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Welcome to CADR+ Healthcare the way it should be! Updated: June 25 th, 2013.

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1 Welcome to CADR+ Healthcare the way it should be! Updated: June 25 th, 2013

2 THE STATE OF HEALTH CARE Average family spends $1,430 and loses around 35 hours each year to doctors office visits alone Thats about $120 and 3 hours every month Most doctors offices are closed 75% of the hours/week Over 66% of ER visits are for non-emergency reasons 25% of people have skipped a recommended medical test due to cost 24% of people do not fill their prescriptions Over 75% of Doctor visits originate from stress factors 1 in 3 Americans state their level of stress is extreme

3 GETTING TO THE DOCTOR Difficult to meet face-to-face with a physician/specialist (and getting harder all the time) Difficult to get a timely appointment Can be difficult to actually get to the appointment Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care are frustrating and expensive options Missing work can be a costly proposition

4 THE BOTTOM LINE… Getting well has become extremely inconvenient Additionally, it isnt cheap For most people, healthcare reform will inevitably lead to Increased costs Longer waits Shorter interactions Increased stress levels

5 A NEW PARADIGM Cell phones (early 80s) Google (late 90s) Online banking (past 3 years) Telemedicine or telehealth (next 5 years!) 4 of 5 office visits can be better handles over the phone Over 90% of calls solve problem with no need for follow-up 89% of Healthcare executives believe telemedicine will transform Healthcare in the United States

6 WELCOME TO CADR+ CADR+ is a program designed specifically to save you time and money by utilizing technology to provide efficient, immediate access to Healthcare solutions and other personal services.

7 UNLIMITED, 24/7 ACCESS… U.S. Based, Trained, Board Certified Doctors Bill Review & Mediation Specialists Telephone Consultations Legal & Financial Services Discount Health Card Online Life Resources All from the comfort and convenience of your phone or computer!

8 ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYONE Unlimited access, unlimited value Instant, 24/7 availability, from wherever you are High-quality healthcare, the moment you need it Peace of mind, for you and your family Connect in minutes to the help you need Total care, for your body, mind and wallet Only $.66 per day, for the entire family! Finally… the care you need, on your schedule!!

9 CONSULT A DOCTOR The backbone of the CADR+ program A technology that connects you with a physician On-demand, 24/7 access by phone, email and video A network of of U.S.-based, state-licensed doctors Diagnosis and prescriptions or common conditions ePrescriptions and Electronic Health Records SureScripts provides two years of prescriptive history All consultations are recorded and added to your EHR

10 * Non-Controlled Substances 24/7/365 On-Demand Physician Consultations Via Phone, Web (Video/Email) and Mobile Apps

11 Symptom Checker Interactive questionnaires designed to narrow down condition or illness Health Risk Assessment Interactive health tools identify health risks and promote wellness Wellness Tool & Lab Ordering Promote prevention with discount wellness tests for at risk population ePrescribing to Choice Pharmacy Safer and faster way to get RX medication when necessary Interactive Health Tools Programs to help stop smoking, learn about diet, nutrition & more Health Library The latest articles sorted by topics, most popular or key words

12 50 STATE PHYSICIAN NETWORK Network of licensed primary care physicians/specialists US Board certified, state licensed Specialists, including: Pediatrics, Cardiology, OB / GYN Mental Health, Endocrinology NCQA Credential review process Annual re-credentialing 170 Languages Supported Detailed and Stringent Quality Protocols Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Douglas Smith Co-Founder: MinuteClinic

13 Cold/Flu Sinus infections Upper Respiratory Allergies Headaches Urinary Tract (UTI) Bronchitis Zithromax Z-Pak Amoxicillin Albuterol Augmentin Tessalon Azithromycin Keflex Bactrim Macrobid Pyridium Biaxin Allegra Bactrim Ibuprofen 800 Nasonex Lipitor * NO DEA CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES Less prescribing than office settings Doctor less pressured No $$ incentives to prescribe meds More convenient & accessible Less effort or aggravation for patient ~40% Cipro Lisinopril Tamiflu Prednisone Metformin Flonase Diflucan HCTZ Levaquin Of the top 50 diagnosis treated with telemedicine Stomach Ache/Diarrhea Eye infections Ear Infections Rash/Skin Irritation Yeast Infection Other GYN complaints Common Medications Prescribed Common Conditions 82% Patients triaged to alternative level of care when necessary

14 Data and dollar amounts are based on national averages. Amounts listed may not reflect actual billed charges 65% of members would have gone to PCP at cost of $153 10% of members would have gone to Urgent Care at cost of $350 15% of members would have gone to Emergency Room at cost of $1029 Estimated lost productivity to employers Consult A Doctor telemedicine services help eliminate 1,000s of hours of lost productivity due to medical absenteeism. 14 HOW CADR+ REDUCES COSTS

