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Metmar Tin Play February 2013. Metmar Tin Portfolio 2 Alphamin Resources (Congo) Metmar holds 9,935,000 shares in Alphamin (+-8.8%) -Alphamin shares in.

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1 Metmar Tin Play February 2013

2 Metmar Tin Portfolio 2 Alphamin Resources (Congo) Metmar holds 9,935,000 shares in Alphamin (+-8.8%) -Alphamin shares in issue-103,444,571 -Options in issue-4,150,000 -Warrants in issue-5,100,000 Kivu Resources (Rwanda) Metmar is a 32.4% shareholder in Kivu Resources Kivu Resources is the controlling shareholder in Gatumba Mining Concessions (GMC), which has exploitation rights to 3 concessions in Rwanda. Somima (Congo) Metmar has an exclusive 3 year tin offtake agreement with Somima

3 Alphamin Resources Bisie Project Location 5 permits covering 1,470 square kilometers MPC has full legal title Tenements 100% owned by MPC AFM recently acquired 100% of MPC Force majeure lifted on PR5266 which contains Bisie deposit 3 Source: Alphamin Resources

4 Alphamin Resources (cont) Bisie Tin Project Discovered in 2004 High grade tin mineralisation Ridge transgresses PR 5266 for more than 9km Mined extensively by artisanal miners to 80m below surface Unique style of mineralisation which includes high grade tin, copper, zinc, lead, silver and rare earth minerals Targeting >500,000 tonnes of tin metal 4 Source: Alphamin Resources

5 Alphamin Resources (cont) Bisie Drilling Results Alphamin recently completed a 2,406m drilling programme (Stage 1) to test the true width and grades of tin mineralisation at both target areas. Best results included: 2.26% Sn from 47.65m including 8.55% Sn 2.21% Sn from 53m including 6.27% Sn 3.15% Sn from 53m & 6.14% Sn from 80m 1.48% Sn from 71m including 5.76% Sn 5 Source: Alphamin Resources

6 Alphamin Resources (cont) 6 Source: Alphamin Resources Bisie Drilling Results Copper and rare earth element (Cerium and Lanthanum) mineralisation is commonly associated with the tin rich zone. Significant results included: 1.01% Cu from 67m including 2.15% Cu 0.77% Cu from 53m including 1.67% Cu 0.1% Ce from 162m Drilling further identified a zone rich in silver, zinc and lead mineralisation. Best results included: 197g/t Ag 14.11% Zn including 18.08% Zn 10.82% Pb

7 Kivu Resources Gatumba Mining Concessions (GMC) Location GMC holds three concessions in Rwanda: -Gatumba South ha (SnO2, Ta2O5-Nb2O5) -Rugendebari-7224 ha (SnO2, Ta2O5-Nb2O5, WO) -Bijyojyo-4348 ha (SnO2, Ta2O5-Nb2O5) 7 Source: GMC

8 Kivu Resources (cont) GMC Exploration Activities Extensive drilling program undertaken during ,860 meters of reverse circulation drilling Primary focus area Gatumba South concession JORC/SAMREC compliant resource on Gatumba South (only one area of Gatumba South concession has been drilled) 8 Source: GMC

9 Kivu Resources (cont) GMC Work Programme GMC recently re-capitalised with USD 7.4 million All creditors settled Plant and Machinery purchased: -Earth moving & drilling -Crushing, screening & gravitation -Ancillary 100 tpm expected in H Source: GMC

10 Somima Somima Location Somima is in the process of applying for 9 concessions encompassing tin, tantalum, tungsten, gold, copper, etc. Mining activity on these concessions dates back to the 1950s Somima recently re-commenced mining activities Somima is iTSCi registered. Await iTSCi export mechanism (bagging operation) Metmar will market Somima's tin globally on an exclusive basis 10 Source: Somima Kivu Province (Alphamin) Maniema Province (Somima) Katanga Province (Manono)

11 Tin Price Evolution Supply and Demand Tin has the lowest annual production of the base metals (+-360,000 tons compared to 20 million tons of aluminum) Global demand is expected to rise to an all time high of 366,000 tons in 2012 & is expected to rise 3-4% in Source: Alphamin Resources

12 World Tin Mine Production Asian countries dominate production, very few developed world tin miners 12 Source: ITRI/Greenfields Research

13 World Tin Mine Production (cont) Asian mining in decline, replaced by developed world production 13 Source: ITRI/Greenfields Research

14 Main Changes in Mine Production Forecast change from 2010 – 2015, tpy 14 Source: ITRI

15 Larger Undeveloped Tin Resources ***No mention of Central African Tin Belt (DRC, Rwanda)*** ***Highest reported grade 2.0% Sn, average 1.2% Sn*** 15 Source: ITRI

16 Consumption, Application & Mining Methods 16 Source: ITRI

17 Why Metmar likes a Central African Tin Play? Lowest cost quartile tin production Subject to final drill results from Alphamin, Bisie expected to be a high grade open pit mining operation Positive demand / supply fundamentals Decreasing yields and grades on existing deposits No major new high grade discoveries LME traded commodity with less investment fund manipulation Smallest volume of base metals traded on LME (380,000 tpa) Demand/Supply fundamentals prominent pricing factor on LME Minimal consumer manipulation Consumer manipulation significantly more difficult as compared to bulk traded commodities (e.g. chrome, manganese, iron ore, etc.) due to Metal Exchange pricing (KLTM and LME) 17

18 Questions? Further information contact: 18 Disclaimer: This presentation contains forward-looking statements about the companys operations and financial conditions. They are based on Metmar Limiteds best estimates and information at the time of writing. They are nonetheless subject to significant uncertainties and contingencies many of which are beyond the control of the company. Unanticipated events will occur and actual future events may differ materially from current expectations due to new business opportunities, changes in priorities by the company or its joint ventures as well as other factors. Any of these factors may materially affect the companys future business activities and its ongoing financial results. Sean Naylor Tel: +27 (0) Tel: +27 (0)

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