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NOF Training Liz McGettigan Information Development Manager East Renfrewshire Council Know your staff.

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1 NOF Training Liz McGettigan Information Development Manager East Renfrewshire Council Know your staff

2 NOF Training Why am I here ? u I wrote an approved plan u I was on the expert panel assessing other Scottish plans u This apparently According to Rhona anyway makes me fairly unique as I have been on both ends of the process u More importantly I am currently implementing this training plan and I would like to share my experiences

3 NOF Training Get a feel for the plan first I had the guidelines but it was all very new and confusing to me. Tips u Listen and talk to your staff u Get a feel for their learning preferences u Understand their insecurities and lack of confidence u Think basics u Aim for an achievable standard for all staff u Prioritise how you will support their training

4 NOF Training Starting points u Start from envisioning a standard you would like to see your staff achieve u ECDL is most commonly adopted standard u ECDL also translates very simply into a standard that library staff can pass on to the public based on their own experiences

5 NOF Training Do your homework u Choose a training provider you are comfortable with as your staff are also likely to be – ask around! u Speak to colleagues in other authorities who have started implementation u Think carefully how you will staff or support the staff and their training u Administration of the training alone cant be underestimated.

6 NOF Training Where do you want to be? u Ready for Peoples Network roll out in…. u Right staff ready at the right time. Too early is as bad as too late u How many will I need? u What libraries will I want them to be in? u What will I want them to do?

7 NOF Training How do I get there? u Think ahead –allow some serious thinking time u Visit and phone other authorities and colleagues- dont reinvent the wheel u Ask what works u Ask what people would change if they could go back and do it all again u Study exemplar plans by all means, but think about your staff and plan for individuals

8 NOF Training Our plan- best points u ECDL as standard plus contextual roles u Sufficient Educators and Net Navigators– Main roles and meet public needs u Appointment of TSO Training Support Officer to give staff comfort confidence factor u TSO library staff knowledge of shift patterns, relief, one of us feeling

9 NOF Training Our plan - ideas … u Sell it to the staff tell them how much more marketable they will be ! u Keep them briefed - ask their ideas u Set up a forum so they can talk about and share their training issues and of course -complain about us to each other u E-mail hub u Demonstrate quality in materials administration and support u Bring in external speakers for briefings so they understand the big picture

10 NOF Training Food for thought… u Carry out TNA u Be practical and simple! u Can you cope with that number of staff involved heavily in training at one time? u Enough Educators and net Navigators? u Is your match funding spend clear?

11 NOF Training and more food…. u Understand different learning styles and levels of support u Ensure practice time u Dummy tests u How will you monitor and evaluate training? u How will you be able to sustain the training after NOF funding u How will you manage the administration of the project? u Use TNA at the end of training to monitor improvements

12 NOF Training Right person u Familiar to all staff u Excellent administration skills u Recent knowledge of staffing issues, relief and how libraries work u Experience in our new learning centre u Understanding of public needs in ICT u Understanding of what staff need to know to satisfy this need

13 NOF Training Our TSO- AP2 u Produced individual training packs and monitoring systems u Liaison with training providers u Liaison with other learning partners u Liaison with the public and community groups u Within weeks produced the following briefing for staff

14 NOF Training Aims of Your Training u To learn new skills u To be better at your job u To keep up to date u To be prepared for change

15 NOF Training Outcomes of Your Training u You will be more confident u You will be well- motivated u You will have a higher level of morale u You will have more skills to pass on to customers

16 NOF Training Questions & Answers Q. What does ECDL stand for? A. European Computer Driving Licence Q. Why has ECDL been chosen? A. It is a recognised qualification in ICT training in all European countries ? ? ? ?

17 NOF Training Questions & Answers Q. How long will it take to complete? A. 150 hours est. Q. Will I get time to practise? A. Yes - both during work time and yourown time. Q. Will I have to practise in my own library? A. No - Arrangements can be made to practise in one of our Learning Centres

18 NOF Training Questions & Answers Q. Will I get help & support? A. Yes you will have an on-line tutor (SCOTIA) + TSO + each other Q. What will training course materials involve? A. They will consist of an interactive CD-ROM and workbook

19 NOF Training Questions & Answers Q. Where will I sit my tests? A. Reid Kerr College Q. What if I fail a test? A. Resits are available and extra support will be given Q. How long will each test last? A. 45 minutes

20 NOF Training Modules u Basic concepts of IT (Inside computer, programs & applications, storage & memory) u Using the computer (Using mouse, shortcut keys, printers, file management) u Word Processing (Formatting text, Page breaks, inserting graphics, using templates) u Spreadsheets (entering data, formatting figures, charts, sorting data)

21 NOF Training Modules u Databases (Intro. To access, entering data in a table, indexing records, reports) u Presentations (What is PowerPoint?, Slide show scenario, Inserting graphics, running a slide show) u The Internet (Surfing the net, finding a site, search engines, electronic mail, incoming mail)

22 NOF Training Individual Learning Plan u Modules u Goals (what are you going to learn?) u Resources & strategies (how are you going to learn it?) u Evidence (How are you going to know you have learned it?) u Target date

23 NOF Training Monitoring & Evaluation u Individual Training Plan u Individual time sheet u Regular bi-monthly meetings u e-mail u Telephone u Visits

24 NOF Training If we can help? u Call us u Visit us u Meet our TSO u Meet staff currently being trained and get their feedback

25 NOF Training Thank you for listening

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