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Starbucks Back to the Basics.

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1 Starbucks Back to the Basics

2 Promotional Strategy What model does Starbucks use?
Push Model Pull Model Current marketing/promotion strategy Analysis of promotion strategy Future marketing recommendations

3 Starbucks Marketing Model
Push Promote to wholesaler Pull Promote directly to consumer Starbucks Utilizes a Pull Strategy

4 Current Marketing/Promotion Strategy
Howard Shultz returns to CEO position Refocusing on the “Third Place”

5 Promotional Mix Advertising Personal Selling Public Relations
Sales Promotion

6 Advertising Starbucks 1.4% of revenue Coke spends 11% of revenue
XM Radio

7 Personal Selling Passionate Baristas
Returning focus to Customers Service Create the Perfect cup of coffee

8 Public Relations Parties Nationwide Coffee Break Public Performances
Big, Juicy Paintings Trump Tower Nationwide Coffee Break Public Performances Charitable Contributions

9 Sales Promotion Holiday Ad Pass the Cheer Short Cups Holiday web site
Viral video’s Sample vans Ads Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and Billboards Short Cups

10 Buyer Readiness Awareness Knowledge Appreciation Preference Conviction

11 Recommendations Advertising Personal Selling Public Relations
Sales Promotion

12 Advertising Increase from 1.4% to 3% by 2009 Radio TV Billboards

13 Personal Selling Baristas must continue to be the very best
Starbucks must create an incentive to retain and reward baristas

14 Public Relations Continue: Change: Green initiatives
Philanthropic endeavors Change: Run promotions in conjunction with contributions

15 Sales Promotion Return of incentive cards Daily coffee break
Tie in with public relations Loyalty program Daily coffee break

16 Back to the Basic’s Best Baristas Best Coffee Best Environment
And a Campaign to attract and retain customers

17 Thank You Mark NewMyer Charles Fox Alex Kelsay Kyle Fuller
Tashina Davis

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