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CTI PBX Voice Over IP Telephone equipment Networking

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1 CTI PBX Voice Over IP Telephone equipment Networking
IP telephony that increases your company's productivity and efficiency. 2008

2 SIMPLE AND MORE PRODUCTIVE tools and advanced features at a click
Your Work: SIMPLE AND MORE PRODUCTIVE tools and advanced features at a click YOU DECIDES: 3 viewing modes to customize Minimal Classic Extended 2008

3 all the information you need at a glance.
Your Company: ORGANIZED AND DYNAMIC all the information you need at a glance. DECIDE WHAT AND WHEN: Manage your calls according to your actual needs and plan your activities Close Wait Forward Copy and send message Who was Call Record Add Planned action 2008

4 DECIDE WHERE: Your office with you everywhere. 2008

5 integrated communication CREATIVITY & SERVICES
IP PBX software FLEXIBILITY AND INNOVATION Advanced CTI Power and Control IP: synonym of convergence between data network and telephone network. IPhone.BOX and unique solutions for the communications company; IPhone.BOX is the means by which take control telephony company reorganize the way communicate. USER Personal profile PBX: IPhone.BOX makes all the functionality of a high-end PBX. But do not call PBX! GROUP Management groups for blast coordinated activities Software: naturally simple, flexible, performance and evolving. IVR Customizable IVR LCR Control telcos according to specific defined for access Intelligent Resources Platform integrated communication CREATIVITY & SERVICES WAN Gateway solutions and sharing resources IPhone.BOX is raw material with which to invent and develop applications ad hoc. Integrate telephony with the software tools company (CRM, Databases, Management, intranet). Create personalized services easily. 2008

6 Technical characteristic

Analog Phone Analog Gateway 2008

8 General Features & Functionality
(on unique server) Up to 2000 extensions (remote and/or local) Up to 480 ISDN or Analogue Voice channels Up to 480 VoIP Telephone Channels Up to 30 FAX lines Up to 480 WAN telephone lines Up to 16 IVRs with indipendent time bands Up to 120 channels used by IVR Unlimited call queuing (for single soft-client) 2008

9 Features & Functionality – Manage Users
User profile Wizard for the creation of users Interior Up to 6 digits Prefix for external calls Assign unique users-line Outputs Isdn Outputs VoIP Prefixes denied Prefixes always enabled Toggles urban call Toggles national call Toggles International call Enable / disable phones Enable / disable on a cost Voice Mail / Voice Mail Permits user-defined server-side 2008

10 Features & Functionality – Manage Groups
Simultaneous ringing Cyclic ring Cyclic ring with progress Progressive ring Ring progressive advancement ACD on a number of calls processed ACD-based life called process Programmable pause after ACD Group Profile Wizard for the creation of Groups Limit on incoming calls (ut. occupied) Limit on incoming calls (no calls) Limit on calls queued Queuing call on no answer Call Queuing on users employed Managing call forwarding on bankruptcy Call Management Group employs about Call Management Group on unreachable Call Management on maximum ring Event management limit on incoming calls Event management on boundary calls queued Voic Group 2008

11 Features & Functionality – Manage IVR
Reproduction of static messages (from wave file) Playback of audio captured by the sound card Playing dynamic messages (via 'http') Navigate to the leaves of IVR Navigate to the root of the IVR Mode Day/Night/Custom_1/Custom_2 Setting rules for slots Settings mode from phone Static Forwarding Dynamic forwarding services to a user types Querying external databases Navigation of the number the caller (via script 'http') Playing messages based on calling number (via script 'http') 2008

12 Features & Functionality – Interconnection
INTERCONNECTION PBX IN SIP Interconnection with SIP Codec G.711/G.729 Codec GSM INTERCONNETION PBX IN WAN Interconnection via proprietary protocol Sharing the state of internal Fascinating evol channels to optimize the bandwidth Codec G.711/G.729 GSM Codec Call Capture Send / receive text messages Groups of inner ring with remote locations Rules routing input / output Load balancing between PBXs 2008

13 Features & Functionality – Client Software (1)
Divert call (dynamic / static) Putting calls on hold Draws busy Schedule call to set times Schedule Send msg to schedule Schedule Send at set times Recall internally when it becomes free Notification status change List calls made / received / missed Anonymously for outgoing calls name calling (by category) Viewing group number called (input) Custom ringtones to contacts on the basis of (client) Possibility own channel mute conference Override user login Remote users with compressed audio codecs (GSM) Enter the number in overlap Outlook Integration Integration with Outlook Exchange Dialing via shortcut Integration with third-party SW Personal Address Book contacts with private 2008

14 Features & Functionality – Client Software (2)
Speed buttons organize them into custom tab Sending DTMF sequence configurable Real-time monitoring of the state lines Call announcement Intrusion Multiple display modes of the client (minimum, classical, extended) Call Recording Audio conferencing between three or more participants Change user status by calling the service number (phone lock, deviation, pause, ...) 2008

