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Prepared by Lady Elaine Singh

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1 Prepared by Lady Elaine Singh
The Role of the TTA Advisor Prepared by Lady Elaine Singh

2 The definition of a Top Teens of America Advisor per our governance states:
“The Top Teens of America Advisor should be able to-”

3 Keep confidential information and varying viewpoints of teenagers
TALK LISTEN Keep confidential information and varying viewpoints of teenagers and…

4 She should be able to recognize the chronological and educational maturity of young people and facilitate age appropriate activities.

5 Our documents also state that the role of the TTA Advisor is to:

6 Supervise the Top Teens of America Program of Work.

7 Coordinate the Top Teens of America Program activities.

8 Work cooperatively with the Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated Service to Youth Committee in order to facilitate the execution of the Top Teens of America Program, as approved by TLOD.

9 Plan chapter attendance
and participation for Area and National meetings.

10 Conduct National Program of Work leadership training workshops for
Top Teens of America as approved by Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc.

11 Report to the Local TLOD Chapter monthly concerning TTA
activities, projects and financial status.

12 Prepare annual chapter reports and forward to the designated
Area and National officers by the predetermined deadline dates.

13 Provide written financial reports for the TTA Chapter to the TLOD chapter.

14 The Assistant TTA Advisor(s) shall:
Receive directives from the TTA Advisor. b. Assist the TTA Advisor with her duties and responsibilities.

15 The Assistant Top Teens of America Advisor shall have knowledge of the Chapter's operations and be capable of continuing the duties of the Top Teens of America Advisor. Attend Area and National meetings.

16 Meet with the TTA Advisor prior to the beginning of the calendar year to receive duties and/or assignments and discuss the Program of Work.

17 The TTA Advisor wears many hats

18 But the one we wear best, is the one that reminds us that as Top Ladies, our focus is Top Teens.

19 The TTA Advisor also has to fill many shoes…

20 She is the CEO FOR TEENS Chair the Service to Youth Committee.
Train Teen Executive Board/Committee. Report to her TLOD Chapter.

21 ADMINISTRATOR Prepare Annual chapter reports and forward on time.
Prepare meeting items.

22 SECRETARY Answer telephone calls, s and correspondence from teens, parents and ladies. Schedule activities timely. Prepare Newsletter or other correspondence. Prepare agendas.

23 MENTOR Good listening habits.
Encourage and help to nurture relationships. Teen to Teen Ladies to Teens Teens to Ladies

24 TACTFUL Watch for sensitive spots. Respect Teens views
Be a team builder

25 CHEERLEADER For teens, parents and TLOD to participate in Program of Work activities.

26 A Top Teens Advisor has many talents --
Credibility Motivator People Skills Team Player Knowledge of TTA/TLOD Management skills Networking Skills Flexible Motivator Problem-solving skills Technical Skills Organizer LIKES YOUTH

27 “What is a Top Teens Advisor”
She is a Lady THAT SHOWS TRAITS THAT SHE CARES Some of those traits are:

28 HELP The ability to reach out.

29 ACTION The ability to make things happen.

30 RESULTS The ability to produce.

31 INFLUENCE The ability to lead.

32 SENSITIVITY The ability to feel and respond.

33 MOTIVATION The ability to give hope.

34 AFFIRMATION The ability to build up.






40 Making sure our Teens are ready to lead the world in the 21st Century

41 The TTA Advisor’s task is to
Implement the MOMENTUM PROGRAM into the program of Works.

To train Top Teens in eight specific areas leading to positive and assured TTA members

43 Mission Ownership Mental Toughness Empowerment Networking Teamwork Unity Mentoring

44 STRATEGY The TTA Advisor helps the teens to plan ongoing workshops, trainings and other activities.

45 M MISSION TOP TEENS’ MANTRA To be positive and assured teens
The Teen Advisor through the TLOD helps to plan programs to execute and help teens develop a more positive and assured outlook

46 Hold workshops and sponsor seminars on:
Self-esteem Respect Decision-making Teens’ life skills

47 O OWNERSHIP Take ownership of making healthy choices
TOP TEENS’ MANTRA : Take ownership of making healthy choices Programs to enhance teens’ problem solving skills.

