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Welcome to Little Kingdom Gurukul We extend a warm welcome to the Little Kingdom Gurukul – the 3 rd Gift from us for our beloved ones; the first being.

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3 Welcome to Little Kingdom Gurukul We extend a warm welcome to the Little Kingdom Gurukul – the 3 rd Gift from us for our beloved ones; the first being Little Kingdom that gives the basic manifestations; the second being the St. Judes Global School that provides the transformation and the 3 rd being the Gurukul that helps them to transcend – as part of our mission to go beyond schooling, as envisaged in our Vision. It is not on our merits, but on His Grace alone we move. As you know 12 years back in the humble settings of the playschool, we never thought we will have a CBSE school of this credibility. It was beyond our thoughts by any possibility. But as we submitted wholly to Him, every dream came true as answers - to our prayers of genuine needs of our loving children; to our concerns we share as parents; and to our devotions to Him. As we share this profound happiness, satisfaction and gratitude with our children, we believe this is the best thing they could learn from our school - the live examples of divine interventions happening every day - as our Daily Bread. We acknowledge, it is all His great plans that we all have joined hands and … No wonder why we see the special grace on their faces. We see them engrained with great lifes purposes as loving human beings and good model citizens, with divine wisdom, global influence and cosmic powers to change the world around them. Going Beyond Schooling is our key mission and we have very clear plans for achieving a series of finest goals as their true life-time guardian. We will be happy to discuss with you our exciting plans, the challenges associated and the many ways you can help us to make their dreams come true. We look forward to receiving your continued whole-hearted support to help us to do, everything they deserve. Be happy, we are with your children as their lifetime guardians. We mean it. Warm Regards, Sneha & Sajen.

4 YOUR CHILD IS UNIQUE, SO HOW CAN WE BE DIFFERENT What makes our school dynamically unique is that it is run the way you would do for your own child. That is why, you consider St. Judes Global School as the best school for your child. We believe, what is tougher than becoming the best is to continue to be the best in this highly competitive world. This warrants us to show unique dynamism in understanding the developmental requirements with ever changing local to global scenarios; the growing needs of the child, the mounting parental expectations and using our best resources to ensure a successful students life and beyond. This aggressiveness we maintain to continue to be the best in the region has brought several programmes and initiatives that are unique all through these years. The latest among them is the Little Kingdom Gurukul to help us to go beyond schooling and beyond expectations. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit ~ Aristotle ~

5 Going Beyond Schooling As parents, most of us are worried whether our children will be able to cope with the growing academic needs and the various challenges cropping out around them. We become more anxious when we realise that due to many inherent limitations, what we do for them at home or school might not be adequate. We are afraid how these inadequacies and undue pressures from outside and within would conspire robbing our children of their childhoods and a successful future. The way the researches are now going, focuses more on improving the evaluation and assessment systems. Nothing is much happening to improve the individual learning needs of children. There must be a grass root change the way we provide the education and assist our children for wholesome development through supplementary or better alternatives and choices. Many parents working in the field of education have been sharing their ideas and urged us to go beyond the common schooling approach that would encourage learning based on their natural skills, positive wholesome changes, strong habits, good values etc. that are essential to ensure a successful students life and beyond. Habits change into character. - Ovid

6 Little Kingdom Gurukul is the expression of our wish to answer the questions raised, by presenting a positive message that enables our children to find their own solutions to their own situations. We believe this would help to create critical thinkers, problem solvers, innovators, and affect positive changes within oneself and our society. We have been exploring the possibilities based on various innovative researches and we have successfully introduced some key brain friendly learning systems based on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and MI (multiple intelligence) approaches and memory techniques. We have been keen to equally explore the past, the history of education especially the Gurukul system where great sages and scholars imparted education to children who had to stay at the Gurus residence right from early ages of their lives. In this quest we got valuable insights to help our children gain a larger global view, increase their self-esteem and navigate on their own ways to achieve greater success than their peers in more conventional settings. There are good reasons, why the Kings of the past sent their princes to Gurukul instead of providing education in their own royal premises. Learning from the past, present and future

7 In this highly demanding and competitive environment, every single day of a students life is truly hard going, both on his mind and body. Several surveys report that almost all students lead a stressed, anxious and tensed life, for obvious reasons like huge contents to learn, deadlines for homeworks and projects, approaching exams and so on. When they are not able to do what they want, they get depressed affecting their academic performance significantly. Close dialogues with students have revealed their strong desire to be better achievers and their frustrations within, for failing to meet their teachers and parental expectations. To understand the causes that lead to this, we have conducted questionnaire surveys and interviews including parents to know about the gaps and obstacles our children face. These have pointed out serious lack of a truly disciplined life, which is very much important to be successful. All successful and famous people are those who knew too well how important it is to stick to habits right from the early stages of their life. THARA – THE BACKGROUND It is high time to ask for yourself Are the habits and routines followed by your child, truly ensure a disciplined life. Are they adequate and convincing for achieving his lifes goals and your dreams? Good Habits and Routines are an essential part of life to reach their specific goals, stay focused along the way and keep on pushing when the going gets tougher in the years to come.

