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Arrowsol8, what we do, how we do, how do you benefit. Arrowsol8, opened for business in 2007, mainly concentrating on Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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2 Arrowsol8, what we do, how we do, how do you benefit. Arrowsol8, opened for business in 2007, mainly concentrating on Recruitment Process Outsourcing for companies in the United Kingdom, later on starting knowledge & Business Process outsourcing for companies all over the world. With the passage of time Arrowsol8 transformed into a full-fledged outsourcing firm, joining hands with call centers from every corner of the world, taking the outsourcing industry to a complete new level of off shoring. We help our clients to better understand the benefits and securely providing them with the most feasible and cost effective solutions, taking the load of their shoulders & customizing it to and undiscovered extent. With the current economic conditions cutting costs is one of the best ideas anyone can come up with, how to do it is always the question left unanswered, but we have a solution for that.

3 How we do it Feasibility:- We work collectively with the client to help them build feasibility for their project to make it understandable and crystal clear how they can lower their expenditure and get the best results possible. Project Designing:- Having the best teams with extensive knowledge in the outsourcing industry we help our client design the project and making it suitable for them as well as the company which should work on the project. Project Deployment:- Having hundreds of call centers working under contract with Arrowsol8 across the globe with one of the best people ready to be set onto another challenging project. Arrowsol8 helps its clients have their project completed where they deem fit. Project Distance:- Arrowsol8 provides our clients with the appropriate tools to keep a keen eye on the quality and the distance their project has traveled, giving them exact calculations for the remaining time to be taken by their project.

4 What we do Inbound Services: Catalog or Online Sales. Order Taking. Order Entry. Reservations. Message Taking. Appointment Setting Handling requests for information or catalogs. Event scheduling. Scheduling sales demos. Answering services. Customer service, custom technical support. Help Desk services. Customer Relationship Management After-hours support Outbound Services: Telemarketing lead management Lead Generation / Qualification of telemarketing lead lists. Decision Maker Contacts. Appointment Scheduling. Debt Collection Services. Database Selling. Market Intelligence. Product Promotion. Research Surveys and Polling. Customer Satisfaction. Telephone and Web Based Business Development. Up Sell / Cross Sell Campaigns. Direct Mail Follow-up Seminar Population. Surveys. Direct Sales B2C. Direct Sales B2B. Appointment Setting. Promotions. E-mail Blasting. Add posting on web.

5 What we do Insurance Services: Application Processing. Policy Administration. Claims Adjustment. Claims Processing. Health Care Services: Medical Billing. Medical Claims Filing. Medical Coding. Medical Transcription. Legal Services: Legal Coding Legal Documentation Legal Transcription Document Management Services: Business Transcription. Data Capture Services. Data Conversion Services. Data Encoding Services. Data Entry Services. Data Warehousing Services. Document Scanning. Financial Accounting Services: Accounts Payable Processing Assets / Equipment Ledgers. Bank Reconciliation. Billings. Book Keeping. Credit Card Processing. Financial Analysis. Financial Reporting. Financial Statements. General Ledger Maintenance. Mortgage Processing Services. Payroll Processing. Content Writing: Copy Writing Service Editing-Proof Reading Speech Writing Technical Writing Translation Service

6 What we do Recruitment Process Outsourcing ( RPO) Services: Arrowsol8 is dedicated to provide recruitment agencies with outsourced recruitment solutions that help them optimize their business potential. May it be enhancing your recruiting function or lifting off your shoulder mundane tasks such as; active or passive resume searching, job posting, end to end candidate qualification etc, we offer cost effective, tailored solutions which will help you make more revenue while lowering your operating costs. Employ the best talent while reducing cost and recruitment time. Recruitment process is a key human resource function of any company, by outsourcing you recruitment process; you will be able to save time and money, thus enabling you to focus more on business generation, meeting client and candidates instead off shifting through CVs all day. Resume Sourcing: Searching job boards to source and match relevant CVs for the vacancies sent across by the client. Advert Response Management: Screening and filtering advertising response generated from job boards and careers portals. Prequalification of Candidates: After sourcing a relevant candidate we telephone them to ascertain if they are interested in the vacancy and are available.

7 Arrowsol8 Call Center Client Crystal Clear Work Methodology When the client comes to us for a solution to outsource we provide them With a crystal clear solution, in which they have complete control on Their project being worked on anywhere in the world.

8 Internal Network Managing Director Operations Manager Project Manager SupervisorTeam LeaderAgentsR&D Affiliate Manager Suppliers Training Manager Marketing & Client Interaction Marketing Executive Client Interaction Area Representative AccountsLegal

9 Client & Call Center Network Arrowsol8 United Kingdom United States Philippines Call Centers Brazil Thailand Australia Pakistan Canada Europe Czech Republic India Clients America Kenya

10 About Us With years of experience in customer interaction management, some of the biggest names in business trust us to take care of their customers. Arrowsol8s commitment to customer success is evident with client tenures that are above the industry average. Arrowsol8 has a strong Quality assurance and control measures to build quality into the products and services. The quality procedures are well defined which will help ensure that every service is provided with high quality which will surpass the customers expectations. Arrowsol8 lays highest emphasis on the quality of customer interaction services. It has a sound procedure to monitor every call between its representatives and valued customers. Working collectively with clients and vendors to provide its clients the best possible service. Having vendors Providing services from; USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, Philippines, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan and various other countries. Bridging the gap's in the industry and changing the thoughts of clients on how exactly this industry benefits their companies.

11 Contacts Tel: +92-423-575-3294 Website: Sales: General


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