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Final Exam Review Fall 2012. Segregation The legal separation of different groups of people.

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1 Final Exam Review Fall 2012

2 Segregation The legal separation of different groups of people

3 Nativists Nativists didnt want immigrants to come in to the United States.

4 Political Machines Political Machines would give immigrants jobs. Because of this many immigrants like political machines.

5 Describe Urban areas in 1900 Ethnic neighborhoods formed when immigrants would seek out people similar to themselves.

6 Chinese Exclusion Act This act made it so the individuals from China could no longer immigrate to the United States. This was the first restriction law placed on immigration.

7 What was a result of the immigrants moving into urban areas? The urban areas (cities) grew very rapidly

8 Inventors and their inventions Thomas Edison – light bulb George Westinghouse-transformer Singer- sewing machine Samuel Morse- telegraph Alexander Graham Bell - Telephone

9 Light Bulb cause and effect 7.Edison invents the light bulb 8.Longer working day 9.Increased production 10.Increased profits 11.Economic Boom

10 Describe working conditions in factories in the late 1800s Unhealthy and dangerous

11 Why was the Transcontinental rail road significant? The transcontinental railroad connected the east to the west and allowed people to move west, thus closing the Western Frontier.

12 What mad John Rockefeller and Andrew Carnagie robber barons? Robber Barons-were business men who were corrupt and would drain natural resources, and paid their employees very little.

13 Sherman Anti Trust Act Was passed to stop the growth of Monopolies.

14 Homesteaders People moved west for several reasons some moved to get rich fast. They were disappointed because living the west was very hard and rarely resulted in wealth.

15 Homestead Act The land on the Great Plains was developed into a major agricultural area as people moved out there for the free land and became farmers.

16 How did Booker T. Washington/W.E.B. DuBois views on equality differ? DuBois demanded full social and political equality( Was in favor of higher education) Washington urged temporarily accepting a lower status (get along with all people and equality will come)

17 Lynching's- People accused of a crime being hung by mobs before they went to trial

18 NAACP formed to abolished segregation and work towards full civil rights for blacks

19 Jim Crow Laws Jim Crow Laws- made separate but equal the law, degraded African Americans

20 Plessy v. Ferguson Case that made Jim Crow laws official

21 Womens suffrage The 19 th Amendment gave Women the right to Vote.

22 Progressive Era Reforms Recall- allows voters to remove an official from office Initiative- allows citizens to propose new laws Direct Primary- allows voters to shoose partys candidate for an election Referendum- citizens can vote to reject a law

23 Why was the Panama Canal important to the US? This new route was helpful for trade as well as for our newly acquired military bases in the Pacific

24 Big Stick Policy Theodore Roosevelt's foreign Policy Remember- dont talk about it be about it

25 What event triggered the Spanish American War Explosion of the USS Maine

26 WWI MAIN reasons for US involvement M- Militarism A-alliances I-imperialism N- nationalism

27 Zimmerman Note (a major diplomatic mistake) Germany tried to convince Mexico to attack the US in exchange for getting some of their lost territory back from the United Sates

28 Which of Wilsons 14 Points was actually adopted by the Big 4 (while negotiating the Treaty of Versailles) The 14 th - creation of the League of Nations What was the main goal of the 14 point plan- world peace

29 Why did the US eventually get involved in WWI Due to unrestricted submarine warfare. Several passenger ships were sunk and Americans were killed. (**Lusitainia)

30 The system of Alliances Caused most of Europe to get involved with WWI

31 Harlem Renaissance Focus on African-American artistic contributions such as Jazz music, literature and art

32 Henry Ford His use of the assembly line increased production and drove the price of the automobile down.

33 What was a long term effect of Prohibition? The creation and rapid growth of organized crime

34 After the stock market crashed why did thousands of banks close? They could not return all the depositors money

35 Which area was mostly impacted by the great depression? The Great Plains

36 Why was President Hoovers response to the Great Depression criticized? B/C he did not do anything to provide direct relief to those most in need during the Depression.

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