48 Sponsor the TTA Healthy Choices program and encourage total TTA participation

To have mental toughness for problem solving. Plan programs to enhance teens’ problem solving skills.

50 Plan sessions and forums on positive decision making.
Collaborate with local organizations that sponsor similar initiatives.

51 E EMPOWERMENT Empowered to lead in the 21st Century
TOP TEENS’ MANTRA Empowered to lead in the 21st Century Develop workshops to train teens to be effective leaders.

52 Implement a ‘Chapter’ Leadership Academy INCLUDE IT IN YOUR PROGRAM OF WORKS Require TTA officers to focus on office responsibility Focus on TTA and Non-TTA Leadership essentials

53 N NETWORKING Network with each other and others
TOP TEENS’ MANTRA Network with each other and others Assist teens in reaching obtainable education and life goals.

54 Offer tutorial and other academic assistance to Teens.
Provide an internal referral network of resources for scholarships, technical schools and other post-high school options.

55 “Top Teens of America and TLOD”
T TEAMWORK TOP TEENS’ MANTRA Part of a team— “Top Teens of America and TLOD” The TTA Advisor serves as the liaison to plan programs and projects that allow TTA and TLOD to interact as a team.

56 Plan activities that teens and ladies can do together.
Hold joint meetings where teens preside. Ladies attend at least one joint meeting as guests of the teens Teens attend at least one meeting as guest of the TLOD chapter Use this as a workshop to practice chapter operations.

57 U UNITY A unit of one…. TOP TEENS’ MANTRA
Plan workshops and programs to promote the appreciation of ethnic and cultural heritage. Sponsor programs and workshops around cultural events such as Kwanzaa, King’s Birthday and Black History Month.

58 M MENTORING TEEN MANTRA Come together for mentorship
Plan projects and workshops that will establish a responsible and empowered relationship between Ladies and Teens.

59 Encourage each Lady and Teen to engage in the Me and My Mentor program.
Plan mentor/mentee related activities.

Particularly helpful to graduating seniors and the 16 year olds that are entering the ‘work force’. Encourages wise choices in spending Encourages saving.

61 PUBLIC SPEAKING Consider establishing a mini Youth Leadership Program through Toastmasters. Overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience. Organize and present their ideas logically and convincingly. Learn how to listen carefully to others' ideas.

62 SELF-ESTEEM Develops confidence Develops pride in ‘self’

63 Chapter Operations and Officers Training
Teaches ongoing leadership skills both in TTA and in Non TTA situations and activities including: School – high school and college Work Routine interaction

64 ETIQUETTE Plan Mentor/Mentee lunch or dinner event within a formal setting. Conferences are an excellent place to practice their skills.

65 TEAMWORK Plan a workshop on role playing involving teamwork.

66 HEALTHY CHOICES Can cover a variety of topics.
Topics should depend on level of membership. Can include nutrition, AIDs Awareness, Mental Health, etc. Get topics of interest from teens.

67 CAREER DAY Include members of your TLOD chapter.
Can be a mini-workshop or a larger event.

68 RESOURCES Look to your internal resources Top Ladies and parents
Members of other organizations – Ladies’ & Men’s groups The INTERNET is also an excellent resource.

69 Include mini-workshops in the
TTA Program of Works. Schedule each month. Hold before or at the end of Chapter meetings. Evaluate the progress of your teens’ attitude, skills and awareness.

70 Teen Advisors – Include the other Top Ladies
Teen Advisors - Ask for help! Ladies – Get involved with the TTA activities. Develop a relationship with your mentee. Teens – Contact your mentor – it works both ways

71 We need you to make it all happen.
SHOW YOUR TOP TEENS ADVISOR THAT YOU CARE We’re in this together. Ladies and Teens – Work with us We need you. We need you to make it all happen.

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