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Laurent Gallet : +212(0) 6 30 15 18 35

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1 Laurent Gallet : +212(0)


3 Prickle of performance & growth Lower cost of the outsourced function Structuring refocused of the company Profesionalization of the outsourced functions Increase of the customer satisfaction Sales Growth Greater flexibility of the human resources

4 Organization in « project » mode Pooling of the « support » recources Outsourcing of the administrative recources Abolition of the non-operational posts Team leaders with vast responsabilities Operational management insured by the partners Reasonable rate of margin, except any constraint of market The levers of the Low Cost - 70%* * Compared with European Market

5 Multi-channel customer service Acquisition Management Development of customer loyalty Inbound 50% Telephone selling Appointment setting Qualification of files Creation of traffic Outbound 20% processing Moderation SMS chat Digital communication B.P.O. 30%

6 Customer Service TelephoneSMS/MMS Social Networks Mobiles AppliSkypeMessengerCall-back Web collaborative


8 Attract the best profile Ambitious compensation policy (+16% compared with the business sector) Internal promotion & dévelopement of employees loyalty policy Non-productivist management Train to develope loyalty Integration training « Customer » training In-service training (workshops, individual coaching, selftraining…) Collaborators training courses of support for the internal promotion The recruitment and the training, are determining strategic constants of the quality level of service, and thus of the satisfaction of your customers.

9 Customer Service Outbounds Calls/ day / month calls/ month & / month 600 appointement/ month files qualifications/ month 350 appointements/ month BtoB projects detecting

10 Laurent Gallet +212(0) Low Cost Call Center

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