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A General Survey of Sichuan 04/05/2005. Brief Introduction Natural Resources Transportation & Communication Economy Preference of Investment Labor Force.

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1 A General Survey of Sichuan 04/05/2005

2 Brief Introduction Natural Resources Transportation & Communication Economy Preference of Investment Labor Force Urban & Rural Market Tourism A General Survey of Sichuan

3 Brief Introduction Location: South-western part of China Size: nearly 50 thousand km 2, the 5th of Chinese Provincial-level Regions; Population: 87 million, the 3 rd of the nation Climate: in subtropical humid climate zone, with an annual average temperature of 16.5c. Administrative Zoning: 21 cities and prefectures, 180 counties (including county-level cities/districts) Capital City: Chengdu

4 Natural Resources Hydropower resources. 150 millions kw is held in store, taking a proportion of 22% of China. Its utilization amounts to 110 million kw and ranks the first in the nation..

5 Natural Resources Minerals. Its reserve of vanadium, titanium, natural gas and other 5 varieties tops that of the country, and the reserve of other 28 minerals takes the 3rd place in the nation.

6 Natural Resources Biological resources The forest area is nearly 12 million hectares, standing No.2 in China. It covers 24% of the whole areas of Sichuan.

7 Natural Resources Biological resources There are more than 1000 kinds of animal species have been found in Sichuan, taking half from the total of the country. The amount of Giant Panda is over 85% of total in China.

8 Natural Resources Biological resources It is also a major producing base of Chinese traditional medical herbs and renowned as Homeland of Chinese herbs.

9 Transportation and Communication Aviation: 8 civil airports and more than 150 domestic and international air routes have already been opened in Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport which is the biggest one of West China.

10 Transportation and Communication Telecommunication: It has formed a system including microwave, optical cables, programmed telephone, paging system and fax.

11 Transportation and Communication Railway: a mileage of national railways is nearly 3000 km; All main railway lines in the province are electrified.

12 Transportation and Communication Highways: Its the sixth of the nation and the first of West China. With every municipality and prefecture in the province, with 1500 km total mileage of expressway.

13 A Major Economic Force of West China As a major agricultural province of China, Sichuan produces a lot of agricultural products and byproducts, such as grains, silkworm cocoons, live pigs, rapeseeds as well as many fruits.

14 A Major Economic Force of West China Sichuan is also a province that has an industry like electronic, machine building, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical and food processing.

15 The provincial GDP was USD79.7 billion, with an increase of 12.7% than in 2003, rank the first in Western area. The total value of Imp. & Exp. was USD6.87 billion, with an increase of 22% than in last year, among which the export to EU was USD1.29 billion. Total Imp. & Exp. Value of Sichuan (2004)

16 Business Trade with Germany The total import value from Germany in 2004 was USD406.27 million, with an increase of 42% compared with 2003. The total export value to Germany in 2004 was USD75.26 million, nearly 30% increase than in 2003.

17 Composition of Imports & Exports The main items for import from Germany are food & living things,chemical products, such as medicines,leather and fur product, textile,mechanical and machinery product and sundry products such as furniture and utensils of lighting, etc.

18 There are more than 6,000 foreign enterprises here, 73 of the world 500 biggest corporations have set up their business in the province, including Motorola, Intel, Alcatel, Toyota, Auchan and Sony. Sichuans Continuous Opening-up

19 Foreign investment amounted to USD 582 million, taking the first place in West China the same year

20 Sichuans Continuous Opening-up In the province there are 3 state-certified development zones and 50 provincial development zones. Most of them have complete infrastructure and excellent management and service systems. They have become the windows of the local districts opening to the world and the most attractive spots for foreign investment.

21 Sichuans Continuous Opening-up Western China International Economy-Trade Fair has been successfully held in 5 sessions, it will be annually held in Chengdu International Convention & Exhibition Center on May 25-28 th. Over 200,000 persons have attended the Fair with USD9.2 billion investment volume and USD5.2 billion trade turnover respectively achieved. Infinite business opportunities look forward to your participation.

22 Preference of Investment Local government offers tax reductions of 2 years or, a total tax exemption of 3 year. for more details, pls find them as the following add: (

23 Labor Force Sichuan has a labor force of 54.3 million with 59 universities and colleges. There are more than 1 million professionals and specialists in Sichuan, including 54 members of the two national academies and 5 national key laboratories

24 Tourism There are 4 UN identified sites of Worlds Natural/ Cultural Heritage", 15 National Scenic and Historical cultural sites. Such as Jiuzhaigou- the wonderland, giant panda-the national treasure and Sanxingdu- the ruins of ancient "Shu" civilization have won for the province an international fame in the world tourist market.

25 Urban & Rural Market The net income per capita of urban residents was USD 848 and that of rural residents was near USD270 in 2003 The total retail amount of consumption was USD25 billion. It covers a wide consuming market of 5 provinces and cities with over 200 million population.

26 The delicious Sichuan food If you want to taste special food, you should come to China. If you want to enjoy the typical Chinese flavor, you should come to Sichuan.

27 Sichuan has been well known ever since ancient times as "A Land of Abundance' for its rich natural resources, outstanding people, long history and brilliant culture. Sichuan is also well known for its delicious food, many famous sceneries and its beautiful girls and women as well.

28 Welcome to Chengdu, Welcome to Sichuan An open world needs Sichuan, and Sichuan needs to integrate itself into the opening world. This province, establishing a new image as honest, credible, enlightened, realistic and advancing, is building itself into a strategic height of opening-up West China.

29 Thank you very much Good Luck

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