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Product Development and Manufacturing for OEM Applications

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1 Product Development and Manufacturing for OEM Applications
This presentation is designed to provide a general overview of the product development and manufacturing capabilities of RODI Systems Corp. RODI Systems Corp. 936 Hwy 516 Aztec, NM

2 RODI Systems Overview Privately Owned New Mexico Corporation
Founded in 1995 Located in NW New Mexico Specializes in Monitoring and Control Equipment for Water Treatment Applications RODI Systems is a privately held New Mexico Corporation located in the northwestern corner of the state. RODI specializes in water treatment monitoring and control equipment.

3 RODI Systems History RO Controllers Founded in January 1995 as Reverse Osmosis (RO) Consulting Firm Began Design of RO Monitoring Systems in Mid-1995 Currently Offers Complete Line of Monitoring and Control Products Began OEM Manufacturing and Private Labeling in 1999 RO Consulting RODI Systems began as a consulting firm specializing in RO applications. Over the last several years, we have focused on developing monitoring and control products. RODI’s standard products include a line of dedicated RO controllers, a specialized RO performance monitoring system, automatic silt density index monitors, remote monitoring and data logging systems, and various sensors for these systems. RODI also designs and manufactures custom controllers for specific OEM applications. OEM Products

4 Custom OEM Products Unique Products Designed to Client’s Specifications Private Labeling of Standard Products Clients Have Included US Filter, Siemens, Nalco, and Pentair RODI can design unique monitoring or control products to the client’s specifications. RODI can provide certifications for UL, CSA, and CE if required.

5 Design Capabilities Product Conception Circuit Board Design
Embedded Microprocessor, PLC, and PC Programming Mechanical Design Graphic Design Preparation of O&M Manuals, Training Aids, and Marketing Materials UL Listing and CE Conformance RODI Systems’ design capabilities include every facet of design process.

6 Development Experience
Embedded Programming – Assembly, C, BASIC (Embedded Interpreter), Ladder Logic Editor/Compiler Serial Communication Including Modbus and A-B DF1 Ethernet Communication Via TCP/IP Remote Communication Via Telephone Modem and Wireless Transceiver (Motorola Reflex and Cellular) RODI Systems’ design capabilities include every facet of design process.

7 Development Experience (cont.)
Graphic Display with Touch Screen Capability Capacitive Keypads PC Software Tool Development with Delphi Hardware Interfaces for pH, ORP, Temperature (RTD), Contacting Conductivity, Toroidal Conductivity UL Listing and CE Conformance RODI Systems’ design capabilities include every facet of design process.

8 Manufacturing Capabilities
Circuit Boards – Through-Hole and Surface Mount Final Product Assembly Including Skid-Mounted Systems 100% QA Testing UL 508 Certified RODI Systems’ manufacturing capabilities range from single circuit boards to small skid-mounted systems.

9 Control System Integration
Control System Design System Construction PLC and HMI Programming Startup Assistance Technical Support RODI provides turn key control system integration for small and large PLC-based systems. RODI has experience with Allen-Bradley, Koyo, Toshiba, Modicon, and Siemens PLC products.

10 RODI Systems Product Examples
AquaLynx® RO Controllers RO Performance MonitorTM EZ SDITM Silt Density Index Monitors DataFlex RemoteTM RODI Systems’ standard products were developed specifically for membrane-based water treatment applications.

11 AquaLynx® Model 350 One Conductivity Input One Temperature Input
Two Flow Inputs Six Discrete Inputs Six Relay Outputs The AquaLynx Model 350 is the least expensive the of AquaLynx RO controller line. It is suitable for small to medium sized commercial and industrial RO systems.

12 AquaLynx® Model 250 Two Conductivity Inputs Two Temperature Inputs
Two Flow Inputs Six Discrete Inputs Six Relay Outputs Data Logging and Remote Accessibility The AquaLynx Model 250 is the mid-level RO controller from RODI Systems. It is suitable for large commercial systems and industrial systems.

