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Technology and Communication Jake Hummel Connor Herdy-Kelly Charlie Carner Kevin Banachiewicz.

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1 Technology and Communication Jake Hummel Connor Herdy-Kelly Charlie Carner Kevin Banachiewicz

2 Legal Issues Legal issues effect technology and communication a lot. The internet is full of illegal things which causes a lot of lawsuits and crimes. There is a fine line between national security and personal privacy, so the government have a hard time keeping the country safe but at the same time free.

3 Technology Technology, believe it or not, is a big part of the technology industry. Its used to keep record of various things, used online to help promote and take surveys depending on the product. Basically in this day and age tech. is incorporated into practiclly anything and everything from your home to the work space.

4 Government Effects Technology America organized the world wide web which makes the world be filled in with news quicker than over the television. Things that the government doesnt control, for example, is a public/private technology company such as Microsoft. If a product of a private/public company is not safe, the government has the power to call a recall of this product (stop production). The government also has a tax return for when you buy something that uses less energy than the general energy using product that the consumer will normally buy. An example is the Chevy Volt. People that buy the Volt will get a tax return of $7,500. This seems like a good deal but many people will shy away as due to being electric car is priced at $41,000. In China the government (communism) will force any foreign automaker to give up their electric vehicle technology. This is because China wants to become a global power in the development and production of electric cars/hybrids. In the American view this would be fine if China was paying automakers for their technology, but China is bullying automakers for their technology.

5 Global Environment Global Environment affects technology by allowing it to expand by exporting, licensing, joint venture, and direct investment.

6 Global Trade Global trade effects technology and communications industry by creating competition and expanding the market. Its a way for businesses to expand their product and experiment with the latest technology around the world.

7 Trends It took cell phones 14 years to reach 50% of U.S. households, 56 years for the telephone, 20 years for the personal computer, ten years for the Internet, nine years for radio and just five years for television. Technology is used almost anywhere you go. Almost everybody in the U.S. uses technology sometime in their day and most businesses cannot function without it.

8 Adaptation Technology adapts by making the products look and work better. Technology also targets certain groups of people, like elderly people and kids. Phones that are easier to use are popular with the elderly and video games are often targeted at children.

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