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UN MAIN ORGAN UN Programs and Funds UN Specialized Agencies.

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3 UN MAIN ORGAN UN Programs and Funds UN Specialized Agencies

4 These are Inter-Governmental Organisations They are autonomous organisations They have their own membership executive bodies secretaries budget They provide assistance in the field of education social economy culture

5 Let us learn following aspects of these Specialised Agencies & Organisations: What:Introduction Name and abbreviation History Date of establishment Why:Aims How:Activities Who:Administration General body or Conference Executive board or Governing Council Where:Headquarter

6 Introduction: Established in 1919, associated with League of Nations First SA to be associated with UN in 1946 Aims and Activities: Promotes Social Justice for working people Formulates IN programs to improve conditions of labor class Creates IN labor standards for member countries IN Program of Elimination of Child Labor (IPEC) ILO was awarded Nobel Peace Prize on 1969 on 15 th anvsry. Administration: Governing Council: 28 members 14 from workers and 14 from employers Headquarter: Geneva (Switzerland)

7 Introduction: Established on 16 October 1945 (World Food Day) It is agency of UNO for rural development Aims and Activities: Rural development Eliminate hunger Raise level of nutrition and standard of living Improve production, processing, marketing and distribution of food Global Information and Early Warning System Food Security Assistance Scheme Tele food Campaign: by celebrities for public awareness Administration: General conference: 191 members, meet every alternate year Governing Council: 49 members Headquarter: Rome (Italy)

8 Introduction: Constituted in London in 1945 Established on 4 November 1946. Aims and Activities: World peace and security through education, science & culture Basic education for all including women and girls Improve standard of basic education and teachers effectiveness Studies on tensions, racism, human rights, problems of youth Safeguard cultural heritage (630 cultural sites in 118 countries) Promote flow of ideas and freedom of press Maintains 196 national commissions and 5000 associations Administration: General Conference: 193 members, meet biennially Executive Board: 58 members, meet twice a year Headquarter: Rome (Italy)

9 Introduction: Set up in April 1948 Aims and Activities: Attainment of highest possible level of Health by all people Reduce mortality, morbidity and disability in poor population Help to develop infrastructure, provision of essential drugs Research on nutrition, child care, mental health, accident prevention Guidelines for drinking water quality and safety Combat polio, diarrhea, measles, AIDS in c/o WB and UNDP World Cancer Day: 4 Feb (84 m people will die of cancer 06-15) Celebrates days for: Diabetes, TB, Blood donor, Health etc. Administration: World Health Assembly: 193 members, meet every year Executive Board: 34 members Headquarter: Geneva … 6 branches in Congo, USA, Egypt, Denmark, India, Philippines

10 Introduction: The World Bank is a group of five institutions: International Bank for Reconstruction & Development (IBRD) International Finance Corporation (IFC) International Development Association (IDA) Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) The group involves staff of about 10,000 from 160 countries Aims and Activities: Reduce poverty around the world Strengthen the economy of poor nations Promote economic growth Implement Millennium Development Goals Headquarter: Washington DC (US)

11 Established in 1945 Aims to reduce poverty Providing Finance Advisory Promotion of private foreign investment Growth of IN trade Providing loan to poor and middle income Nations for Agriculture Rural development Education Health Family planning Nutrition Roads Railways

12 Established in 1960 Aims to provide loan at the easiest terms Provided 181 billion interest free loan to 82 poorest nations Provided home to 2.5 billion people 50% share goes to Africa

13 Established in 1956 It has a separate fund from the WB Finance for private trade Investments in following trade Mining Energy tourism agriculture manufacturing trade

14 Established in 1988 Autonomous body from WB Provides advisory and consulting to developing countries for private investments long term political risk Insurance against war, poverty, civil matters

15 Autonomous Organisation Ratified by 144 countries Chaired by the president of the WB Settlement of financial disputes between Governments and private foreign investors

16 Introduction: Established in 1945 Aims and Activities: Promotes IN monetary cooperation Expansion of trade, employment and economic growth Finance the member countries Technical assistance to improve economic management Manage foreign exchange Administration: General Conference: 186 members represented by a governor, meet annually. Voting power of a member is related to its contribution to the IMFs financial resources Executive Board: 24 Ex. Directors, chaired by Mg. Director Headquarter: Washington DC (US)

17 Introduction: Established in 1944 Aims and Activities: Safe & orderly growth of civil aviation Development of airways, airports, navigation Encourage the art of aircraft design and operation Ensure safe, peaceful, regular and economical air transport Help developing countries to establish or improve aviation 6 Strategic Objectives of ICAO for 2005-2010 SafetySecurityEnvironment EfficiencyContinuityRule of Law Administration: General Assembly: 188 member, meet at least once in 3 years Council: 36 members Headquarter: Montreal (Canada)

