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+ Save energy for better things. + + NOTE: Industry expected to grow $400 billion by 2030 The Size of the U.S. Energy Efficiency Market, ACEEE Industry.

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1 + Save energy for better things


3 +


5 + NOTE: Industry expected to grow $400 billion by 2030 The Size of the U.S. Energy Efficiency Market, ACEEE Industry Analysis Total energy investment

6 + Energy Services in Quads Energy Service Demands Energy Supply Since 1970, energy efficiency gains have met 75% on new energy service demands in the U.S. through 2008, while new energy supplies will have contributed only 25% of all new energy service demands. Efficiency Gains VS New Supply 1970-2008 Industry Analysis Industry characteristics


8 + Homeowners Job seekers Business Industry (Hotel Industry) Market Analysis Major customer groups

9 + From 2006, Energy Star rated building increased by 57 in Hawaii & nationwide by 62,427. It is expected to grow 10 times by 2020 In Hawaii there are total of 460,542 units. 56.5% (227,888) - Owner-occupied units 43.5% (175,352) - Renter-occupied units 2007 Energy Bill: $125 million p/year for Green-Job Training Penetrating Markets Homeowners Job seekers Business Industry (Hotel Industry) Market Analysis Primary target customer

10 + Personal Interviews Surveys General Research Market Analysis Market test results

11 + This is a comprehensive project & Home Depot welcomes opportunity to make its customers lives better - Store Manager Showed strong enthusiasm toward our business idea & felt optimistic about potential to build a significant customer base here in the Hawaiian market. Will enable TREE to focus on exploring new opportunities in energy efficiency such as job and certification training Market Analysis Needs & opportunities

12 + Strategy 1 - Find a NICHE Energy Industries AEE Business Industries Boots on the Roof Florida Solar Energy Center Energy Education Institute Job Seekers HECO Energy Star University of Hawaii Homeowners Strategy 2 Strategy 3 - Strategic Partnerships - Key Personnel - Customer Inertia Competitive Analysis

13 + Home owners - Energy efficiency $1000 -1/2 DAY Job-seekers - Solar PV NABCEP - Solar Thermal $1000 – 2 DAYS Businesses - Superior Energy Managers $1000 – 2 DAYS Revenue Stream Pricing Model Design & pricing model


15 + Customer solution Customer costs Customer convenience Communication to customer CONSUMER Product Place Price Promotion Innovation Marketing Marketing strategy

16 + Marketing Social media / PR


18 + - Promotion - Advertising - Public relation - Personal selling - Printed materials (catalogs, brochures, etc.) Marketing Read VS Read & write


20 + Human Resource CORE VALUES

21 + Human Resource APPLICANT ATTRACTION (Job announcement)

22 + Human Resource APPLICANT ATTRACTION (Job announcement)



25 + Human Resource EMPLOYEE SELECTION

26 + Human Resource MANAGEMENT STRUCTURE Team Leader -Contracts -Partnerships SHOTA Team Leader -Contracts -Partnerships SHOTA Fin. Specialist -Finance -Accounting -Reporting RAY Fin. Specialist -Finance -Accounting -Reporting RAY Op. Specialist -Operations -Human Res. EVA Op. Specialist -Operations -Human Res. EVA Marketing -Sales -Website -Company IS BINITA

27 + Human Resource STRATEGY


29 + Management Practices StrategyExecutionCultureStructure Partner ships Mergers Talent

30 Clear communication with customers & associate Continually adjusting it, based on changes in industry Keep focusing on strategy in our every day work Strategy Management Practices (PRIMARY management practice) TREE strategy is based on providing QUALITY education & training to the community ExecutionCultureStructure

31 Team Leader Management, Negotiate contracts & Pursue partnerships IT Specialist Design, Maintain website & Information systems Operation Specialist Set up & Manage day to day Operations & Marketing Finance Specialist Manage Finance, Accounting & Reporting Management Practices (PRIMARY management practice) Execution StrategyCultureStructure

32 TREE culture is characterized as: Management Practices (PRIMARY management practice) Culture StrategyExecutionStructure

