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BOBS Bonding – Mock Closing The purpose of this Mock Closing is specifically to provide Surety.

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1 BOBS Bonding – Mock Closing The purpose of this Mock Closing is specifically to provide Surety Brokers the opportunity to obtain Power of Attorney in the Infinite Source Bonding Process in advance of them receiving a bond application from a bidding contactor. This process is not recommended if you do not anticipate issuing bonds in the near future, nor is it required if you are issuing bonds only through the issuers of digitally authenticated bonds (Xenex or Mobile Bonds).

2 This mock closing is hosted on the Infinite Source website rather than on BidCentral. You must create a login and password that is unique to this website (it cannot also be used to access BidCentral). To access the login refer to 61984/sp/bidsource.htm 61984/sp/bidsource.htm and follow the instructions. Procedures are similar to those provided for BidCentral in the webinar and guidelines. 1. Create a login and password.

3 Once a login has been obtained and you have accessed the Mock Closing website you will be required to insert the Project Key ( ZKAFWUWW ). Click OK

4 Successfully entering the Project Key will reveal the BOBS Bonding – Mock Closing listed under My Projects. Clicking on the project name will cause the next page to open.

5 On the Project Information page you will see an icon called Bid Module at the top of the page. Click on this icon to open the Bid Module (as shown on the next page).

6 For the purposes of this Mock Closing you are acting as the contractor and will be sending yourself the Bond Application. Clicking on the Bond Application icon will cause the next page to open.

7 The Bond Application form has mandatory fields indicated by *. The information you provide to complete this process can be made up by you. Once you have completed filling out the form, enter your email address in the box at the bottom of the page. Clicking Submit Application will send you an email.

8 You will receive an email message similar to the one shown above, with a link enabling you to complete the process. As noted previously, the purpose of this Mock Closing is specifically for you to obtain Power of Attorney in the BidCentral Bonding Process in advance of our system receiving a bond application from a bidding contactor. Hence, you are not creating or issuing a bond. Clicking on the link will implement the Authentication process if you have not already been authenticated.

9 The Authentication process requires the payment of a fee. The payment of this fee is shared with the BidCentral application and will be valid for all future projects for the duration you select. This process is the same as described in the BidCentral Online Bidding for Subcontractors webinar and guidelines. The user key you receive here will be required when you begin to create bonds in the BOBS sytem. Once this step is completed, the process to have you receive Power of Attorney can begin (as shown on the following pages).

10 When this page opens you will see a list of those Surety Organizations who have provided us with the authorization to allow you to sign and seal their bid bonds. Note: Those shown here are for demonstration purposes only and do not reflect the actual list. You can check the box for each organization that you want to request Power of Attorney from. The system will send all of them an email at the same time.

11 Once the system has sent the email notifications requesting your Power of Attorney, each of the surety organizations you sent a request to will show as Pending, until such time as you are confirmed. You will also receive an email notification when each surety organization has confirmed your request.

12 Once you are approved your status will be displayed next to the relevant surety organizations. This approval is valid for all future bond applications unless your Power of Attorney is removed by the surety organization. Approval of your Power of Attorney will also list the Surety Organization here, where they will be listed in a drop down box for your selection. You are now ready to issue bonds for any Bond Application you will receive from a contractor. Once you have completed this process each bond application will take you directly to this page after you have completed the login process.

13 Once you have fully completed this process and are comfortable with the system, please go to: and select Obtain a Login and Password to obtain your permanent BidCentral login information. Bookmark the link above and retain your username and password for future access to the bonding system. Find more BOBS bond information and resources at including the full BOBS Bond Submission User Guide.BOBS Bond Submission User Guide

14 Thank-you. If you have any questions regarding this process, please direct them to: Warren Perks VP of Industry Practices BC Construction Association Telephone: 250-575-1077 Email:

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