18 Introduction: Founded in 1874 by the Berne Treaty Adopted as SA of UN in 1948 Aims and Activities: Regulates IN postal services Advisory, mediation and technical assistance for IN postals It is the largest and densest communication network globally Administration: Universal Postal Congress: 191 members, meet in every 5 years Executive Council: 41 members, meet annually Headquarter: Berne (Switzerland)

19 Introduction: Founded in 1865 in Paris as IN Telegraph Union (ITU) Present name in 1934 and adopted as SA on UN in 1947 Aims and Activities: Coordinates between Govt. and Pvt. Sector for global telecommunication (TC) networks and services Improvement, efficiency and rational use of TC Regulating & planning TC and space communication Making availability of following TC services to all members RadioTelephoneTelegraph TVSpace comm.Aeronautical comm. Administration: Plenipotentiary Conference : 191 member, 750 sector members meet once in every 4 years Governing council: 46 members, meet annually Headquarter: Geneva (Switzerland)

20 Introduction: Founded in 1950 Adopted as SA on UN in 1951 Aims and Activities: Establish meteorological and hydrological observation networks Run World Climate Program Help save life and destruction by forecasting of climate Concerned with ozone depletion, global warming, water resources Run programs related to WeatherClimate Atmospheric scienceApplied meteorology Administration: World Meteorological Congress: 189 members (heads of meteorological offices) Executive Council: 37 members, meet annually Headquarter: Geneva (Switzerland)

21 Introduction: Proposed in 1948 at UN maritime convention in Geneva Established in 1958, began functioning in 1959 Aims and Activities: Cooperation and exchange of information related to shipping Technical assistance on shipping for IN trade Ensure maritime safety, efficiency of navigation Prevention and control of maritime pollution Administration: General assembly: 167 members, 300 IN staff, meet every 2 yrs Executive Council: 40 members, meet biennially Headquarter: London (UK)

22 Introduction: Established in 1970 As a SA from 1974 Aims and Activities: Protection of Intellectual Property (IP) Administrative cooperation among the Unions to protect IP Principal unions are: The Paris Union for protection of Industrial property Involve: Inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, appellations of origin The Berne Union for protection of literary and artistic work Involve: literary, musical, artistic, photographic and AV work Administers 23 In treaties (16 IP, 6 Copyright) Administration: Conference: All members of UN Headquarter: Geneva (Switzerland)

23 Introduction: Proposed in 1974 in World Food Conference Established in 1977 Aims and Activities: Combat hunger and rural poverty in developing countries Mobilize resources in developing nations to improve food production End chronic hunger and malnutrition in rural Asia, Africa and L America Administration: Governing Council: 165 member states Executive board: 18 members Headquarter: Rome (Italy)

24 Introduction: Established in 1966 by the General Assembly became SA in 1985 Aims and Activities: Promote industrial development Help developing nation for industrial policies, establish new industries Staff: economists, engineers, technology & environment experts Five priorities: 1.Strengthen capacity of a nation to develop human resources 2.Encourage nations to be more competent in industry 3.Promote industrial cooperation among nations 4.Develop and promote private sector, small scale industry 5.Industrial development that will not harm ecology Administration: General Conference Industrial Development Board: 53 members Program and Budget Committee: 27 members Headquarter: Vienna (Austria)

25 International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) World Trade Organisation (WTO)

26 Introduction: Autonomous intergovernmental organisation, established in 1957 Aims and Activities: Guiding principle: ATOMS for PEACE Contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity Sets-up standards for nuclear safety and environment protection Provides technical help to govts. for atomic energy programs Regulates radioactive material transport Operates IN Centre for theoretical Physics Works with FAO for research on atomic energy in food & agriculture Works with WHO for research on atomic energy in Health Administration: General Conference: 151 members, meet annually Board of Governors: 35 Program and Budget Committee: 27 members Headquarter: Vienna (Austria)

27 Introduction: Estd. in 1995, replaced General Agreement on Tariff & Trade It is a full fledged organisation Setup as per the Final Act of the Uruguay Round of Trade Negotiation Aims and Activities: The Final Act which was signed at a ministerial conference at Marrakesh in Morocco in April 1994 contains 28 agreements on world trading relations. WTO administers these agreements on world trading relations. WTO administers these agreements. It is watchdog of IN Trade Settles the disputes of Trade between nations Follows the principle of nondiscrimination between trading partners, equal treatments for imports & domestic goods in IN market Administration: 153 members; all 128 members of GATT are the members of WTO Ministerial conference: meets every 2 years Headquarter: Geneva (Switzerland)



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