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Corporate Brief. Company Overview - History Established in 2005 100% Philippine owned. Supports both inbound and outbound campaigns Provides necessary.

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1 Corporate Brief

2 Company Overview - History Established in % Philippine owned. Supports both inbound and outbound campaigns Provides necessary support, resources and solutions customized for our clients Capable of operating 300 seats 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Strategically located in the Makati Business District

3 Our Vision Client satisfaction is the true value of our company, and the growth of each of our employees creates the value that shapes our future.

4 Our Mission A relentless pursuit to deliver key results for all of our stakeholders by: Providing innovative and effective business process solutions to all our clients Partnering with the best talents in the industry who are committed to personal and professional development Creating a fun working environment that enhances interest and performance Delivering maximum return on investment through secured business opportunities and stable growth Promoting corporate citizenship through meaningful social responsibility efforts Building key relationships with industry players through sound and ethical business practices

5 Our Core Values We are guided by the following values called CARE. Communication Accountability of Responsibilities Reliable and Results-oriented Excellence and Opportunity in the Workplace

6 Our Recruitment Process We Provide a well-defined recruitment process o Resume screening o Phone interview o Examination Verbal communication Script recording Written tests o Personal Interview Behavioral traits Operational skill sets Three million college graduates join the workforce each year, providing a large and varied talent pool.

7 Our Training Process Integrated training process o Works directly with our Client to determine training needs o Establishes a training program focused and customized to our clients needs o Sets KPIs with Quality and Operations to achieve necessary performance objectives Personalized training approach o One-on-one coaching development o Opportunity development tracking o Leadership and Management training

8 Our Training Process Skills test Assignment Training Live Floor Monitoring Floor Monitoring Constant coaching based on monitoring results Career path SV/MG Product/Industry specific Channel specific Outbound Career path SV/MG Product/Industry specific Channel specific Outbound Training Operational knowledge Product specific Training Operational knowledge Product specific Skills Camp Role playing Side by Side OJT Skills Camp Role playing Side by Side OJT Basic training Customer service Communication skills Technical skills Basic training Customer service Communication skills Technical skills Logicall QC and TCA PM teams will attend the training Train-the-Trainer Concept Client trainer at our CC Logicall FOUNDATION Training 1 Week PRODUCT SPECIFICS Training 1-6 Weeks ACADEMY BAY / LIVE Training & Certification 2 -3 Weeks

9 Training: A continuous improvement cycle Training Identification of Needs Evaluation On-going Agent Training Agent evaluation by the Quality Assurance Team upon implementation of training. Identifying agent shortcomings and their root causes. Designing the training program to address the unique needs of each individual. Adequate training delivered to agents in accordance with their development stages.

10 Our Quality Process Integrated Quality Control Process o Works closely with Client to determine production and quality goals o Define quality processes managed by quality and operations personnel (Lean Six Sigma) o Prepares developmental plans to create a seamless approach from training to operations Consistent Quality Monitoring Process o Supports call monitoring via quality measurement programs o Ability to record both voice and data for quality assurance monitoring and agent evaluation o Calibration within QA, QA and Operations

11 Our Facility World Class Technology o Avaya 8710 Telephone System o HP Blade Server Systems o NICE Recording Systems o Touchstar Predictive Dialer o Dell Workstations Back-up Power Capability o Back-up Power Generators with Automatic Transfer Switching Capability o Dual UPS Configuration (Whole Building & Workstations) Secured Facilities o Access control o Secured workspace o Workplace monitoring via CCTV Cameras o Background checks o Security Awareness training

12 Our Technology Reliable InfrastructureFully flexible set-up

13 Our Technology In addition to redundant voice and data connections, transcosmos logicall utilizes redundant server capacity, enterprise back-up standards, UPS and generator power sources. transcosmos logicall has policies and procedures in place such as the Information Security Policy and a Quality Management system. All calls from the US will be routed to our NOC in One Wishire, LA, and from there, calls will be directly connected to our DS3 facility and Avaya system in Makati City, Philippines. transcosmos logicall has failovers with 2 international carriers, thereby allowing us to get competitive telecom prices. We also have a SIP server ready for connection to any VoIP traffic. transcosmos logicalls telecommunications infrastructure for 1 out of 2 carriers is shown below:

14 Our Technology Internal Network:

15 Our Competitive Advantage Logicall ensures that your business needs become our performance goals, delivering cost savings to you and benefits to your customer Utilizing ISO-9001 & ISO (Under Certification Program), and Lean Six Sigma to maximize value by achieving Performance Discipline and sustain improvement in Customer Satisfaction Only the best technology infrastructure, coupled with our process oriented IT talent, is deployed in our centers We build a relationship with our partners

16 Why Outsource in the Philippines? Cultural Affinity with Western Culture Operating Cost Savings of 30-40% 94% Literacy Rate Available Talent - The Philippine call center work force also benefits from the government's focus on training for the outsourcing sector. This year, National Budget Secretary Anaya committed an additional $320 million of funds for the Department of Education to further this cause and pave the way for the establishment of more call center training schools. Political Stability over the past 10 years Business environment Fun place to visit and work

17 Why Outsource with Us? Experienced Management Team Efficient Infrastructure and Work Environment Flexibility – Solutions at any size Worthwhile Pricing, delivering Quality Service Low Risk – Trial periods Transparent Business Relationship Extensive Local Business Network

18 Thank You Logicall, Incorporated 1133 Chino Roces Corner Metropolitan Avenue Makati City 1203, Metro Manila Philippines

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