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Head Office : Room no.1B, Surya Mahal Compound (Besides Tara Mahal), Thakurdwar, Opp. Bank Of India, J.S.S. Road, Mumbai- 4. Contact No. 8082637212/ 7208549362.

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Presentation on theme: "Head Office : Room no.1B, Surya Mahal Compound (Besides Tara Mahal), Thakurdwar, Opp. Bank Of India, J.S.S. Road, Mumbai- 4. Contact No. 8082637212/ 7208549362."— Presentation transcript:

1 Head Office : Room no.1B, Surya Mahal Compound (Besides Tara Mahal), Thakurdwar, Opp. Bank Of India, J.S.S. Road, Mumbai- 4. Contact No / Training Centres : Charni Road, Grant Road, Tardeo

2 Institute English Speaking Mind Techniques Vedic Maths Personality Development Computer Course English Grammar Drawing Hand writing Improvement Calligraphy

3 Unorganized way of Handling Situations Dissatisfied Parents relating to childs Career Teachers/Administrators Burden on Student Principals Confusion ? ? ? ? ? ? Problems of Common People ?

4 Brainwork is Mumbai based Education centre which is assisting students to go abroad & for job also since 2007 The core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice with regards to pursuing education overseas educational institutions Our organization has a single-minded focus, to guide students to the best possible Institutions, thus enabling them to build their future. Brainwork education centre is an innovative, progressive, successfully & professionally focused on one of the core sectors of the economy -Overseas education.

5 Students of School Students of College Students of University Working Person Housemakers Retired Person For Whom ?

6 Experienced, Well Qualified & Expert Teachers. Friendly Teaching environment with strickt Discipline. Reasonable Fees/Installation Facilities available. Material for all the courses are provided free of cost. Job assistance is provided for graduates & under graduates.

7 Brainwork welcomes you to join our English Speaking Course. We are committed to giving you a great and a different learning experience with ensured results. Whether you wish to start learning English as a beginner or whether you are a student, Executive, House wife we have the right English speaking course for you, making you speak fluent English with neutral accent guaranteed.

8 English grammar is the body of rules that describe the structure of expressions in the English language. This includes the structure of words, phrases, clauses and sentences. Grammar is the structural foundation of our ability to express ourselves. The more we are aware of how it works, the more we can monitor the meaning and effectiveness of the way we and others use language English language wordsphrasesclauses sentences

9 Everyone of us have a Personality. It may be a physical personality or the personality consisting of our attitude, skills, knowledge, behaviour and other mental attributes.

10 Make no mistake, if handwriting has a poor appearance, the writer is judged poorly by our culture. This won't end tomorrow. Surface features will always attract far more attention than underlying structures. For a person who has poor handwriting, the road ahead is difficult. In spite of the high quality of his ideas and information, the writer will bear a lifelong burden.

11 The concept of calligraphy deals with injecting artistry in the idea of handwriting. It is an art which enables a person to write like an artist. The idea of calligraphy is not new, but lately the craze for it has gone up. The modern world believes a lot in being better than the rest in whatever way possible.

12 This drawing course is designed to explore basic drawing techniques and styles. In this course, we will study and apply the elements and principles of design. Participants will also develop a greater understanding of two-dimensional composition. Participants will review and demonstrate the following: contour line, stippling, shading, crosshatching, gridding, 1-point and 2-point perspective, portraits and proportions, and animation.

13 You definitely cant use your calculator everywhere & much of your time wasted doing basic addition & subtraction, division & multiplication with simple trick provided in Vedic maths. A person can boost his calculation ability by almost 12 times,trust me, its true, We can also cross check our answer in just 7 seconds with the help of Vedic maths.

14 We are also providing coaching for Level 5 & 6. For more details on course contents, you can contact us any time.

15 By computer education, we mean, gaining the know-how of the basic concepts related to a computer and gaining the basic knowledge of computer operation. Learning about the computer basics followed by a practical experience of using a computer is the key to computer education. As computers are widely used today, acquiring computer education is the need of the modern times.

16 It's a classic situation - you meet someone new, and then moments later you've forgotten their name! Names, passwords, pin and telephone numbers... the list is endless - with so much to memorize is it really possible to improve how much you can remember


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