33 More effective Simpler communication Minimal bureaucracy Increased flexibility to cope with change Improved customer relations mgmt. (more personal contacts & quicker decision-making) Allows decision making authority to frontline mgrs. Specialization & segregation of duties BENEFITS Flat executive mgmt. team Centralized franchise model Single franchise Master regional franchise ORGANIZATION Mark. Specialist -Sales -Company IS Op. Specialist -Operations -HR operation Fin. Specialist -Finance -Accounting -Reporting Team Leader -Management -Contracts -Partnerships Structure Management Practices (PRIMARY management practice) StrategyExecutionCulture

34 Management Practices (SECONDARY management practice) Partner ships Talent Mergers

35 Partner ships Management Practices (SECONDARY management practice) Talent Mergers &


37 Operations (Stage of Development) Sign office lease Hire Trainers Set-up training materials &test Arrange payment system OPEN FOR BUSINESS Negotiate sales orders Process customers orders Deliver serviceIssue Invoices Implement advertising & promotions

38 Operations (Business model) Cost Structure FINANCE Revenue Stream INFRASTRUCTURE - Core Capabilities - Partnership alliance - Value Configuration OFFER - Value Proposition CUSTOMER - CRM Customer Relation Management - Target Customer TREEBUSINESS MODEL

39 Operations (Evaluation & Control / Risk ) Low cost rivals New entrants Imitators Develop sustainable competitive advantage through SE, follow path of efficient exploration or exploitation – depending on situation Innovate, become more market-focused, establish relationship with key customers, create superior customer value, look for new market space Increase differentiation by using combination tactics, offer more benefits, overtime restructure company to reduce price Financial Statement Number of Customers Number of Trainings Return on Investment (ROI)

40 Operations (Production process)

41 TASKS COMPLETED Developed Business Idea/Concept Developed Startup Cost Plan Obtained commitment from members $12,500 each Developed TREE website Developed tentative organizational chart Assigned responsibilities to members Conducted Market Analysis Talked to First Potential Instructor/Trainer (Dr. Stephen Allen) Researched on possible Banks Loans and their rates Attended Entrepreneurial Seminars Developed Strategies for Service, Marketing, HR, Operations, Financing, Management Operations (Tasks completed)

42 FUTURE TASKS Develop and Finalize Agreement with Dr. Allen Implement TREE website Hire new employees Get commitments from potential consultants Get commitments from potential costumers Talk to possible partners to advertise and market our service Complete paperwork for Grants and Small Business Loans Seek contract from government Operations (Future tasks)

43 Operations (Timeline)


45 Operating Costs (Monthly) Year 1Year 2 Rent$1,200$1,248$1,298 Utilities200$208$216 Telephone and Internet150$156$162 Office Supplies100$104$108 Insurance, Liability100$104$108 Marketing Expenses500$520$541 Accountant - Monthly Retainer300$312$324 Classroom Rental1,800$1,872$1,947 Instructors - Payroll22,400$23,296$24,228 Payroll Taxes & Fringe6,720$6,989$7,268 Variable Training Costs7,08311,00012,000 Owner Withdrawals0$4,000$4,400 Monthly Loan Payment4,055$4,055 Total Operating Costs$44,609$53,864$56,656 Startup Costs (One-time) Office Furniture$6,000 Computer Equipment10,500 Marketing Expense10,000 Office Supplies Stationary2,500 Registration Fees/Legal3,500 Demo Solar Equipment7,500 Total Startup Costs$40,000


47 TREE Academy Balance Sheet AssetsYr 1Yr 2Yr 3 Cash$63,062$88,859$141,148 Furniture and Equipment$24,000 Accumulated Depreciation-$24,000 Total Assets$63,062$88,859$141,148 Liabilities Loan from Bank$120,000$90,000$60,000 Equity Shareholder Contribution$50,000 Shareholder Withdrawal$0-$48,000-$52,800 Retained Earnings-$106,938-$3,141$83,948 Total Equity-$56,938-$1,141$81,148 Total Liabilities and Equity $63,062$88,859$141,148




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