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Atria Launch. 2 Company Introduction Central Business Systems has been in business for over 65 years In the document and mail solution business for over.

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1 Atria Launch

2 2 Company Introduction Central Business Systems has been in business for over 65 years In the document and mail solution business for over 25 years Founded on superior customer service Over 3,000 Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia businesses choose Central Business Systems as their partner in business solutions! LexingtonLouisvilleCharleston

3 3 Company Contacts Hours: M-F 8a-5p (Eastern Time) Sales Regina Green – Louisville Sales Manager Frank Shoaf – Owner/President Operations Mark Jones – Operations and Service Manager Carl Nettleton – IT Manager Service Nathaniel Pope – Technical Service Engineer Mike Jetter – Technical Service Engineer

4 4 Reliable equipment backed by unbeatable service = maximum uptime and productivity. CBS help desk offers first-class problem solving via phone Average 4-hour call-back response time First-time fix rate is 93% Premier Customer webpage with additional resources Overnight shipment of replacement hardware, if needed Service & Support

5 5 Built-in 5 lb. weighing platform Processing speed up to 35 letters per minute and departmental accounting with 10 standard accounts Automatic thickness adjustment up to 3/8" Over 140 USPS ® rates and services with easy rate selection using "Rate Wizard Instant savings on Priority® and Express® Mail with built-in Commercial Based Pricing (CBP)

6 6 Box Contents

7 7 Step 1: Pre-Assembly

8 8 Step 2: Install PSD

9 9 Step 3: Install Inker

10 10 Step 4: Connectivity In order to load funds, download rates, and support your mailing system, you must set-up a connection between the mailing system and the server. This can be done in two different ways: 1. LAN (Standard) The mailing system communicates with the server over a high-speed internet connection or LAN (Local Area Network). »» This standard method allows for fast, seamless postage rate updates and funds download; and software updates can be performed remotely and automatically. »» Utilizing LAN connectivity eliminates connection errors and busy signals when connecting to the server. 2. Modem (Optional) If you do not have a high speed internet connection available, the mailing system can communicate with the server using an external USB dial-up modem connected to an analog telephone line or fax line. »» This method can only be used for postage rate updates and funds download.

11 11 Step 4A: LAN Connection

12 12 Step 4Ai: LAN Connection

13 13 Step 4Aii: LAN Connection

14 14 Step 4B: Modem Connection Modem model may vary.

15 15 Step 4Bi: Modem Connection

16 16 Step 4Bii: Modem Connection

17 17 Step 5: Declaration

18 18 Step 5i: Declaration If there are new rates available, machine will download and apply them, and notify you between steps D & E

19 19 Step 6: Test Print (optional)

20 20 Step 6i: Test Print (optional)

21 21 Step 7: Downloading Funds

22 22 Step 8: Processing Mail

23 23 Step 8: Processing Mail

24 24 Cheat Sheet

25 25

26 26 Q: What is the weight capacity of the integrated weighing platform? A: Capacity is 5 lbs. If errors occur when placing an item on the platform (e.g. weight to heavy for current rate), manually change the rate to a mail class that is applicable (e.g. Priority®) Q: Can I manually enter a weight higher than the capacity of the integrated weighing platform? A: Yes. Be sure to choose the correct mail class first, then you may manually enter weights up to 69 lbs. 15.9 oz. Q: Must the mail machine always be connected to (LAN/Modem) connection to operate? A: Communication from the mail machine to Hasler is almost always done after hours (ex: rate downloads, stats uploads, etc). Alternative times when machine must communicate out would be when a funding call is performed. Leaving the machine connected to your (LAN/Modem) will reduce the likelihood of experiencing a communication error.

27 27 Q: If the machines motor stops running before Im done feeding letters, can the timeout values be changed? A: Yes. See USER MANUAL section 8.6 p. 125 for instructions to change. Q: Can the machine be setup to default to a certain value stamp, if all we send is one type of mail? A: Yes. However, the process entails defaulting the weight platform to off, which would cause misposting of heavier pieces. If you know the rate that an item needs, you can enter that rate on the keypad instead of weighing it (ex: for $0.45 stamp, from the Homescreen enter 4 then 5 then OK). To reset to system defaults, double-click power key. Q: How are supplies obtained? A: All supplies should may be ordered by calling CBS at 800-648-2599, or via downloadable form at Orders received after 2pm (Eastern Time) will not ship until the following business day. Otherwise, most items ship same day!

28 28 Q: Does the machine have to remain connected to the LAN/Modem at all times? A: The machine is dependent on its dial-out abilities for uploading statistics to Hasler, and downloading rates/funds from Hasler. That being said, if the machine must be disconnected from the LAN/Modem for short periods (0- 7 days, due to down phone lines, network outages, office moves, etc.), you will still be able to process mail if you have sufficient funds on the meter. Beyond 7 days, you will begin seeing error messages pertaining to loss of connectivity, and you run the risk of missing an important transaction. Q: How will the funds from the returned Pitney Bowes equipment be refunded? A: Once the old equipment has been returned to Pitney Bowes and accounted for, your corporate office will contact them for a refund of your remaining postage account, which will include postage remaining on returned meters. That vendor will then cut Atria a check for the closed account.

29 29 Q: What should be done if the ink cartridge cannot be installed during setup because the carriage is in the wrong position? A: Complete setup without the cartridge installed, then insert afterwards. DO NOT FORCE CARTRIDGE INTO THE CARRIAGE! Excessive force on cartridge or carriage can cause irreparable damage, requiring a replacement machine. Q: What should be done if the new equipment arrived missing some of the components/documentation? A: If missing components, contact CBS so we can coordinate replacement. If missing documentation, replacements can be found at Q: How can we tell if were getting the most out of our ink cartridge? A: Maximum ink cartridge output is achieved by saving all of your mail needing postage until a set time of day, and running fewer large batches, as opposed to many small batches or single pieces. Setting all outgoing mail in a central location near the machine, and designating one person to post them all shortly before the postal carrier arrives to collect them is a good way to accomplish this.

30 30 Q: Where are additional resources located? A: Central Business Systems has posted a Premier Customer portal on our website that will contain this presentation, as well as links to documentation, and additional resources. In your web browser, go to, click on the PREMIER tab, then click on the ATRIA SENIOR LIVING logo to view your

31 31 Atria Senior Living and Central Business Systems: Partnering to ensure fast, reliable communication!

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