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How to use the Veryan Webview database FINDING A WORK EXPERIENCE PLACEMENT.

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1 How to use the Veryan Webview database FINDING A WORK EXPERIENCE PLACEMENT

2 Veryan Webview is a database of employers who have had a Health & Safety check carried out by the Devon Education Business Partnership (DEBP) The DEBP have given permission for you to look at their database and use it as a resource in helping you find a local employer to take you for your work experience placement It is not a list of guaranteed placements, but does give valuable contact information of employers who have accepted a work experience placement in the past and who may consider doing so again WHAT IS VERYAN WEBVIEW?


4 Click on [STUDENT]


6 Click on [SEARCH] on the top menu bar

7 Tick a job type you are interested in and a town/area to search

8 Click on one of the [VIEW] buttons This allows you to see more information about each placement

9 A job description screen is then displayed giving all the contact information you should need (address, telephone number etc.) Please be aware that as this is a database of previous placements, it may be a number of years since the employer had a student on placement, and the contact name stated may occasionally be out of date

10 Using the [PRINTABLE VERSION] button displays the information in a printer-friendly format

11 Once you have chosen two or three possible employers, use the contact information to enquire whether you can spend your work experience placement with them You can do this either by letter or by telephone call

12 In the past, students have found it useful to first telephone an employer to ask whether they can spend their work experience placement with them Always follow up successful telephone calls with a letter enclosing the necessary paperwork Always

13 EVERY YEAR a number of students believe they have a secure placement because my dad knows the boss or my mates sorted it for me only to find out nearer the time that another student has taken their place because they didnt tie up loose ends and get the paperwork completed

14 Until the paperwork is completed by the employer and returned to school, the placement is NOT finalised It can be very easy for an employer to forget about a work experience enquiry they had over the telephone months ago! REMEMBER

15 … to recap … So…


17 This PowerPoint is available on the school website Dont forget that Mrs Brant is available in the Careers Library on Mon, Tue and Wed morning if you have any questions or need additional copies of paperwork

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