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Shopping Why to shop Shopping is indispensable to our daily life: food, clothes, toys, house appliances, gifts, etc.

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2 Shopping



5 Why to shop Shopping is indispensable to our daily life: food, clothes, toys, house appliances, gifts, etc.

6 Where to shop A marketplace or a bazaar: An open area or square in a town where a public market or sale is set up. A bazaar in the Sahara a market in Sweden

7 Stores / Shops( in a broad sense): a department store A large retail store offering a variety of merchandise and services and organized in separate departments.

8 a shop (in a narrow sense): A small retail store or a specialty department in a large store. Hello!

9 a grocery store: A store selling foodstuffs and various household supplies.

10 a drugstore: A store where prescriptions are filled and drugs and other articles are sold.

11 a specialty store: It usually deals mainly with one kind of commodity and the salesmen usually have rich professional knowledge of the commodity and after-sale service is offered.

12 An exclusive shop: Specializing in or dealing under authorization the brands of the manufacturer and the distributor.

13 A supermarket: The selling is on a self- service basis. S.M mainly deals with fresh and raw merchandise, food and daily necessities.

14 Shopping Malls

15 A mall: A large, often enclosed shopping complex containing various stores, businesses, and restaurants usually accessible by common passageways.

16 The World s Biggest Mall is in Canada The largest shopping mall in the world is in Edmonton, Canada, it is called West Edmonton Mall (website: There are over 800 stores, 110 restaurants, 30 movie theatres, a hotel, a water park, an amusement park with roller coasters and other fun things to do like rock climbing, cart racing, small golf course and submarine rides in the worlds largest indoor lake

17 bazaar public market shops stores a department store a grocery store a drug store a specialty store an exclusive store supermarket shopping mall Shopping places

18 Other SORTS OF MARKETS Flea market Dollar store/white elephant Rebate store General store Market Center Black market

19 Chain supermarkets: Wal-Mart ( American) NO 1 in the world

20 Carrefour (French)

21 TESCO No 1 in Britain

22 Parkson (the first one opened in Dalian)

23 Hymall (Taiwan)

24 Lianhua ( No 1 in China)

25 Other Ways of Shopping

26 Shop on T.V.

27 Online Shopping

28 Shop on the radio Shop in magazines & newspapers

29 Where do you like to shop?

30 Tips For Shopping By Mail Or Telephone Shopping by mail or telephone can be a time and energy-saving way to buy almost anything you want. Many direct marketers provide toll-free( ) ordering and quick delivery to meet the needs of their customers.

31 HELPFUL GUIDELINES Tip #1., Before ordering, check the companys return policy( ). Tip #2.. Keeping order information is crucial( ) Tip #3. Never send cash. Tip #4. If merchandise is damaged, contact the mail order company immediately. If youre asked to return it, get a receipt from the shipper.

32 Tip #5. If you dont receive your order and your package is lost in transit, the mail order company probably will take responsibility for tracing it. Tip #6. If you cancel a mail order purchase charged on your credit card, the seller must credit your account within one billing cycle..

33 HELPFUL GUIDELINES Tip #1. Before ordering, check the company's return policy Tip #2. Keeping order information is crucial( ). Tip #3. Never send cash through the mail. Send a check or money order or use a credit card. When using credit cards, special credit rules apply.

34 Tip #4. If merchandise is damaged, contact the mail order company immediately. If you're asked to return it, get a receipt from the shipper.Suppose you order a set of dishes, but several plates arrive broken. You might wonder whether to send back the broken plates or the entire set. Do neither unless the instructions on the package tell you to refuse it if damage is obvious. First, tell the company some dishes were broken on arrival. Provide all the information that identifies your order, including your account and/or order number.

35 Keep a copy of your letter or a note of your conversation with the company's customer service representative and all items that prove you placed and paid for the order. Then, depending on the company's instructions, return the broken dishes or the entire set. In most cases, the mail order company will pay return postage for damaged merchandise

36 Tip #5. If you don't receive your order and your package is lost in transit, the mail order company probably will take responsibility for tracing it. If you contact the company and learn that your package was lost in transit( ), first try to work out a solution with the company. The company should be responsible for tracing the item. If your package cannot be located( ), most companies will replace it.

37 Tip #6. If you return merchandise( ) to a company, get a return receipt from the shipper. Sometimes things get lost in shipment or packages are mislaid( ). Ask the shipper for a return receipt when you send back an item to a mail order firm. The receipt may cost extra, but you'll have proof that you returned the merchandise.

38 WHERE TO FIND HELP If you have a problem with a mail order purchase: First contact the company. Provide your account and/or order number, and copies of any other information (such as cancelled checks or credit card statements) that will help identify the problem. Second your local Postmaster( ). Ask for the name and address of the appropriate Postal Inspector( ) in charge. Last your state or local consumer protection office, or the office located nearest the company.

39 TEN TOP SHOPPING CITIES New York (the Fifth Street) Pairs (Champs Ely sees) Tokyo Florentines (handiworks) Singapore Hong Kong (duty-free goods) Shanghai Seoul Bangkok Kuala Lumpur

40 Shop in a bidding block

41 Chinas retail industry 8 different forms: department store, discount store, shopping center, supermarket, general merchandise store, specialty store, exclusive store, convenience store.

42 Research Report on China Super-stores Market The present situation: ( taking the chain supermarket for instance) 1 It is young, only ten years old. 2. It is very small in size but various in form. 3. It is low in sales. 4. It has already been involved in the international competition. 5. It grows at an unusually high and pleasant speed.

43 In-Class Reading Consumer Behavior of the Youth

44 appreciate recognize or understand e.g. I appreciate your reason for objecting to the proposal. understand and enjoy; value highly e.g. You cant fully appreciate foreign literature in translation. thank sb. for sth. they have done e.g. I would appreciate it if you turn the music down.