15 STATS: 2300 employees 26 locations 7 states 17% utilization 99% satisfaction 413% ROI SAVINGS: Office visits $18,337 ER visits$121,849 Urgent Care $5,195 Productivity $82,170 Total (annual) $227,551 Video: Chris McCool, SVP Sales & Marketing CASE STUDY

16 USE CONSULT A DOCTOR WHEN Need care after hours or on weekends Need medical care access from remote locations Need Rx prescription/refills* for common conditions Cant meet face-to-face with physician / specialist Cant get a timely appointment Cant get to a doctor due to disability Dont want to go to ER/UC Cant afford to take off work Are traveling and need advice

17 A WHOLE LOT MORE! CADR+ provides a host of additional resources, all specifically selected to give you the very best group of services available for achieving true wellness!

18 THE STRESS EFFECT Over 1/2 of Americans self-report that they are struggling with life today and 1/3 state their average stress level as extreme 75 – 90% of doctor visit considered to be stress-related Stress is linked to all of the leading causes of death including heart disease, cancer, accidents and suicide The World Health Organization estimates that the equivalent of 7.1 productive days are lost per employee each year due to stress-related factors 25 million Americans will have an episode of major depression this year alone

19 BILL REVIEW & MEDIATION Provides a personal negotiator who acts on the patients behalf, mediating solutions directly with medical facilities. Who is eligible? Active member of the CADR+ program Received care for a single related medical event at a hospital, emergency clinic or surgical center Minimum of $2,500 balance after discounts & are benefits applied. Solutions could include: Applying for financial assistance Negotiating a settlement Arranging a payment plan

20 FREE DISCOUNT CARD* Medical – save up to 50% Pharmacy Savings – save up to 65% Dental Care – save up to 50% Vision Care – save up to 50% Hearing – save up to 15% Diabetes Care & Supplies – save 52–70% Lab Savings – save up to 50% MRI & Imaging – save up to 70% And more! *CADR+ membership not required for WellCard Discount program.

21 TELEPHONE CONSULTATION Unlimited access Masters-level clinicians Available 24/7 Live Answer Confidential Service 170 Languages Crisis Support

22 LEGAL & FINANCIAL SERVICES Attorney consultations by phone or face to face* Domestic/family, civil, landlord/tenant, criminal, estate planning, immigration, motor vehicle, etc. Free online legal documents for all eligible dependents Simple Wills, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills Financial consultations by phone* Debt and loan consolidation, mortgage and refinancing. Telephonic fraud resolution consultation Provided by Certified Fraud Resolution Specialist *First 30 minutes free per issue, unlimited issues

23 ONLINE LIFE RESOURCES There are times in everyday life when you may need a little guidance: Child care Parenting Emergency care Summer care New baby care Adoption Colleges and universities Elder resources Disaster relief Pet care Primary/secondary education Patient Advocacy

24 SELFCARE AND WELLBEING A partner to help you achieve positive, long- term improvement in health and wellness Fitness Smoking cessation Weight management Stress management Targeted webinars Discount Center Computers and electronics Travel, car rentals and hotels Gifts and retail shopping Movie tickets & video rentals Theme parks Fitness centers Shoes and clothes Restaurants… and more!

25 WHATS IN IT FOR THE MEMBER? Convenience: Licensed physicians and industry professionals available 24/7/365 No waiting rooms, no closed offices, no waiting weeks for an appointment Receive answers and treatment within minutes via phone, email, or video Peace-of-mind: 100% acceptance regardless of preexisting conditions or age No limitations on usage Board certified, state specific Physicians and other Aetna vetted partners Do it for yourself; do it for the ones you love Money-savings: Significantly less expensive than typical Office, ER/UC visits Saves on out of pocket expenses i.e. high deductibles, co-pays Less time off needed for next day doctor appointments Bill mediation available in the event of excessive medical billing

26 WHATS IN IT FOR EMPLOYERS? Saves Money: Avoids many costly visits to doctors, urgent care and ER Lowers total cost of healthcare Saves Time: Less employee time off work Early intervention & recovery leads to increased productivity Happier, Healthier Employees: Goodwill: employees love it! Fosters self-directed wellness (online tools) Address hidden mental health issues Additional lifestyle / concierge resources for everyday living

27 Improve Access Multiple ways to Consult 24/7 Lowers Cost Avoid high cost settings like the Doctors office, Urgent Care/ER Care Coordination 24/7 consultations Clinically efficient, effective and most convenient Quality Care Qualified professionals that can provide information, diagnose and prescribe Rx medication* * If appropriate Phone, Email, Video, Mobile Application Save Time Save Money Reduce Absenteeism Get Information/ Diagnosis Anytime, Anywhere 24/7 Get Well Fast Affordable Cost Setting Better Outcomes +++


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