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Madinah and Bab short summer courses 2012 NASIMCO Orientation Seminar 27th June 2012 at 8pm EST.

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1 Madinah and Bab short summer courses 2012 NASIMCO Orientation Seminar 27th June 2012 at 8pm EST

2 Housekeeping

3 Agenda The Madinah / Bab Team Aims of the Course Logistics Preparation/What to Pack What to Expect The Course Schedule What We Expect from You (Rules and Regulations) Recommended Reading Your Questions

4 The Madinah and Bab Team The Madinah and Bab courses are organised by The World Federation in conjunction with NASIMCO and the other regional bodies The team is headed by Shaykh Abbas Ismail, who is the manager at the Islamic Education department of The World Federation Whilst in Iran the camp will be lead by Shaykh Komail Rajani, who will be responsible for the day to day running of the course Shaykh Komail will be supported by a number of volunteers from Qum and mentors from North America, Europe and Africa Your local contacts at the NASIMCO Secretariat are Sr Saajida Rhemtulla and Sr Salma Ceizar

5 The Madinah and Bab Team: The Mentors This year, we have 10 mentors. The role of a mentor is: To assist in the spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and mental wellbeing of the course participants Mentors will be in Iran when participants arrive

6 The Aim of the Courses The aims and objectives of the Madinah and Bab courses are: 1. To achieve an understanding of Islamic principles 2. To progress in ones proximity to Allah 3. To perform the Ziyarat and seek familiarisation with the life and personality of the 8th Imam and H. Masuma 4. To understand and enhance ones spirituality

7 The Aim of the Courses Cont. 5. To network and appreciate Shias of different cultures and locations; 6. To be able to spend time in reflection and seeking solutions to ones own issues; 7. To understand the lives of the Ulama and the concept of spiritual leadership; 8. To be able to appreciate Islamic culture, history and heritage; 9. To take part in a unique and fun experience

8 Logistics

9 Flight Details NASIMCO participants will be flying on KLM from and to Pearson International Airport in Toronto 14 JULY: 23:05 Departure from Toronto 15 JULY: 23:10 Arrival in Iran (3hr 20min stopover in Amsterdam) 6 AUGUST: 01:55 Departure from Iran 6 AUGUST: 11:35 Arrival in Toronto (4hr 15min stopover in Amsterdam)

10 Flights Cont. Please arrive PUNCTUALLY at the airport by 19:15 Incoming flights from US or other parts of Canada must land in Toronto no later than 2pm on July 14th

11 Stay with the group Your responsibility to inform the group if you need to step away and to get on your connecting flight Stopover

12 Paired with one or more buddies. At least one person should know your whereabouts at all times Make sure you look out for your buddies and that you stay together Buddy Scheme

13 Allowance: One 23kg Bag Please pack light as you will have to carry your own luggage! Luggage

14 Depending on when we receive the visas we will bring the passports to the airport US Visas – trying our best but unfortunately, the situation does not look very hopeful Visas

15 You will receive your e-tickets via email. Print and bring to the airport E-Tickets

16 Recommended: Hep A Hep B Typhoid Dukoral - Oral Vaccinations

17 Notarized Consent Forms Waiver Forms Under 18s

18 Emergency Contact Numbers

19 How to stay in contact Daily newswires to be emailed and published on the WF and NASIMCO websites Time allocated in the timetable for participants to make phone calls/send emails There are limited telephone/internet facilities available in Iran

20 Medication Money Food Islamic Dress Snacks Other Preparation / What to Pack

21 What to Expect A jam packed three weeks Performing various ziyarats Meeting learned scholars Lessons on different Islamic topics Cultural activities – such as sports, mountain climbing, excursions etc.

22 Course Schedule Tentative and subject to change Majority of time will be spent in Qum 4 days in Mashad during the last week One day in Tehran

23 What we expect from you

24 Rules and Regulations We expect participants to act in a mature and responsible manner to ensure that they receive maximum benefit from the course Attendance and keen participation in all of the programs, including proper note-taking in class, is compulsory Students must cooperate fully as part of a group rather than following their own agendas Students must be punctual to all of the programs. Please note that if a student has a genuine reason to be late or absent from any of the programs, he or she must inform one of the organisers about this Proper Islamic behaviour must be observed at all times Smoking is not permitted for any participant under the age of 16. For the older participants who already smoke, they will only be allowed to smoke in designated areas and only with the permission of the organisers

25 Rules and Regulations Cont. Mobile phones and hand-held games are not permitted A student may leave the premises only after having gained permission from one of the organisers Lights out will be 11pm and must be observed Disciplinary action that the organisers of the courses can take in the event of a breach of the rules and regulations (not necessarily in order): Verbal warning Written warning, with notification to and consultation with the WF and/or the parents of the student Penalisation (to be imposed at the discretion of the organisers) Exclusion

26 Dress code The organisers will not be held responsible for any incidents resulting from a breach of this dress code, any of the rules and regulations as well as the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran or the rules and regulations laid down by the Shariah. Outside the Accommodation: Boys Students must not wear jeans, short sleeved t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms, or other types of clothing that are inappropriate for such a course, bearing in mind the culture of the area and the places and people that will be visited. Long sleeves must be worn throughout the course, except during sports. Students must not wear any tight-fitted clothing Girls Students must observe full hijab including non-transparent socks and hand-sleeves where necessary. They should not wear make-up or apply perfume. Girls will be given an Iranian chador when they arrive - this is an open chador and hence, they will be required to wear a normal chadar underneath. Students must not wear any tight-fitted clothing

27 Dress code Inside the accommodation Boys Short sleeved t-shirts are permitted inside the bedrooms and bathrooms. Shorts are not permitted. Short sleeves and jeans are not permitted anywhere outside the bedrooms and bathrooms. Girls Full hijaab will not need to be observed. However, girls must abstain from wearing sleeveless tops and shorts.

28 What we expect from you In essence: We would like you to show a willingness to learn, abide by the rules and regulations/dress code and act according to Islamic teachings

29 Recommended Reading

30 Ziyarats/Personal Dua Books Please bring your own personal dua books The student handbook – a printed copy of this book will be given to you on your arrival in Iran

31 Recommended Reading Imam Rezas Pilgrimage compiled by Ali Peiravi Lady Fatima Masuma (AS) of Qum by Masuma Jaffer History Behind Masjid Jamkaran translated by Saleem Bhimji

32 Your Questions

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