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Layout & Convention of Letter Writing LI Huali BUPT-SH.

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2 Layout & Convention of Letter Writing LI Huali BUPT-SH

3 I Every well-constructed letter is made up of at least the following parts: 1.Heading 2.Inside address 3. Salutation / Greeting 4. Body 5. Complimentary closure 6. Signature

4 1. The heading a.Printed letterhead, including name of organization, address, telephone number, etc. b.Date.

5 2. Inside address (optional if it is a personal letter) 1.Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss 2.Rev. for clergymen 3.Dr, Prof. General Captain Presidentetc. 4.Messrs.; Gentlemen; Mmes or Madams; Messrs. 5.Two or more men are addressed as Messrs, but a father and a son could not be lumped as Messrs. They should be addressed individually as : Mr. Howard Brown Mr. John Brown 5.For unmarried sisters, the envelope should be addressed like Misses Mary and Jane Howell

6 3. Salutation a.Dear + Mr./Mrs./ Ms./Miss + Surname b.Dear Sir or Madam, or Dear Sir/Madam c.Dear Sir, d.Dear Sirs e.Dear+ Christian name

7 4. Body of the Letter a.Making a start (opening); b.Stating the main points (middle part); c.concluding

8 5. Complementary Closing Affectionately, Yours with love, Fondly, With best wishes, Love, Yours,

9 6. The signature a.Always hand-write your signature; b.Sign your name in ink; c.Write you name legibly, so there can be no doubt as to the exact spelling of your name.

10 7. Special remarks 1.Attention Notice or Particular Address 2.Letter subject 3.Postscript 4.Title 5.Enclosure

11 1)Write the recipients address in the center (or a bit to the right), and single space if it takes three lines or more. On the first line, you write the recipients name, (followed by the recipients organization, if any) then the street number, street, city, state and ZIP code. The countrys name comes last; 2)Use only accepted abbreviations. 3)Place your own single-spaced address in the upper left-hand corner. First, you write your own name, then your organization followed by the street, city, province and the name of the country. II. The Envelope

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