8 It is a fact there are a hundred similar conversations we do with ourselves - to do or not to do - in our everyday life. So this is the case with our children too. If you see our children is struggling with their day to day needs or failing to practice good habits and routines that are required to ensure a successful life, fear no more. Here is the star of hope, THARA which has been scientifically designed and practically balanced to exclusively suit your child and childs needs. THARA can change your childs habits, routines and lifestyle into a good one, helping them to be well on their way to become a changed responsible individual. The secret need applies to, we parents too. When starting or breaking a habit, we tend to tell our conscious mind, I am going to start my habit of doing, say example daily exercise. Immediately our conscious mind kicks in and says, Exercising daily?, and then it starts to think of all the situations it likes to be in, during the planned time of our exercise – getting a nap, watching TV, being on internet or chatting with loved ones. This is because our brain can only think about the feelings - lack of instead of the benefits of. It cant really think as clearly about the benefits, because it hasnt felt the benefits or had the benefits of doing daily exercise, while it only knows about the comforts of not doing it. So there will be a battle between our two sides of our conscious mind. THARA - THE SECRET NEED.

9 Say you want to create a new habit, whether it's for having daily studies, taking more exercise, eating more healthily or writing your personal diary every day, how often does it need to be performed before it no longer requires a Herculean self-control? The good news is that there are proven guidelines that you can have your most sought after behaviours become automatic? Research shows that it takes 21 - 28 days to develop a habit. "Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the world renowned expert in Psycho- Cybernetics through his extensive research found that it took minimum 21 days to adjust to any major life changes or to create a new habit. Brain circuits take engrams (memory traces) and produce neuroconnections and neuropathways, if they are bombarded for not less than 21 days in a row. Once completed, the conscious mind will be fully aware about the benefits and leaves no option or choice of stopping it, as the neural pathways have formed already and your child will continue with his new habits and routines. THARA is the essence of global research findings, finely adapted and conceptualized, designed and developed based on extensive studies and deliberations with experts in the field by the people, to whom you have entrusted your children for a successful education, career and life. THARA – THE 28 DAYS CHALLENGE


11 THARA Programme is a full time residential training programme exclusively for developing good habits, fine routines and best practices among our children that are essential for a successful students life. THARA PROGRAMME The programme will be carried out in batches of 24 students each for total 28 days in one stretch - 21 days at Little Kingdom Gurukul and 7 days at their own homes. The first batch is designed for selected senior students, which starts on Sunday, 14 th October 2012 and ends on Saturday, 03 rd November 2012. The fees payable for the whole programme including stay, food, course materials, games and entertainments, special training sessions, movie, picnic, certificates of achievements, parents eve and feast etc. is Rs.8500/- (Rupees Eight thousand and five hundred only)

12 Apart from the target habits and routines development programme, there will be special training sessions on important aspects like: Learning Style Assessment and Advices Effective Study habits for Effecting Learning Top Tips for building Self Confidence Memory Techniques Practical Brain-friendly learning Top Ways to Improve Your Intelligence Dealing distractions and depressions Managing Exam Stress Developing Positive Attitude Body language analysis Green Living Taking Our Children a Great Step Closer to a Successful Life Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character.

13 Calm serene, safe and secured premises Brand new purpose built training and hostel facility Separate dormitories for girls and boys Four [4] big dormitories, study halls, and bathrooms Bedrooms with attached bath Large study hall, mess hall and spacious sit outs Student -friendly indoor and outdoor learning areas Smart Classrooms Library and reading room Large indoor sports and games facility High speed WiFi Broadband Internet Online library Full time Resident Teachers, Nurse and Doctors on call Online schooling / Tutoring Expert classes by retired hands Individual care and attention Home theatre, TV and other audio-visual presentation equipment 24 x 7 mentoring, monitoring and assistance E-Services for parents ….and many more to learn while you visit.

14 SUPER REWARDS, GIFTS AND SURPRISES Free Entry to Four (4) Exclusive Training Programmes One day Free Stay One Free Picnic Trip One Free Movie Pass One Day Free Hostel Stay Coupon Surprise Gifts One Free Diary Purchase Coupon One Free Designer Time Table Purchase Coupon Certification of Participation Entry Pass to Parents Eve & Feast (2 Adults)

15 Thalappady Jn, Nearby St. Judes Global School Puthuppally PO., Kottayam - 686011 Telephone: 3232464 Mobile : 9447283597 Email: Website: For more info, please contact Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones- Benjamin Franklin

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