45 Orient (AmE) (Latin root) =rise adj. …. ….. the Orient oriental the oriental way of life

46 orient/ orientate v. to aim something at sb. or sth. It is essential that the public sector orientates itself more towards the consumer. The industry is heavily orientated towards export markets. The school has an orientation towards practical skills.

47 –oriented oriented is added to nouns and adverbs to form adjectives which describe what sb. or sth is primarily interested or concerned with. She wants to turn the company into a profit-orientated organization.

48 a market-oriented economy money-oriented society research-oriented staff customer-oriented policy quality-oriented education student-oriented teaching method

49 impact: strong influence three out of four: 75 percentage of major purchases: important and expensive articles one decides to buy occur: happen occur to sb.: come into ones mind aesthetic (adj.) : relating to enjoyment and beauty

50 consideration consider: to give attention to You've got to consider the time element when planning the whole project. take sth. into consideration to think about sth. when you make a decision or plan. I always take price into consideration when buying clothing.

51 make a particular product, or the name of the company that made it : I like the make of the dress. cars of all makes a coat of first-class make a camera of Chinese make

52 contemporary con-tempor-ary togethertimeadj. of the present time, of the same time contemporary music/ literature / art Marlowe and Johnson were contemporary with Shakespeare.

53 contemporary Someones contemporary is a person who is or was alive at the same time as them. John is my contemporary, we are both 20. She is my contemporary at college

54 hit successful attempt or performance song hits a current hit a box-office hit a journalistic hit a hit by chance This new style is a bit hit with the high- school set.

55 contemporary hit radio: radio program that plays current popular songs be popular with/among: be liked or enjoyed or supported by to convince sb. to do sth. cause to happen; make certain to convince sb. of sth. How can I convince you of her honesty. to convince sb. that…. What she said convinced me that I was mistaken.

56 recipe set of instructions for preparing a food dish, This is the recipe for making chocolate cake. method of achieving sth. What is your recipe for success? Have you got a recipe for living long?

57 along with in addition to There was a bill along with the parcel. There are 32 different kinds of chocolate on sale along with the bread and cakes.

58 campaign camp-aign a planned group of activities toward the achievement of an aim anti-smoking campaign a patriotic public health campaign a reelection campaign advertising campaign a press campaign a public relations campaign

59 examples The desert campaign was won with tanks and armored vehicles.(military) The endless public appearances are an inevitable part of an election campaign. (political) Here are tips on how to launch an effective advertising campaign. (business) Children as young as five are the target of an anti-smoking campaign designed to prevent young people from getting hooked. (social)

60 kit a set of things, such as tools or equipment We keep a first-aid kit in the office for emergencies. a sewing kit car repair kit

61 in terms of with regard to ; from the point of view Our products compete with those of other factories in terms of quality, reliability and variety. In terms of natural resources, its one of the poorest countries in the world.

62 economy the intentional saving of money,time, energy, words They've had to make economies since Colin lost his job. the system of trade and industry by which the wealth of a country is made and used global economy The government's economic policies have led us into the worst recession for years.

63 economics Economics is the study of the way in which money, industry, and trade are organized in a society. He gained a masters degree in economics. Take up a course in economics The way in which money influences whether a plan, business, etc. will work effectively.( ) ( ) ( ) What are the economics of the project?

64 brand loyalty loyal: always supportive loyalty noun [U] the tendency always to buy the same make of product: All manufacturers want to encourage brand loyalty to their own products.

65 Here well is used for emphasizing something. Keep the children well away from the edge of the pool. It costs well over $100. It was well after 12 oclock when they arrived. well

66 distribute dis-tribute --- If you distribute things, you hand them or deliver them to a number of people. The teacher distributed examination papers to the class. They distributed leaflets/pamphlets to the passers-by.

67 peer pressure the strong influence of a group, esp. of children, on members of that group to behave as everyone else does: There is tremendous peer pressure to wear fashionable clothes.

68 authority [U] the moral or legal right or ability to control: I will give my lawyers authority (= permission) to act on my behalf. He's got no authority over (= ability to control) his students.

69 appeal [n] the quality in sb. or sth. that makes them attractive or interesting: Spielberg films have a wide appeal. to interest or attract someone: [v] to interest or attract sb.: I think what appeals to me about his painting is the colors he uses.

70 impulsive showing behavior in which you do things suddenly without any planning and without considering the effects they may have: Don't be so impulsive - think before you act.

71 tentative (of a plan or idea) not certain or agreed, or (of a suggestion or action) said or done in a careful but uncertain way because you do not know if you are right: I have made tentative plans to take a trip to Seattle in July.

72 prior to: before You use prior to indicate that something has already happened, or must happen, before another event takes place. The course required no prior knowledge of Spanish. For the prior year, they reported net income of $1.1 million. e.g. All the work should be finished prior to your departure.

73 supervision under the supervision of a teacher. The plan calls for a cease-fire and UN supervision of the country. [Useful Phrases] ease up on/relax supervision exercise a close supervision ….. tighten supervision financial supervision food supervision

74 distribute We have distributed the food among the poor. Mother distributed candy among the children. BBC programs are distributed in many countries. The product of labor should be justly /are very unevenly distributed.

75 Translation 1. All the arrangement should be completed prior to your departure. 2. Such behavior may result in the executive being fired/ asked to leave. 3. Our products compete with those of other factories in terms of quality, reliability and above all, variety.

76 4. The teams performance was greatly affected by the heavy rain. 5. I appreciate your reasons for objecting to the proposal. 6. To some extent, she should be responsible for the accident.

77 7. Im uneasy at/ deeply troubled by the thought that life is just too comfortable. 8. women tend to live longer than men.

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