15 Features & Functionality – Other
MANAGEMENT ISDN telephone lines Support dialing in (DDI) Support Up to 30 basic accesses (BRI) Support Line (MSN) Support Up to 4 primary access (PRI) Echo cancellation SW HW echo cancellation (with HW specific) Block outgoing calls per line Outgoing calls anonymous online Records all phone calls per line Disabling eraser Echo (for VoIP operators - Verizon) OTHERS Management professionals VoIP SIP 2.0 Music on hold system selectable (WAV) Least Cost Routing (LCR) configurable Please try again with another operator on call fails Notification errors online via Wizard to configure the PBX Server Administrator multilevel Mapping numbers (short) Recording the call (automatic server) 2008

16 Monitor REAL TIME CTI trends in real time for INBOUND CAMPAIGN
Monitor operations room Admin Options (es. coaching) 2008

17 Monitor REAL TIME Parameterization number lines up for service
State employment lines updated in real time on a number State employment lines updated in real time on a percentage 2008

18 Real-time statistics contact entrants by hour, day, month
Monitor REAL TIME Real-time statistics contact entrants by hour, day, month 2008

19 Real-time statistics on the number of incoming contacts and dropout
Monitor REAL TIME Real-time statistics on the number of incoming contacts and dropout 2008

20 CTI trend in real time for multi SERVICE / INBOUND CAMPAIGNS
Monitor REAL TIME CTI trend in real time for multi SERVICE / INBOUND CAMPAIGNS 2008

21 Predictive Dialer Business Benefits
Predictive Dialer is a comprehensive outbound customer contact solution that improves your contact centers effectiveness while seamlessly integrating with your existing voice and data systems. It offers campaign development tools, call table filters, predictive dialing, call blending, a browser-based agent desktop, real-time statistics and historical and custom reporting. Business Benefits Maximize productivity and provide premium service to customers using sophisticated predictive dialing algorithms and agent empowerment tools Ensure regulatory compliance using tools to manage legislated activities such as nuisance call levels and calling times Minimize operating costs by utilizing Distributed System Solutions and IP Connectivity to manage multiple labor pools and dialing locations Employ security measures that support strict adherence to corporate and industry standards Improve agent efficiency using sophisticated call classification and open, customizable desktop options 2008

22 Predictive Dialer Private calls with real-time status of operators
Stato Generale del Predictive Mobile Average Statistics - Statistics by hour Statistiche per esito ISDN di dettaglio e stato operatori in tempo reale 2008

23 Predictive Dialer Features predictive dialer
Call Blending (ability to manage both incoming and outgoing calls, adjust the volume of outgoing calls based on traffic of incoming calls Desktop browser-based operator Statistics and real-time monitoring Custom Reports In outbound campaign has greatly increased productivity (up tol 50%) compared to manual systems. 2008

24 Predictive Dialer – also for AGENT SALE ACTIVITY !
Usually all systems operate perfectly when Predictive algorithms for contact and policies booster optimize contattabilità lists without further constraints. For outbound activities that fall within the type "teleselling" or "polls" the platform will then work perfectly. If the outbound activities to be performed instead has further limitations, such as geographical constraints such as the taking appointments for the sales force, the algorithms can often be limiting. Predictive GAT.crm manages to perfectly combine the two systems, enhancing the development of predictive algorithms for appointments with the spatial predictive algorithm just discussed. 2008

CRM Link Contatti Utili Http Link SIP Link DB CRM Http Link Http Link CTI+PBX IPHONE Http Link CRM Link Status & Command Link PD SERVER Real Time Result PD Cache SERVER Result Link 2008

26 Telephone equipment 2008

27 V-6015 Phone (IP or USB) IP V-IP400 Phone

28 Other Telephone derivatives
USB Phone VO-TEL.USB USB phone VO-TEL.USB combines ease of use typical of a traditional telephone, all the services offered by the IP software solutions. USB phone VO-TEL.USB fact is IPhone.BOX fully integrated with the client. In this way all the services and the potential of IP telephony software are also within reach of the traditional user. USB Headset Sennheiser SH 136 Highly professional headset for Sennheiser USB port, the world market leader in acoustics. Recommended for post surgical stations and call centers. 2008

29 Other Telephone derivatives
DECT CS60-USB PLANTRONICS Headset with DSP on board for the environmental and echo cancellation for maximum sound quality. Features digital technology for noise cancellation of microfono. Settled compared to the DECT bluetooth allows more coverage and ensure greater reliability. Bluetooth USB Headset The headset BT-LONG is based on Bluetooth (v1.2) and allows you to respond to calls that arrive on the client software on their phones that they are able to simultaneously manage the devices. The headset has a coverage radius of 10 meters. Charging through special USB cable. Moreover, all functions are callable with a single button. cerca 2008

30 Other Telephone derivatives : DECT system
IPhone.BOX DECT Phone The DECT Phone IPhone.BOX allows the user a full mobility within the coverage area of DECT in the company and distributed by the base station and repeater IPhone.BOX. IPhone.BOX Base Station DECT IPhone.BOX DECT Base Station allows the spread of the DECT signal and enables functional mobility in the company. The apparatus is supplied with its power supply. 2008

