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Overview of Faculty and Promotions (FAP) Committee at Boston University School of Medicine Kitt Shaffer, MD PhD FACR Professor of Radiology, BUSM Vice-Chair.

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1 Overview of Faculty and Promotions (FAP) Committee at Boston University School of Medicine Kitt Shaffer, MD PhD FACR Professor of Radiology, BUSM Vice-Chair for Education in Radiology Chair, FAP Committee

2 topics committee (members, procedures) common issues leading to denial outcomes over recent years – detailed data for 2011

3 committee administration – Trang Tran Manager of Faculty Actions Office of the Dean and Provost, BUSM 617-638-5301

4 committee Chair, Kitt Shaffer MD PhD FACR, Prof Radiology – since January 2012 Vice-Chair, Harold Lazar MD, Professor Surgery – since January 2012

5 committee Chair, Kitt Shaffer MD PhD FACR, Professor Radiology Vice-Chair, Harold Lazar MD, Professor Surgery Christopher Akey PhD, Professor Physiol/Biophysics Karen Antman MD, Provost and Dean Emelia Benjamin MD, Professor Medicine (Jan 13) James Feldman MD, Professr Emergency Medicine Susan Fisher PhD, Professor of Microbiology Richard Saitz MD, Professor Medicine/Epidemiology Bob Stern PhD, Professor Neurology (starting Jan 2013) Jennifer Vasterling, PhD, Professor Psychiatry, VA (Jan 13)

6 procedures FAP meets 1 st Thursday monthly files are due ~ 3 weeks prior to meeting Trang distributes agenda, links to files all committee members can access files Chair reviews ALL files

7 Appointment & Promotions procedures Associate or Professors presented in detail by one assigned committee member, discussed by group Assistant and Instructor approved without discussion unless issues raised Votes are recorded

8 promotions-recent changes 1/1/12 new review procedure All faculty appointments shall be approved by the President and reported to the Corporation – As before, President Brown delegated to the BUMC Provost the approval of: modified titles (Adjunct, Clinical, Emeritus, Visiting) Instructors, Assistant Professors – increased need for internal diligence, adherence to criteria

9 promotions-recent changes reporting to Corporation – new photo coversheet for each appointment – Deans letter summarizes pros and cons for each –transparent, thorough, meaningful information for Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Trustees – biannual distribution of records to AAC, Trustees – annual reporting to AAC and Trustees goal: Improving Faculty Quality

10 titles InstructorAsst ProfessorAssoc ProfessorProfessor entry level- many new hires some new hiresmid-careeradvanced career no reputationlocal reputationnational reputationinternational or widespread national reputation academic potential initial academic accomplishments moving from mentee to mentor extensive mentoring publications +/-some publications solid publications (includes published curricula if educator) extensive publications, mostly senior author presentations +/- some presentations national committees and presentations international presentations, chairing national committees gen no grantsgrants +/-some grants for scientist tracks more grants for scientist tracks

11 other titles Clinical – primarily practice instruction, clinical teaching – May be voluntary (not paid by BU or affiliates) – often preceptors for clinical sites – generally no/little scholarly activity

12 other titles Research – scientists and scholars supported primarily by other facultys grants – working for another PI, NOT an independent PI – generally not involved in medical or graduate student teaching or administration

13 other titles Adjunct – person with primary academic appointment at another institution – may also have other prefixes (Clinical, Research)

14 other titles Emeritus – honor and esteem for past service – intent to continue collegial relationships after retirement – 10 years of service – must be voted by department faculty

15 Reference Letters Rank Total number from non-BU faculty Instructor3 Assistant Professor3 Associate Professor (± Clinical)63 Professor (± Clinical)64

16 letters should focus on qualifications, reputation arms length unbiased opinion of value of contributions NOT from collaborators from respected university or program rank at least as high as promotion sought

17 organization of CV Use BU format-- Remove filler!! Sample items are included to demonstrate the proper format and should be deleted before saving the final CV. Delete sections in which applicant has no entries.

18 organization of CV bibliography – Consistent, and list all authors (no et al) – boldface name – chronological, number items – do not include items that are submitted or under review. – accepted for publication (in press) is ok

19 organization of CV Presentations – organize by date and year, number items – include location and venue as well as title Awards – Provide title of the award and group presenting the award. Assume the reader knows nothing, give details Mentorship – list not only WHO but where they are now

20 Data * 2011 was LCME preparation typelevelAY 2012AY 2011 AY 2010 InitialProfessor511 9 Associate1128 14 Assistant87139 90 Instructor63230 71 TOTAL166*408 184 Promotion Professor821 12 Associate1426 20 Assistant23 20 Instructor10 0 TOTAL46*70 52 Tabled68 Denied8 (3%)5 (1%) 5 (2%) Approved 212471 231 TOTAL226*484 236

21 Details : promotion Assistant Professor since 1/12- all approved years @ rank menteesarticlesprespres intl pres natl grants 3000000 40111000 170114020 2020000 70202120 5030000 2038000 2038000 2052000 3070000 10280000 519420000 4184-1- AVG

22 Details, all Assoc Prof since 1/12 years@ rank menteesarticles pres grants outcome initial 152500approved initial 62512approved 35423175approved 123**1050approved 710+10232approved 84++11011approved 213*0200approved 5016010tabled 5211264denied 801200denied 1147280denied 5152014- * 39 curricula AVG (approved) ** 12 chapters +Associate Ed, Journal ++Many natl committees

23 Details, promotion Professor since 1/12 time @ rank menteesarticles prespres intl pres natl grants outcome 101794144218322 approved 72562127304126 approved 120472011715 approved 9254452007 approved 812396009 approved 71316421150denied 1351618130denied 7205796102816 AVG (approved)

24 Recent denials insufficient publications: average for – Associate ~ 25, range 16-36 – Professor ~ 70, range 39-118 insufficient scope of reputation – regional/national for Associate – national/international for Professor

25 Other issues insufficient grant documentation – amounts, role – should name PI for each grant issues with letters – only from friends, collaborators inappropriate addition of Clinical – only for those without teaching, administrative, or research potential

26 What if promotion is denied? FAP Chair calls or meets with Department chair Discusses reasons for denial – options for faculty for future – provide advice on any insufficient documentation

27 questions?

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