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2 Daniel A. Danny Bobrow, MBA President

3 It is your first date with the patient Its the patients first impression of the office and, as such, It sets the tone for your relationship with them Its your best marketing tool It reduces confusion and, therefore, stress It instills a perception of quality about the entire practice, which leads to greater case acceptance (think branding)

4 Poor customer service seems to be everywhere these days. Employees ignore waiting customers. I dont care attitudes are prevalent. Supervisors dont have the time or resources to train workers. But it also represents opportunity! Practices that deliver superior service make headlines because they stand out from the rest of the pack. -The Marketing Insider, Dental Products Report

5 I was not hired to do this Not my personality Not honest Callers are low quality Im a perfectionist Im too busy I hate reading off a script But our patients love us once they meet us

6 Your Tallest Tent Pole Your Tallest Tent Pole Components of Communication How to minimize the visual gap The Self-Fulfilling Prophesy Trap Empathy and Rapport Enthusiasm Agreement


8 Telephone Equipment Outgoing Messages and On Hold Messages


10 In General Max 4 Rings Before Answering ZERO Rings When Office is Closed! Avoid Reference to Hours & Other Fluff Never longer than 45 seconds During Office Hours/Lunch Meetings, After Hours

11 Thank you for your decision to call the dental office …. Where we specialize in e.g. creating beautiful smiles…. For our patients. We cannot speak with you at the moment…but look forward to getting and keeping you smiling… Feel free to leave a confidential message…including if youd like how it is we can be of service to you… If this is an emergency, were concerned, and invite you to call.. (or press X) Thank you again for calling. We look forward to helping you.

12 Hello and thank you for calling …. where were creating beautiful smiles for our patients and apologize we cannot take your call at the moment. Please leave your name….so we can return your call and give you the attention you deserve. Thanks again for calling… and make it a wonderful day!

13 ….we are currently attending an educational meting to improve our practice and the care we deliver to our patients. We will return…. And be sure to return your call then.

14 Keep It Current Call Yourself (to confirm function) Use It To Build a professional image and Prepare to speak with the most important person in the world!


16 Verbal – 7% Vocal – 38% Visual – 55%!



19 …externally generated patients do not yet know or trust you (but) that doesnt mean they are not good patients…All of us have responded to a promotion (and) that doesnt make us trailer trash! Trouble is, you might only remember the clinkers. -The Marketing Insider, Dental Products Report

20 When we label someone as undesirable, the quality of our communication changes… FOR THE WORSE

21 A motivation oriented towards the other The capability to understand another's feelings To "put oneself into another's shoes Important Because… People dont care how much you know Until they know how much you care



24 Avoid emotionally charged and negative words and Gain and Maintain Control of The Call

25 Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, and Dealing with Racism Or Men and Women as Allies and Friends, and Celebrating Pluralism ?????

26 A current emergency patient A current comprehensive exam patient A current operative patient A current hygiene patient

27 A prospective emergency patient A prospective non-emergency patient who: Wants to know the price of a procedure Wants to know if you participate in their Plan Is fearful Does not know what they want ???

28 Having A Plan For Predictable Scenarios Means Less Stress & More Energy To Devote To Selling The Caller

29 Our Dentist Facility Hygiene Department Amenities Training Team Is GREAT Because…..

30 I can help you with that, my name is ____ With whom am I speaking?


32 Greeting Give/Get Name Warm Welcome Rapport, Enthusiasm, CONNECT! Gain Agreement Question Offer Solution(s) Sell Solution(s) Collect/Confirm Details (LAST)

33 General Greeting Referral acknowledgement Deft use of On Hold Message System Price Quoting Focus on symptoms or concerns Offering no or low fee evaluation Selling doctor/practice

34 Gathering pertinent info Discussing fees/fincl. Arrangements Offering appt. Giving directions (which way is north?) Supporting / Endorsing Callers Decision Overall attitude/friendliness/helpfulness

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