31 Gateway GSM - UMTS Gateway GSM / UMTS (including Fixed Cellular Terminal, Fixed Wireless Terminal, Cellular Gateway) is a device that allows all users to save on calls from fixed network to GSM / UMTS. One or more SIM cards installed in the Gateway, you can make phone calls instead of cellular-phone call from a landline phone. The Gateway GSM phones are mostly used as: tool saves equipment for terminating calls (GSM) back-up for Internet device to connect to the Internet in less accessible areas tool to send and receive SMS messages Gateway PRI Gateway Rack 19 Up to 12 Isdn Channels Gateway ISDN 1 – 2 SIM Gateway VoIP - SIP 2 – 4 SIM 2008


33 Siseco Rack Single Patch Panel Up to 24 / 48 porte Distribution frame
Rack 42U 600*900 Black Color Nero Capacity 800 Kg. Unit 42 standard rack unit Door Glass, Aeration 4 for 200W Dimension (L*H*P) 600 x 2000 x 900 Standard 4 media attachment, screw kit, wheels Power Strips 2008

34 KVM Solution – Consolle KXE31
Switch 8 Ingressi Video Tastiera Mouse Caratteristiche Tecniche LCD Display 15” TFT Active Matrix Panel Display Size x mm Pixel Pitch x mm VGA 640x350 (70 Hz) VGA 720x400 (70 Hz) Display Mode VGA 640x480 (60/72/75 Hz) SVGA 800x600 (60/72/75 Hz) XGA 1024x768 (60/70/75 Hz) Max. Resolution 1024x768 Contrast Ratio 300:1 Brightness 230 cd/m2 Response Time 11mS (Rising), 24mS (Falling) Display Colors 16M (dithering) Viewing Angle +75° ~ -75° (L/R), +70° ~ -70° (U/D) Input Signal Video R.G.B. Analog 0.7V Peak to Peak Input Signal Sync TTL Positive or Negative Signal Connector 15 Pin Mini D-sub Front Control Power Switch, Menu, Select (Up, Down) Adjust (+, -) OSD Auto-Adjustment, Contrast, Brightness, Clock, Phase, H-Position, V-Position, Color Temperature Plug & Play DDC1/2B Keyboard 105 Keys Mouse Touch Pad PS/2 mouse KVM 8 port Keyboard / Video / Mouse switch Power Universal V, 12V / 35W Dimensions 600 mm x mm x 42.3 mm (19” x 23.62” x 1.7”) Weight (Net) 17 Kg. / 19 Kg. Certification FCC-A, CE, UL The compact design and a set of sophisticated high-level functions, allowing the series to fit perfectly in the current console environments "server room" for which it was created and optimized. The module KXE 31 is composed of a form 15 "LCD, keyboard and touch pad: it can be slid completely into the rack automatically going in" suspension "when not in use and allows you to manage multiple servers simultaneously. The console, lockable book occupies a housing unit a high standard. Next to the monitor are the keys to switch between different inputs. The system is configured so as to appear superimposed the server ID that you are viewing. A complete integrated management software complete the system. 2008

35 Switch OmniStack LS 6200 OmniStack 6224/48 24 or 48 ports RJ-45 10/100
OmniStack 6200 switches are 10/100 Fast Ethernet switches that provide advanced services for the development of IP infrastructures of all sizes. Switches Alcatel-Lucent OmniStack 6200 support uality of service and advanced security applications for triple play in a safe environment. OmniStack 6224/48 24 or 48 ports RJ-45 10/100 2 ports RJ-45 10/100/1000 2 ports combo 2008

36 Switch OmniSwitch OS 6400 OmniSwitch OS6400 - 24/48
OS6400 switches with security features to ensure user authentication, access control lists, encryption and protection from Dos. This is a solution for LAN that can also be integrated into larger systems of unified communications. Each switch has two Ethernet ports for connecting to 10 Giga stack. Each stack can contain up to 8 switches for a total of 384 ports per stack. OmniSwitch OS /48 24 or 48 ports RJ-45 10/100 /1000 4 Ports combo SFP / RJ-45 2 Ports of stack 10G 2008

37 SISECO Head Quarter
Centro Direzionale Sempione Corso Sempione, 270 – San Vittore Olona (MI) Tel Fax Project Team Project Manager Ing. Roberto Lorenzetti Sales Manager Ing. Cristiano Di Battista Delivery Dott. Fausto Lazzati © - Empower your Business with Our Solutions - ERP l CRM, IP Contact Center Solutions l Telemarketing Software Trademark: MS-Windows, MS-DOS and MS-Windows logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Other brands or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective owners and are mentioned only to indicate compatibility or incompatibility with this software. This document à ¨ devised for the purpose of illustrating the functionality of the software in question. Not binding for SISECO, alarm system can be changed without notice. Document ¨ à proprietary and copyrighted 2008

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