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Introduction Introduction King Abdulaziz university ha always been employing all efforts possible in order to ensure the success of its student that.

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3 Introduction Introduction King Abdulaziz university ha always been employing all efforts possible in order to ensure the success of its student that implies the success of the university as a whole. In this respect, the joint supervision program strive to cater for the need of some qualified university female lecturers and teaching assistant,

4 competitive at an international level, who cannot peruse their studies abroad due to their social or familial constraints. Thus the role of such a program is to help them achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions addressed at carrying on their research without compromising academic quality..

5 To provide KAU female demonstrators and lecturers, who are hindered by some social constraints, with opportunities to pursue their postgraduate studies leading to a degree of Doctorate of philosophy without having to leave the country. Enrich the students knowledge or novel scientific discoveries and remarkable new findings. Strengthen academic ties between KAU and other internationally recognized universities with outstanding role in scientific progress. Supply KAU with more highly qualified female Saudi faculty members so as to have an accredited university.


7 Relationship Relationship (External) University Local and External Supervisors


9 The permanent Committee of higher education for JSP It issues recommendations for extensions of study period, transferring to other universities, request or changing the external supervisors It examines and evaluates the reports presented by the supervisors on their students progress.

10 It confirms that the proposed research relates to the required area of especially in the department. It evaluates the candidates PhD degree research proposal


12 Advisory team Advisory team The programs candidates perform their research work under the supervision of two staff members (local and external), who have been designated and mutually approved by both participating universities and assumed to fulfill the supervision obligations

13 Supervisors Local (Collaborative) Principles

14 Provides guidance, advice, and support to student in the following areas: Planning the research project. Finding literature and sources. Providing research techniques. Maintains contact with student and schedule regular meetings and agreeing with her on means of communication by e-mail, telephone or media conferencing as a substitute for regular face-to-face meetings. provides timetable of objectives and work to be met in the different phases of study, these plans should be written and sent to the local supervisor and general supervisor of JSP. Requests written draft of the work and provides critical feedback. Informs the student of the inadequacies of her progress or failure to reach an acceptable working standard. Advises student on techniques and methods Makes twice a year visits to KAU for up to five days per a visit to follow students research progress. Submits biannually report to JSP. Assists the student in overcoming scientific and research difficulties she might face. Consults student and her local supervisor, and the Joint supervision program on all matters pertaining to the progress of the program of study through the effective electronic channels.

15 Provides guidance, advice, and support to student. Assists the student in overcoming scientific and research difficulties she faces Planes the research project. Finds literature and sources. provides critical feedback on the work. Maintains contact with student and schedule regular meetings. Follows her progress. Visits the (External) university. Promotes the students awareness of ethical and legal matters related to research codes of conduct (plagiarism). Consults with the external supervisor in all matters. Supervise the annual seminar held by the student. Assists the students in ordering the needed material. Submits biannually report to JSP.

16 She must be aware of the rules, regulations, polices and procedure governing the academic and research affairs in the external university, provided that these regulations do not contradict JSP regulation. She must Maintains progress in her research in accordance with mutually agreed study plan between the student and supervisors. She must maintains regular contact with supervisors. She must attends the different training sessions recommended by JSP or supervisors. She must approaches JSP if she feels that she is not given adequate local or external supervision. Compliance with all the recommendations and instructions presented by the supervisors. she must present a yearly seminar at the end of every academic year reflecting the progress achieved in her research.

17 JSP pays all costs of study. JSP pays the external university fees according to the contractual agreement between the two universities. JSP pays All Supervisors travel & visits expenses, lodging in a five star hotel and transportation, and it will compensate an honorarium of SR300 per day for the number of days the Principle supervisor spends with his/her student. JSP is responsible for funding the requirements of the students research project at KAU, and providing the necessary equipment, materials that are not available in the program labs as recommended by the supervisors after completing the technical procedures a bout them. JSP pays for the student and Collaborative supervisor visit for the external university between five and seven days once in the academic year.

18 The place of the study The student must be available at the university (KAU) during the period of her study The regular period The studying period to obtain a PhD degree is there years from the date of the students registration at the external university. Transferring to another university Transferring from one external university to another is not permissible without the approval of KAU council based on the recommendation of the permanent JSP committee and the academic department council and the faculty council.

19 Postponing (deferring) To qualify for deferral student must gain the consent of both external university and JSP committee. Student can only defer for a period of 12 months. Deferment period is not taking as part of the maximum period of study. Extensions JSP encourages its students to finish their PhD program within three years. However, students requiring an extension for their program time-limit can petition for extension for up to three times to JSP. This petition requires a recommendation from the two supervisors


21 : : 966 2 629 3021

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