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Visualizing Social Networks for Health and Public Safety Zachary Jacobson, Health Canada Olivier Dagenais & Ben Houston October-2005.

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1 Visualizing Social Networks for Health and Public Safety Zachary Jacobson, Health Canada Olivier Dagenais & Ben Houston October-2005

2 [N/X]n welcome, well come Social network analysis/analyses for public safety Health [infection, esp.] Security [counter-terror intel, esp.] Some firsts, this time Moving from visualizing information/knowledge to networks More people came here to listen than to speak !!

3 Invited provocations A clear advantage 20 minute guillotine Try to leave time for questions. Provocations will be [e-]published Get your e-copy to Margaret! And thanks to the provocaturs!

4 Knowledge [information] Discovery Institutional collaborators, fellow travellers Health Canada DND NATO RTP CNSC IAEA

5 outline Introduction [this is/was it] Social network properties Scale-free concept Applications VITA 9-11 simulator [later] breakout instructions To work!

6 Social networks Understand relations among individuals a.k.a. links and nodes analysis Nodes, or individuals: e.g., People perhaps in a situation A hurricane A battle A corporation Computers in a network Asocial networks Ideas in an argument Neurons in a cortex

7 Random Scale-free Most nodes have approximately the same number of links. Majority of nodes have one or two links, but a few nodes have a large number of links. More than 60% of nodes (green) can be reached from the five most connected nodes (red) in the scale-free network compared with only 27% in the random network. Both networks contain 130 nodes and 430 links. Source: Barabási, Physicsweb, July 2001

8 In a scale-free network these highly connected nodes are known as hubs In the WWW, hubs might be websites such as Yahoo or Google Among hollywood actors the hubs are actors that have worked with the most people Among scientific collaboration networks, the hubs are the scientists who have collaborated with the most people or co-authored papers with the most people In cells the hubs are the most connected molecules such as water or ATP, ADP In an infectious disease transmission network, hubs are the people who are in contact with a large number of susceptible people In a random network, a virus, or idea, gets established more readily but can be eradicated. In a scale free network most outbreaks fail, but some may never eradicated.

9 SNA gossip Social networkers divided Old guard, social scientists New wave, physicists and other hard scientists A new-fangled idea

10 Zacks personal prediction and take-home message: social nets often fractal and scale-free in nature, in Nature. from the www to SARS spread to needle exchange to neurones in the brain an important unifying principle Here to stay

11 Social network analytic tools Advanced tools exist Vienna is an established centre Pajek tool and development group [algorithmic] Also in US UICNet [rigorous] Both have visual presentation available, static nets INSNA sunbelt conferences Need for dynamic analysts Healthtrack an ongoing outbreak manage it CounterInteltrack [e-]communications in real time See the developing hotspots Develop usable assistants Implement

12 VITA - a visual front end for document search systems to discover effective methods of identifying relationships among documents and assisting in reducing document search complexity Now available for research/analysis Search control by the user Search results presentation under user control initially engine-independent Now Google-based Accept other engines with minimal work Various prototypes.

13 VITA Concept aid for knowledge discovery

14 3 fixed planes 3 fixed planes question Hits [web pages] Concepts [search terms] VITA General Layout Mechanism

15 VITA- Example

16 A.Q. Khan queries

17 Computer-Assisted Contact Tracing Logical next step uses in health and counterterror [also network management & protection]

18 fx13 f030 f008 f103 f104 m107 f006 m106 f002 m112 mx04 m211 f021 m212 m018 f023 fx21 m301 f024 m200 m546 mx06 f541 m014 f013 m523 mx01 m102 mx05 fx12 f536 m101 f007 fx21 mx11 fx03 mx12 mx10 m306 f029 m304 m537

19 f010 m026 f015 m017 f034 fx36 f033 f009 m201 fx07 m202 m012 f035 m013 f201 m551 f900 f514 m526 m206 f019 f202 f017 m207 f012 f020 m209 f533 f014 f022 m203 m204 f011 m016 f038 m019 m210 m208 m025 f002f030 m106 f006 m107 f104 f103 fx13 f008 m112 m007 mx06f541 mx04 m102 mx05 f013 fx12 f004 m014 mx01 f536 m523 m101 f546 m212 fx06 fx21 m301 f024 m200 mx14 m302 f025 f021 m018 f023 m211 m002 m010 f106 f007 m111m110 m023 f205 m214 f016 f003 m104 Sexual network member Member attending bar Bar

20 Generic Network Visualization: Applications for NATO This working group was focused at developing a taxonomy and framework of generic network properties which are required for the display on a Common Operational Picture and decision support.

21 Objectives Development of a network visualisation framework to be used by NATO Development of a common language to describe networks and to enable interoperability

22 NATO Needs on Network Analysis/Visualization Counterterrorism Knowledge Management Information Assurance Logistic Support Management Disease Management Infrastructure Security Correlation of interconnected networks etc.

23 What do we need to see about the network[s]? General properties Topology Node identification [usually Link identification [rarely] Network variables Varying within the network Intersection[s] with other, disparate networks E.g., load links to telephone lines

24 Visualisation Issues Human Factors Colors Temporal information Automation Cluttering Symbology etc.

25 Live -- 9|11 cell Epidemic simulator Another speaker

26 Generic network visualization: Conclusion: task oriented same generic framework can be used for most types of networks Network Analysis can be focused on nodes, links, etc. Easily moved into any of several applications

27 In order to have something available in the heat of the moment….

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