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Tillamook County Gordon McCraw Director Emergency Management.

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1 Tillamook County Gordon McCraw Director Emergency Management

2 Tillamook County Tsunami Siren Activation Procedures Tsunami following an earthquake with local ground shaking. Distant Tsunami

3 Earthquake WITH ground shaking Likely we will have damage to local infrastructure including power, telephone and roads Earthquake is your warning May or may not be associated with Cascadia Subduction Zone Quake

4 Earthquake WITH ground shaking We recommend people do not wait for official notification if they live in/near low-lying coastal communities (inundation zone) before moving inland. Cascadia event gives you approx. 20 minutes to get out of tsunami zone! If earthquake felt, residents should tune into local radio stations and monitor NOAA All- Hazard Radios, and internet if available.

5 Distant Earthquake Tsunami Recent events gave valuable lessons

6 Recent Distant Tsunami Lessons Learned Tsunami Warning Centers times and locations very accurate, size weak. Extremely distant, non-perpendicular events appear to be minor events on other side of ocean. Advisories mainly cautioning that beach goers and harbors could be effected

7 Tsunami Warnings No or little Ground Shaking Likely a large quake in Alaska. Partial Subduction Zone quake Maybe large quake in Japan

8 Distant Tsunami Notification Procedures 911 activates Pager Tones for all Fire, EMS, and Incident Command Team personnel Broadcast information on above pagers and Fire/Police Radio channels. Sirens Activated according to the following schedule.

9 Siren Activation Schedule 3 hrs prior 2 hrs prior 1 hr prior 30 min. prior 15 min. prior 3 minutes in duration each time

10 Other Notification Methods Police and Fire Units Radio (Coast105, KTIL) and other radio and TV stations. Gordons Email distribution list. Twitter ( Facebook (through Coast105 and KTIL) Phone notification lists

11 Deactivation Same Pager Tones used during Activation Radio, TV, NOAA Radio Scanner, Ham radio City, County, Forest and State Patrol Units

12 Subduction Zone Major Quake Likely NO Sirens Severe ground shaking is your warning All infrastructure will be effected for weeks/months Many structurally damaged homes, slides, deaths and injuries BEFORE the tsunami even hits.

13 Tillamook County Emergency Management Gordon McCraw, Director 503-842-3412 QUESTIONS?

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