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OVERVIEW AND PLAN 2014 THE FUTURE OF SPEECH. A NEW PLACE - A CONVERSATION SPACE Conversation Spaces are new app and Web spaces for spoken phrases, organized.

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2 A NEW PLACE - A CONVERSATION SPACE Conversation Spaces are new app and Web spaces for spoken phrases, organized in conversational contexts. Users can create personalized Conversation Spaces by merging their own recorded voices or video messages with images and background music. They are meant to be shared.

3 CORE SPEECH TECHNOLOGIES 1.Conversation space models prompts the user to speak, stimulating spoken communication, in an interactive video format. 2.Lyrics with music: the ideal English Language learning medium. 3.In a conversation space, speech is read, heard and spoken all at once. 4.CS develops vocal strength and confidence in expression by repetition, rehearsal, in a person-to- person context. Speech is learned by repeating phrases in rhythm with music, in synch with a model. 5.Our responsive software engine can provide feedback in two forms, conversation or correction. 6.Speech presentations have a focus on articulation, with closeups showing movement of mouth lips and tongue icons marking placement of mouth, lips and tongue 7.Communication is enhanced as users develop a better voice impression. 8.Conversations also enhance reading, as text is read, heard and spoken all at once. 9.Opportunities for user creation of spaces for language expression and experience. 10.Spaces techniques can be harnessed by corporate and other sponsors to deliver messages and content containing special vocabularies, information and opinion.

4 WHAT PROBLEM DOES IT SOLVE? It is a problem that some peoples phone speech is really hard to understand. They present a voice impression to the listener that is less than favorable. Did you have a problem reading that? Now think about voices over the phone. It is a problem that some peoples phone speech is really hard to understand. They present a bad voice impression to the listener. Because of difficulties of learning and speaking English, regional speech differences and local dialects, made worse by audio problems, telephone speakers need help!

5 WHO IS THIS FOR? There are 5 billion people on earth who want to speak English but cannot. These people are now gaining access to cellphones creating a worldwide explosion of telephone speech. English speakers who wish to improve their ability to formulate thoughts into words and to communicate more fluently. Companies having a stake in a good performance of a speech recognition system. And others wanting to improve the performance of their speech recognizers. Right now, phrases from rock lyrics, rap music and American movies are becoming more integrated into our everyday English language, now spoken all over the world. CS finds a sweet spot at the center of these dimensions of speech.

6 COMPANY PROFILE : EXPERIENCE Can you say 'Conversation engine'? Our company, Voice Learning Systems, was the first to the speech I/O market on the Apple in 1985 with the Chatterbox Voice Library. Since then, new software algorithms and conversation engines developed over many years have been commercially released into several product iterations, such as the Hummingbird Speech Method. Proven by Research and Experience: All assets have been proven in actual classroom use, documented by videos and research results.

7 COMPANY PROFILE: ASSETS Tangible Assets: License to Hummingbird Method and patented audiovideo and script contents. Designs of Voice I/O Software and Code C++ Software Source codes run on current hardware platforms Extensive designs, scripts, and recordings of content from Voice Learning Systems / Hummingbird. Professional recorded custom video and music tracks The company is in first-round funding, has no debt, and is owned by Sidney Sheres and family members. Sidney has just returned to voice i/o after a dozen years in aerospace information technology with The Boeing Company.

8 WHATS A CONVERSATION SPACE? A conversational space is the spoken expression of someone - that may also become part of an interchange with one or more other voices. Responses are elicited by various pre-produced audiovideo sequences. User response recognition is optional but supported, whereby the models responses become more reactive. Exercise of the speaking experience is a key reason for people to be in the spaces. Think of it like speech aerobics. Speaking in sync with the models provides with practice, specifically, active elicted repetition. Once the basic mechanics of speech and the content of the phrases are learned, attention can be paid to speech tone, style, pacing, and pitch. Their voice impression will be greatly enhanced, and of course their speech will be even more effective in person.

9 VLS SPEECH MARKET COMPETENCIES Voice Learning Systems can provide content to solve almost all speech and language problems, proven by research. VLS can deliver this content via many delivery modes, such as Skype, smartphone, interactive web video, and speech i/o apps. We also have the expertise to evaluate speech by machine or by person. We can offer analysis services to individuals or companies and deliver prescriptive conversational content to remediate individual speech deficiencies.

10 MARKETS OPEN - NOT SATURATED CS can have appeal, penetration, and success in several sub markets:. Conversation SpaceContent DescriptionUser Community Community motivation and payoff Mantra Yoga and Other Spiritual songs and chants, mantras Yoga students and teachers Share sacred text in their community. Interplay Library of English phrases Students of English worldwide, can be broken into nations. Gain prestige and advantage with better speech. Prayer Prayers of any type, created, made public or private All religious communities can use this. Enhance devotion an sharing of sacred prayers and music. Admiration Thoughts and feelings about another person. Social networks Communicate, improve social participation Affirmation Thoughts and feelings about oneself. Social networks Enhance self worth and self esteem. LyricSong lyrics, phrases or poetry.Reading literacy Literary and music consumers. Express thoughts and feelings through song lyrics or verbal poetries. Contact: Sidney Sheres 310 936-1589

11 PARTNERS AND PARENTS Potential Partners and synchronies include telephone companies, international television networks, language software vendors, and social networks. Conversation Spaces can have appeal, penetration, and success in several sub markets, with the segment success rate to be determined.

12 REVENUE SOURCES FROM SPEECH CONTENT Selling Ads Banner Ads over users conversation content Assumes users are viewing and sharing content, and that the site has many page views. Selling services Speech evaluation / personal and corporate speech training Custom phrase library development Selling memberships Access to Libraries, speech practice content, other speakers Selling products Mobile apps Speech handbooks Songs by Voices of Space Hummingbird Contents

13 CS COMMUNITY OF SPEAKERS Speech LevelContent Level 1 Rehearsal of key phrases Demographic Entry-level English speakersAll Ages All regions Young native English speakers Children 4-12 Level 2 Validation of spoken phrases Demographic Advanced English Speakers All Ages All regions Level 3 Qualified to have live interplay, join social network. Demographic Everyone who can qualify at Level 2 All Ages All regions

14 THE WAY FORWARD: TECHNOLOGIES Adopt Standard Interfaces: Many other web systems have APIs (common code foundations) that could be leveraged to provide a ready-to-wear foundation for CS speech content. Adopt Standard Speech APIs We can integrate our speech technologies into existing systems, such as Instagram. Develop proprietary technologies

15 THE WAY FORWARD: BUS DEVELOPMENT Growing the business: $200,000 Full forward development will need funding for office space, and 3 employees: (CEO, PM, and contract programmer) for each of the next two years (2014, 2015) Achieving synergies: $200,000 A small team of business development professionals is needed to develop and consummate strategic partnerships for 2014, 2015. Contact: Sidney Sheres 310 936-1589

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