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1981 The Last Year We Had A Membership Gain In Our Order Number of Elks Then: 1.6 Million Number of Elks Now: 869,091 (2010/2011) Number of Elks Now: 869,091.

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1 1981 The Last Year We Had A Membership Gain In Our Order Number of Elks Then: 1.6 Million Number of Elks Now: 869,091 (2010/2011) Number of Elks Now: 869,091 (2010/2011) Total Lost 730,909 Total Lost 730,909

2 2010/2011 Began the year with 892,959 Members Ended the year with 869,091 Members Membership loss of 23,868 Members OR 2.7% of our Members This Is Bad For Business

3 Area 4 (IN,MI,OH,WV,KY) 2010/2011 Began The Year With 104,175 Members Ended The Year With 101,326 Members Membership Loss Of 2,849 Members OR 2.7% Of Our Members Which Is The National Average

4 Michigan 2011-2012 Began the Year with 25,174 Members Ended the Year with 23,803 Members Membership loss of 1,371 Members Or 5.4% (2 % National Average) Note: you initiated 1,251 and had 406 Reinstatements, but you dropped 2,224 for non- payment of dues plus you had 499 deaths

5 Area 4 (2011-2012) 253/253 Lodges Reporting Began the year with 101,254 Members Added 8,382 Members Dropped Non-Pay. 7,978 Members Expelled 40 Members Transfer Dimits 738 Members Absolute Dimits 1,019 Members Deaths 1,944 Members Total Loss 3,331 Members or 3.3% Membership as of 5/19/12 97,923 Members

6 Nationally as of 4/28/12 20121 of 2035 lodges reported Gains 76,357 Members Losses 95,576 Members Total Losses 19,219 Members or 2.2% Again, this is without 14 lodges reporting In comparison, Area 4 is losing 3.3% of its members.

7 Membership Revitalization & Retention Program By Edmonds Associates, A Media Consulting Firm Conducted Telephone Interviews with 6 Past Grand Exalted Rulers Mailed Surveys to all Lodge ERS and Secretaries Telephone Survey of a Representative sample of 300 Each: Lapsed Members Current Members (> 5 Years) New Members (< 5 Years) National Telephone Survey of 1,200 Adults

8 ER and Secretary Survey 97% Said Decline in Membership is A Major Problem Only 2% Said Membership Wasnt A Problem At All

9 Lapsed Member Survey When asked was there a particular reason they joined the Elks? 22% responded no/dont know 36% Friends/Family 17% Social Activities 5% To be part of an Organization 4% Charity Work 2% Legacy/Tradition 2% Good Organization

10 Current Members Join For Giving Purposes When current members were asked about their own experience and share why they Have remained a member? 22% Community Service/Charity/ Volunteerism/Benevolence 18% Socializing/Social Activities/Fellowship 9% Family Tradition/Family Legacy 7% Asked To Join By Member 5% Like/Support Elks/Principles/What Elks Do 23% Left Blank

11 Bowling Alone By Robert Putnam Copyright 2000 Social collapse in America since the late 1970S. Declines in: Political Participation Civic Participation Religious Participation Informal Social Participation

12 Its just not the Elks losing Members Its all other Fraternal Organizations And Its Bridge Clubs and Block Parties Its Bowling leagues Its PTAS and PTOS Its High School Athletic teams and bands Its even our Family Outings and Reunions

13 Some Causes For Civic Disengagement. Pressure of Time and Money Mobility and Sprawl Technology and Mass Media

14 WHY? Kids Today Just Arent Joiners. Business Globalization…. The Wal-Mart's replacing the Corner Store. Can do all my Social Activities on Facebook or By Texting. TV. More Government Social Programs

15 Robert Greenleaf GOOD LEADERS Must First Become Good Servants.

16 RULE NUMBER ONE For Creating a Service Culture is This: It Starts At The Top. It starts in the head and the heart of the Exalted Ruler and is passed on from one member to the next. There Is No Other Way It Can Happen

17 RULE NUMBER TWO EXALTED RULERS Your Lodge Activities Must Come Second

18 Its Like The Chicken Or The Egg Question? Exalted Rulers, Who Comes First If You Want To Achieve Success- Your Community Or Your Membership?

19 RULE NUMBER THREE Engage The Hearts And Minds Of Your Members

20 CELEBRATE SUCCESS There is no argument that Elks Know how to have fun. Fill your walls with framed photos of memorabilia and thank you letters. Its imperative you get your local media on board in support of your programs. Most important, recognize your lodge members with certificates and plaques. Think about informal awards like a free lunch or a gift certificate.

21 REINFORCE, REINFORCE, REINFORCE ASK YOURSELF: How Do I Keep It Simple? How Can I Make It Memorable? How Many Times Can I Communicate it? Every lodge meeting, lodge bulletins or bulletin boards, phone calls.

22 Show Enthusiasm And Optimism to All Internal and External Communication

23 MEMBERSHIP THE KEY TO A GOOD MEMBERSHIP IS: 1)Providing Ownership To Your Members 2)Dont Settle For Unproductive Members as with the vast number of our Grand Lodge and Local Community Programs, There Has To Be One That Will Get Their Attention. Start this with new members during their Indoctrination Program. Make them commit to participate in one Lodge Activity. 3)Get a commitment from new members during their Indoctrination. 4)Lastly, Lead By Example…. Let Your Positive Influence Become Contagious 5)Get it to the boiling point and good things will happen in your Lodge.

24 Web Sites Under Members only Section view the Successful Lodge Panel. cks_Indoctrination_Letter_4-19-12.pdf cks_Indoctrination_Letter_4-19-12.pdf or if the link doesn't work, go to and at the top click on WHATS NEW and then the Ron Hicks Indoctrination letter.

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