Ensure current License is on file.
Insure a NACI clearance (or documentation of pending clearance) or higher level clearance is in your file. For verification, check the PINK section of your eOPF. Insure 5-year physical is on record with MAB. If eligible for permanent grade promotion, ensure a 1-year report of Medical History has been submitted to MAB.

14 What to Update… Update Continuing Education Annually
 • Fax a copy of each course completion CME certificate or other documented training to your eOPF.       • Check your eOPF to be sure your certificate has been posted       • Send a CE summary document (separate from your CV) to your eOPF.            • Prepare a line by line dated description of each event you attended            • List the events by year, with the most recent first            • Only the last 5 years need to be included            • This document should be faxed by itself into the eOPF, and is NOT needed within the CV            • Check your eOPF to see that the CE summary document has been posted


16 How to Update Use eOPF Fax lines License/Certifications 301-480-1436
License/Certifications Do this year round on regular basis. Do not wait until promotion time or deadline dates. Fax lines will be full. Fax lines are not a paper machine. All documents go directly into computer data base where they are uploaded and indexed. Recheck after faxing for accuracy. CV and summary sheets should be faxed at the same time.

17 How to Update… PIR (OCCO PIR Coordinator) OPF (
eOPF/PIR Instructions: 2008 COER information:

18 New Officer Summary Page coming soon….
Seen when you log into the secure area Time in service Service Dates Current Status (including Medical requirements) Promotion Status Immunization Status License status Misc messages A new officer summary page has been implemented. Officers need to sign in and check for promotion information and when medical paperwork needs to be submitted. Service dates will be available and whether you are up for competitive promotion in the next cycle. It will also be updated for immunization status.

19 New Officer Summary Page
New Officer Summary Page – this is found when you log into your secure area. It is a quick glance about promotion, immunizations and other important information. Get used to logging in at least twice each year. You may be up for a noncompetitive promotion and not realize.

20 New Officer Summary Page
New information available on officer summary page

21 Summary View and update your eOPF regularly
Recheck after Faxing: ( / 1407) Correct Inaccuracies: Use guidance from HS-PAC website, mentor or CPO Maintain Active Duty Standards incl. Basic Readiness for retention and career development. It is the officers responsibility to monitor their eOPF for accuracy and update as needed. Always recheck after faxing (in a week or two) and contact OCCO with inaccuracies. CV may change from time to time. Check with PAC and maintain active duty policy standards.

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