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Student Health Service Karolina Källoff Alexandra Thomasson Ola Olefeldt.

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1 Student Health Service Karolina Källoff Alexandra Thomasson Ola Olefeldt

2 Student Health Service For all students at Malmö University Free of charge We are governed by professional secrecy All contact with the Student Health Service is registered

3 Student Health Service 6 Counselors 1 Nurse/midwife 1 Public health coordinator

4 Counseling Telephone service Drop-in Booked appointments (telephone/ web form)

5 Service and support Counseling Health care guidance Birth control guidance Chlamydia testing Fitness testing Alcohol use testning Speech anxiety support Individual program for a sustainable lifestyle Group therapy Mindfulness Lectures – How to cope with stress and study techniques

6 Counseling - Statistics 2012 1786 visits Top 6 (50%) Anxiety Contraception advice Depression Stress Relationship problems

7 Other common questions Problems in study situation Concentrating difficulties Crisis Grief Issues about alcohol, drugs, exercise

8 Speech anxiety Intensive courses and lectures Training and strategies to face the fear and discomfort of speaking in front of a group.

9 Indivdual program for sustainable lifestyle Choose one or several of the following… Eating habits Excercise Alcohol Tobaco

10 Mindfulness Introduction to mindfulness Mindfulness training MBCT (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy)

11 Group analysis Group therapy – for personal developement When emotional difficulties effects your studies and/or life in general Long term

12 Sexual and Reproductive Health at Malmö University Projekt running since 2008 External funding: National hiv/sti prevention via Region Skåne. According to National and Regional goals and guiding priciples Rapport every six months.

13 Partners - Cooperation Student Union and Student Health Service NGO´s: LGBT-rights, hiv-positives, sexual education, female organisation. Public Health Care Sector.

14 Areas and Aims Clinical Reception - STI-test, abortion councelling, relation advice, condom use and contraceptives. Information - Policy, protection, sti testing, health units, diversity & equality and sexual rights. External oriented work - Meet the students, seminars, activities, campains, theme nights, hand out condoms…

15 Chlamydia Campaign

16 Sex days

17 World Aids Day

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