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Company Presentation Company Mission To provide simple, wearable, inexpensive flexible protective clothing for those vulnerable to abnormal risks as a.

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1 Company Presentation Company Mission To provide simple, wearable, inexpensive flexible protective clothing for those vulnerable to abnormal risks as a result of their age, physical or medical condition and occupational or leisure activities. 1 Dermatuff©2013 WARNING – Contains pictures of injuries which may upset some people with low tolerance.

2 DERMATUff Ltd, EX5 1EE Telephone: 01395 548199 Mobile: 07836 212713 Company Number: 06299804 2 Dermatuff©2013

3 Mir Concepts Ltd was founded by Nick Pitts and Peter Thornton in May 2005 to research and develop new ideas, from concept to market place. They had previously worked together after the restructuring of a company in which they had both been involved. DermaTuff is a project spun out of Mir Concepts Ltd. Both Peter Thornton and Nick Pitts have an extensive business background particularly in the food manufacturing and marketing sectors. CVs for both are available as an annex but of note is that Peter Thornton was a director of his family business of Thorntons Plc for most of his 34 years of employment and Nick Pitts has spent several years with large food manufacturers such as Hazlewood Foods, St Merryn Meat, Hygrade Foods and Tulip, in senior finance positions. To date both have worked equably in partnership as Joint Managing Directors, Nick has concentrated on finance and administration and Peter on product and potential sales development. Business concept development has been a joint responsibility. Through the start-up phase these roles will continue with considerable flexibility. 3 Dermatuff©2013 The Founders and Directors

4 Our first products, Skin-Tear Protection Stockings and Sleeves were launched in April 2012 Registered as a Medical Device Class I by the MHRA They were manufactured in Italy from yarn (60% Technora and 40% nylon) sourced from an Italian spinning company by a local Italian stocking manufacturer. In the future the products will be manufactured in England. 4 Dermatuff©2013

5 Combined DVT/Skin Tear Protection Stockings Much more wearable Vascular Stockings Combined Vascular/Skin Tear Protection Stockings Protective Stockings and Sleeves for Sports Lightweight Protective Stockings and Sleeves for hazardous work. 5 Dermatuff©2013 Potential for more Products under the Concept of our Mission Statement

6 In case anyone does not know what they look like. 6 Dermatuff©2012 The Problem that we seek to prevent – Skin Tears

7 LeBlanc et al. (2007) defined skin tears as: the result of shearing, friction or blunt trauma that causes separation of skin layers. The subsequent wounds are partial or full thickness depending upon the degree of tissue damage. 7 Dermatuff©2012

8 8

9 Summary of Risk Factors Age and gender History of previous skin tears Dry, fragile skin Medications that thin the skin such as steroids Ecchymosis (bruising / discolouration of the skin caused by leakage of blood into the subcutaneous tissue as a result of trauma to the underlying blood vessels) Impaired mobility or vision Poor nutrition and hydration Cognitive or sensory impairment Co morbidities that compromise vascularity and skin status, including chronic heart disease, renal failure, cerebrovascular accident Dependence on others for showering, dressing or transferring. 9 Dermatuff©2012

10 Predisposing Factors Age related changes to the skin Skin becomes thinner Can be 20% reduction in thickness of the dermis Collagen becomes less elastic Skin becomes less stretchy and resilient 10 Dermatuff©2012

11 Some Causes Trauma, usually blunt, often minor Cot sides/Bed rails Shopping Trolley Car door Falls Tripping on the staircase Getting on the bus Rose thorns Nurses/care 11 Dermatuff©2012

12 12 I was given an example of the cost of treating a skin tear. The treatment need to be renewed twice per week; each renewal takes about half an hour and requires two dressings. The dressings are on FP 10 and cost £16 each time. The cost for the trained staff member would be about £7.50 And the wound takes about7 weeks to heal. This means that there is a cost for the Care Home of £7.50 x 2 x 7 = £105 for each skin tear. This particular resident suffers a least one skin tear per month which means 12 skin tears per annum. The annual cost for this particular resident is £1,260 for the Care Home. The cost for the NHS is £16 x 2 x 7 = £224 for each skin tear. Equivalent to £2,688 per annum this makes a total annual cost of £3,948. If the skin tear protection stockings or sleeves prevented 97% of all skin tears as our evaluations indicated then the annual realistic saving would be £3,829. This would be for an investment of £60 if two pairs of stockings are used. A return on investment of 6,381% Of course with a patient of this age there is a considerable chance that the skin tear will then turn into a leg ulcer. Example of Cost Saving in a Nursing Home I was given an example of the cost of treating a skin tear in a Nursing Home. Costs each Treatment Cost of trained staff each time £7.50 Costs of dressings each time £16.00 Total cost each time £23.50 Twice per week for 7 weeks = x14 = £329 This resident has one skin tear per month therefore total for year = £3948 97% chance of being effective Therefore annual saving = £3829 Cost of two pairs of stockings = £60 With a patient of this age there is a considerable chance that the skin tear will then turn into a leg ulcer. Dermatuff©2012

13 Market Size and Growth Rates 13 Dermatuff©2012 There are no statistics but published academic studies give an average figure of 1.5309 skin tears per annum for people in the vulnerable age group – 75+ years. Many younger people are vulnerable but for the purpose of this exercise we will ignore those. Cost of two pairs of stockings and sleeves for each person is £120, cost of treating a wound is £329. therefore dependent upon variability it is probably worth 80% of the age group wearing them. Lets say only 40% of the whole group would choose to wear stockings and 20% sleeves.