13 AquaLynx® Model 100 Two Conductivity Inputs Two Temperature Inputs
Three Flow Inputs Four Analog (4-20 mA) Inputs PLC or Modbus Interface Data Logging and Remote Access Acts as PLC Interface The AquaLynx Model 100 is unique in that it can communicate directly with a PLC via a serial connection. Since it is designed to be used with a PLC, it has no discrete inputs and no relay outputs.

14 DataFlex RemoteTM Remote Monitoring System
Four Analog Inputs Two Flow Inputs Four Discrete Inputs Two Relay Outputs Optional pH, ORP, or Conductivity Inputs Data Logging Remote Monitoring via Modem The DataFlex Remote was designed for monitoring remote treatment systems. It is used extensively for monitoring small service deionization systems. The user can dial into the DataFlex remotely with RODI’s AquaGraph software. The DataFlex can also dial out to RODI’s ALARM software to report alarm conditions.

15 RO Performance MonitorTM
Single Device Performs All Monitoring Functions Real-Time Data Normalization Internal Sensors Alarm Logging Data Logging The RO Performance Monitor is a single instrument that performs all monitoring functions for an RO unit. It monitors all pressures, flows, conductivities, and temperatures necessary to calculate RO performance. It does all of the normalization calculations in real time and logs data to internal memory. All sensors (with the exception of flow) are internal to the Monitor and are connected to the process piping by means of nylon tubing. This greatly simplifies installation of the Monitor.

16 RODI Systems’ Software
AquaGraphTM – Provides remote access to AquaLynx®, DataFlex, and RO Performance MonitorTM; also allows data downloading and graphing ALARM – Provides 24/7 alarm monitoring for remote DataFlex installations RODI provides two software packages for use with its products. The AquaGraph is used to remotely access modem-equipped AquaLynx units (Models 250 and 100 only), view system performance in real time, down load logged data, and graph the data. The ALARM software is used to continuously monitor alarm notification from remote DataFlex units.

17 AquaGraphTM Software With AquaGraph, the user can dial into a remote AquaLynx (Models 250 and 100), DataFlex unit, or RO Performance Monitor and view the system in real time. A reproduction of the instrument keypad and display appears on the user’s PC screen and by using the cursor and mouse, the user can “press” the keys to operate the monitor just as he would if at the monitor itself. AquaGraph allows the user to down load logged data, save the data, and prepare custom graphs with any of the downloaded data. These graphs may be exported to other documents for report preparation. Provides real-time reproduction of AquaLynx® instrument face on PC screen Allows custom graphs to be prepared from downloaded logged data

18 ALARM Software RODI’s ALARM software is designed to run on a dedicated PC at a central location to continuously monitor incoming calls from remote DataFlex units for alarm reporting. When it receives a call from a DataFlex unit, the ALARM software logs the alarm on the host PC and can relay the alarm notification via pager, fax, or . Continuously monitors incoming calls from remote DataFlex units for alarm reporting Logs alarms on host PC and relays alarm notification via pager, fax, or

19 EZ SDITM Automatic Silt Density Index Monitor
Automated Version of ASTM Method for RO Feed Water Determines RO Fouling Tendency from Suspended Particles by Means of Filter Plugging Very Sensitive to Particle Size and Concentration The silt density index (SDI) test is still the most highly recognized test procedure for determining the fouling tendency of RO feed water. The EZ SDI monitors from RODI are automatic testing systems that perform the ASTM test.

20 Popular Features in RODI Systems’ Standard Products
Alarm Logging Data Logging Diagnostics Screens for All IO Including Keypad Ability to Return to Default Setpoints Software Tools Including Label Configuration and Setpoint Utility Software Date-Encrypted Backdoor Password

21 Why Choose RODI Systems?
High-Quality Products Thorough QA Program Quick Turnaround Knowledgeable Technical Support Specializes in Water Treatment Applications – Extensive Field Experience Proven Track Record with Some of the World’s Largest Water Treatment Companies

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