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EXPRO 84 – Subcontracting 9 – 14 November 2009, Rotterdam, NL Promotional Instruments.

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1 EXPRO 84 – Subcontracting 9 – 14 November 2009, Rotterdam, NL Promotional Instruments

2 The Situation Using modern media Exporters are in an excellent position to promote their products in the European Union Unfortunately their resources are often limited by time, money and access to the right information. Due to these limited resources Marketing Managers are forced to plan their promotion activities very well.

3 What to promote? The product? The consumption ? A life style ?

4 The Targets o Official and Formal Institutions o Business, Industries and Trade Sectors o Private Organisations o Citizens / Private End Consumers Effects on the target small / big Short / long term o o o o

5 The Goals What are your promotions objectives? Push Sales? Improve Image? Improve Reputation? Create Awareness? Find Partners / Customers? Show Opportunities? Create Interest?

6 The Plan Define what goal you want to reach or what reaction you want to cause Decide to whom you will communicate Define your message Define how you will do it Define what media you will use Define when you will do it At what stage is your marketing process CLIENT

7 Other Actors Other actors that can help you to promote your products?

8 Other Actors Using Marketing Agencies Costs Know how to reach the client Aware of local / cultural aspects, sense & taste Know how to formulate the message Pay special attention to: A good and detailed briefing of the agency Check out different agencies / proposals, you may find big differences in prices.

9 The Tools What tools do you know?

10 1.Mailings 2.Brochures, CD Rom & Catalogues 3.Web Site 4.Trade Fair 5.POS Promotion 6.Show Room Discuss: Pros & Cons When do you apply Groups experience or opinion on effectiveness in Automotive 10:00

11 Promotion Tool: Mailings Mail & Direct Mail Relatively cheap way of promotion but generally very low response If you manage to define your target well, response rate goes up significantly. Challenge: Open the envelope => Choose the recipients well, get to know them and make mailing groups by common interests and needs

12 Promotion Tool: Mailings Electronic Mail & Direct Electronic Mail Cheap or no specific cost Fast and simple to realize Low response rate SPAM-Filters Define your target Challenge: pass the SPAM filter & open the mail => Choose the recipients well and know their actual needs and interests. Do not SPAM, watch your reputation, blend promotion with news or useful information for free (reports, trend analysis..)

13 Promotion Tool: Brochures Format: A4 is standard, number of pages depends on what to promote, but should not be too comprehensive. Material: Adapt design and quality to what you are promoting Content: Focus on Benefits, Illustration in good quality and colours adapted to CI Front Page establishes the Image: 5sec Impression Inside: relevant static information, leaflets for fast changing information Helpful: Testimonials or Quality Control Images Language: Adapted to national language is must And remember: If you send it to a prospect, it is nothing more than a simple mailing

14 Promotion Tool: CD-ROM Moderate costs Replaces or includes video presentations Multimedia as eye catcher Time saving: Searchable Database Easy Storage, higher throw-away barriers than paperwork Placed inside the Brochure or substitutes the brochure Disadvantage: Dont see / browse it instantly Challenge: Open CD when you are in your office => Give the recipient a testimonial of what he will find on the CD, offer a USP and generate interest And remember: If you send it to a prospect, it is just a little bit more than a mailing

15 Promotion Tool: Catalogue Does not have dynamic content as a CD-ROM, but could be seen instantly and everywhere More expensive in production and distribution No changes possible once it becomes obsolete. (CD- ROM: easy updating) Is usually opened (and stored) by the recipient, if not, check needs / interests in your mailing list profile. Challenge: Must come to the right desk And remember: If you send it to a catalogue, it still remains a mailing

16 Promotion Tool: Mailings in General Whatever you send to your clients, it always is nothing more than just a mailing. But the best chances that YOUR mailing will be opened you have when... waiting

17 Promotion Tool: Web-Site The really big difference is.. the attitude because he actively comes to your site. This means he has a need or interest and he thinks he might get what he wants from your site: Open Minded Visitor.. Dont let him down Challenge: Make him visit your site … and get him coming back frequently The site itself: fast connection, dynamic content, CMS, free login for advanced information, up to date, easy to browse, added value, direct links & search engine entries, ask for feedback, offer helpdesk & digest

18 Promotion Tool: Webvertising Pay per click Strategic banner positioning Do not expect a too high response rate Cheaper that printed ads Requires cost control Ask for details reports

19 Promotion Tool: Advertising Expensive, so… Check cost per contact Check quality of contacts Define exactly when and where to advertise Define period, remember an ad in a daily newspaper is fly-by-night Pay special attention to the target group: who is going to read the media (newspaper, magazine…) Ads in mass media: very expensive, so make sure that you have the right product / service / offer for your audience. Example: Tourism, daily branded product (Jamaica Rum?) Your ad here

20 Promotion Tool: POS-Promotion Cooperation with Exporter and Store Limited resources: time, testimonials, human cap. Gives good results Allows feed back Limited effect: only in attended area Requires strategic position in POS

21 Promotion Tool: Trade Fairs Most effective Most expensive Project planning required Find the right event Find the best exporter Prepare your show well Do after sales / evaluation Foto: Logistica, Germany

22 Promotion Tool: Show Room Moderate cost / effect relationship Improve corporate & country image Small fair concept Connect with social event Invite key clients Ask you ESE!!

23 Promotion Tool: Personal Sales Most Effective Most Expensive (cost per contact) Only for Key acquisition - Networks - Opinion Leaders - Joining Missions - Social Events / Receptions / Cocktails - Phone Conversations - Fair Participation - Letters of Recommendations - Seminars - Certificates

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