14 In the UK the %ge of the population who are 75+ is 8.062% = 5.085million, 40% of that for stockings is 2,035million, 20% of that for sleeves is 1,017million. We will take this as the UK market size. A pair weighs approximately 100 gms and 41% will be Kevlar® To supply the whole of this demand the weight would be 125 tonnes At 1.5309 skin tears per annum this would mean that there will be 7.784 million skin tears each year in this age group alone. Which it costs approximately £2.56bn to treat. The market for these products will exist in the more affluent countries globally: 8.062% of those populations will be deemed to be the market for the products, see attached spreadsheet. Worldwide population in affluent countries over the age of 75 = 86,949,496. The UK 75+ population and therefore our market is growing at 2.5% per year. 14 Dermatuff©2012

15 How do Dermatuff Skin Tears Protection Stockings and Sleeves work? This shows how a terry loop is made. The loops coloured yellow are made with the specialist abrasion and impact resistant aramid yarn whilst the base fabric (coloured black) is nylon. Inside Outside 15 Dermatuff©2012

16 The combination of the looping system and the hard aramid prevents the result of shearing, friction or blunt trauma that causes separation of skin layers The stockings are not compression stockings They apply only a safe level of pressure This amount of pressure is necessary to enhance comfort to stay in position and provide close fitting The stockings have a doubled-over soft-top which ensures that they stay up 16 Dermatuff©2012

17 The leg portion of the stockings and the sleeves excluding the cuffs are made with the protective material. The stocking feet are made with Cotton as they do not need to be protective. They do not cause any irritation or allergy They are warm in winter and cool in summer They may be washed by normal means at normal temperatures. Registered as a Medical Device Class I Listed on NHS Supply Chain 17 Dermatuff©2012

18 18 Dermatuff©2012

19 19 StockingsCentimetres SIZE Circumference below knee D Circumference round calf at the widest part C Circumference narrowest point above the ankle bone B Length below the knee to floor A - D LARGE 28 - 50 28-3046-58 MEDIUM22-40 22-3042-54 SMALL18-32 18-2735-47 SleevesCentimetres SIZE Circumference above elbow G Circumference at elbow E Circumference round wrist at the narrowest point C Length elbow to wrist C - E LARGE 30-4232-4621-3230-38 MEDIUM24-3624-3816-2425-30 SMALL18-3019-3213-2420-25 Dermatuff©2013

20 First Evaluation in Care Homes The evaluation took place in five Care Homes During July to September 09. Result - great reduction in painful skin-tears and other harmful effects. Reduction in dressing of wounds. 20 Dermatuff©2012

21 Second Evaluation in Care Homes 23 rd December 2010 to 15 th February 2011 in five Care Homes. There were fourteen participants. All nursing home managers thought that wearing the stockings definitely prevented many more injuries. There was a high level of acceptability of the stockings by the residents. 21 Dermatuff©2012

22 DaysHoursSkin-tearsBruisesNo. of people 74778221020 Skin-tear measure Actual skin tear rate Potential skin tear rate% reduction Skin-tears per person 0.051.8597.30% Bruises measure Actual Bruises rate Potential Bruises rate % reduction Bruises/ person 03.6eliminated Evaluation Results 22 Dermatuff©2012

23 Florence Lees, now aged 92 who is a very happy resident of Cranford Nursing Home in Exmouth has been wearing the stockings for two years. She says that she has had no problems at all with wearing them and no itching or overheating. Ive been very comfortable with my protective stockings she said, They have saved me a great deal of pain and suffering 23 Vulnerable Resident has no skin tears for over 2 years Dermatuff©2012

24 Randomised Controlled Trial to take place Dr Roy Powell, a researcher and statistician together with his research team made an application for an award of £250,000 to the National Institute for Health Research under its Research for Patient Benefit Scheme to research the effectiveness of the skin tear protection stockings and was successful. The trial will start in March 2013 and will last for 16 weeks but because of the very considerable analysis of the data necessary the findings will be published at the end of 2014. The STOPCUTS Trial will take place in approximately 30 care homes situated in Exeter, Exmouth and North Devon. Ninety residents will be randomly selected: half of them will wear the stockings and half who will be the control group will not do so. 24 Dermatuff©2012

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