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Substitute Teacher Training

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1 Substitute Teacher Training

2 School Contact Information As soon as you arrive on the school campus please contact the substitute coordinator: Brookwood Forest Elementary: Kathy Peerson Cherokee Bend Elementary: Donna Phillips Crestline Elementary: Jane Dickens Mtn. Brook Elementary: Stewart Sevier Mtn. Brook Junior High: Kay Teschner Mtn. Brook High School: Rene Byrd

3 School Information You are required to work full days (7:50 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or 3:19 p.m. for HS) or for half days (8:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. or 11:30 a.m. to 3:00 or 3:19 a.m.). The schools expect substitutes to work full days or half days. Substitutes are not allowed to leave early, even if the teacher’s scheduled classes are over. Each day you have a substitute teaching assignment you must sign the Mountain Brook Leave Request form in order to receive pay.

4 Housekeeping Issues Report to the Main Office to get a name tag and sign the MB Leave Request form. Check for the teacher’s substitute folder in the teacher’s mailbox, desk, or the workroom. Report to the classroom by 7:50 a.m. Read over the information left by the teacher regarding taking attendance, seating charts, and lesson plans.

5 Professionalism One of the most important aspects of being an effective substitute teacher is viewing yourself as a professional. Students will encounter substitutes on a regular basis, so you are a very important part of the educational process. You help our students continue learning by ensuring that students complete the assignments left by the classroom teacher.

6 Confidentiality Confidentiality - It is unprofessional and illegal to disclose confidential information about students. You should avoid comments about individual students that convey private information: grades, medical conditions, learning or discipline problems, etc.

7 Confidentiality Continued
Do not gossip or discuss incidents about classes or students. This applies in the teachers' lounge at school and in the community. Please ask advice of school personnel about how to deal with certain students or classes, but do not let the conversation develop into one of complaining, ridiculing or spreading rumors about students or staff.

8 Computer Use Please check with each school Substitute Coordinator about student usage. Use of personal technology devices should be avoided at all times. This includes but is not limited to personal cell phones, IPODs, MP3 players, PDAs, PDA cell phones, personal laptops, beepers, etc.

9 Computer Use Continued
All technology users, including but not limited to computer users, are subject to the Mountain Brook Schools Technology Usage Policy as well as accompanying guidelines. The complete policy may be viewed at Mountain Brook Schools Technology Policy.

10 Telephone Use There is a telephone in each classroom.
Students are not allowed to use the telephone in the classroom. Please check the teachers substitute folder for instructions on how to dial the school office. You are asked not to make personal lengthy phone calls.

11 Medication Administering Medication - Medication should only be administered by the school nurse or other appropriate health personnel, not the classroom or substitute teacher. If you have a concern about a student receiving medication, contact the school nurse or the health room.

A principal may request for a substitute to be blocked from substituting from his/her school. If a substitute receives TWO requests to be blocked from a school, a phone call will be made from the Human Resources Department to notify the sub of this request and serve as a verbal warning. If THREE requests to be blocked from a school are made by principals within a two year range, the substitute will no longer be allowed to serve in this capacity for Mountain Brook Schools. A substitute could be removed from the approved list after ONE incident depending on the severity of the request from the principal for removal. A phone call or letter will notify the substitute of this decision.

13 Best Practices The most crucial reason you are in the classroom is to ensure safety. Be attentive and present for the benefit of all students in the classroom. Do not give an assignment and then sit down to read or use the computer for the remainder of the period. Circulate the room frequently to monitor students’ behavior and work completion.

14 Best Practices Never leave a class unattended.
Familiarize and enforce school rules. Maintain classroom discipline. Be friendly and positive with students in order to gain their cooperation. Use verbal praise and reinforcement.

15 Best Practices Show respect to students for their cultural backgrounds. Keep your political, religious, and social beliefs to yourself. Use only proper humor (avoid sarcasm and sexual or racial jokes). Dress comfortably but professionally. Remember to maintain confidentiality.

16 Documentation Anecdotal Records - Documenting particular incidents in the classroom can protect you in problematic situations. Always note the date and time, the individuals involved and the actions taken. You may leave this information for the teacher or turn into a principal or counselor.

17 Discipline Referrals Usually our students are cooperative and well behaved. If you send a student to the principal or assistant principal due to discipline matters, please notify the principal that the child is on his/her way to the office. You remain with the class to provide supervision.

18 Classroom Management Focusing Be sure you have the attention of everyone in your classroom before you start your lesson. Do not attempt to teach over the chatter of students who are not paying attention.

19 Classroom Management Direct Instruction The technique of direct instruction is to begin each class by telling the students what is expected and the goals of the class. You should outline/explain what the students will be doing during the period.

20 Classroom Management Monitoring The key to good classroom control is to circulate. While your students are working, make the rounds. Check on their progress. An effective teacher will make a pass through the whole room about two minutes after the students have started a written assignment and periodically during the remainder of the time.

21 Classroom management Assertive “I”-Messages “I”-Messages are statements that the teacher uses when confronting a student who is misbehaving. They are intended to be clear descriptions of what the student is suppose to do. “I want you to complete your assignment” or “I need you to stop talking and do your work.” Do not hesitate to send a disruptive student to the assistant principal if he/she has not complied within a reasonable time.

22 Emergency Plans There are tornado and fire drill routes posted in each teacher’s classroom close to the door. Should there be a drill, please take the class to the designated spot. Additionally, there is a crisis folder or box in the same location. Take this with you on any drills and call roll once students are in place.

23 Daily Routines When the bell rings, stand in the doorway and greet students as they enter the classroom. Explain the assignment and carry out the lesson left by the teacher. Remind students of homework. At the end of the period, have students straighten and clean the area around their desks.

24 End of Day Leave students’ work in an organized manner on the teacher’s desk. At the end of the day, leave the substitute teacher’s folder on the teacher’s desk. Be sure to include any notes for the teacher on anything that the teacher should know. Return your name badge to the front office upon checking out for the day.

25 Sources Class conduct -
11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline - The Effective Substitute Teacher - Substitute Teacher Handbook 5th Edition - Utah State University Substitute Teacher Guide Substitute

26 Certificate Of Completion
Please go back to the Substitute Information page and click the Certificate of Completion. Print and sign the document. Return to the Mountain Brook Board of Education Office.

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